Sharon Prince helps to fight modern slavery

Grace Foundation Farms mentioned that they have joined forces with the country of Georgia and Unchain in a Memorandum of Understanding in order to set standards and practices that hopefully do everything towards eliminating contemporary slavery. Unfortunately, something like this goes doesn’t receive much media attention around the world. Grace Foundation Farms and Georgia joined forces to make a business model that coincides with Georgia‚Äôs objective to have more of an environmentally-conscious country. That in turn lets people know the importance of openness with corporate happenings.

Chair and President of Grace Farms Foundation Sharon Prince and her company do their best to bring a cultural shift to the workplace. Working side by side with Georgian Prime Minister and Unchain to redesign work policies in order to make ways to be more ethical with supply chains.

Sharon Prince noted how fostering connections with companies can result in ways that combat or impede human trafficking and violence. This way, fighting behavior like this can create stronger methods for their central purpose. She stated that we as a people should move closer towards joining forces to fighting these horrible things that out to disrupt our way of life. This reason alone justifies doing honorable work alongside Unchain and the Georgian government in the Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of making true change for the economy and finances.

Unchain is a global awareness campaign that works to end contemporary slavery forever and in 2019, it hopes to create standards that are ethical and make good use of them to rework how technology is being used towards them.

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