Troy McQuagge Career and Top Leadership Roles at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. He is a profounder entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City in Florida. Troy attended the University of Central Florida, and now works for USHEALTH. Troy has accumulated more than 30 years of active experience in various positions related to sales.

Early in his career, Troy worked as a sales representative for a health insurance firms. In 1983, he joined Allstate Insurance where he worked for several years. In 1995, Troy moved to UICI/Health Market and later joined USHEALTH Advisors as the president and chief executive officer in 2010. Troy has spent most of his career selling insurance products to clients below 65 years of age. USHEALTH Advisors runs as a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group with a primary goal of selling its competitive insurance plans and products.

Troy McQuagge was recently named the Gold Winner in prestigious One Plane Awards. This award was in honor of his global excellence in professionalism and business. The award involved for-profit and non-profit, and public and private start-ups regardless of the scale of operation.

The honorary award demonstrated the success achieved by USHEALTH Group. The company was also recognized for its commitment to making all health care services more affordable and available to many people. One Planet Awards are essentially conferred in different categories that include new products and services, Marketing, executives, PR, teams, and Corporate Communications.

Under Troy’s leadership at HealthMarkets, the Agency Marketing Group attained annual premium sales of $1 billion. This exemplary performance attracted Stevie Awards and enabled HealthMarkets to become the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company found in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company offers innovative health care coverage services to its clients who are mostly small business owners and self-employed. The company is primarily focused on combining various talents demonstrated by its employees in meeting the high market performance. USHEALTH Group houses several subsidiaries that offer unique services to various client categories. USHEALTH Advisors primarily markets the company’s insurance plans and offers personalized services to all its clients.

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Confident Smiles With EOS Lip Balm

The oral care industry is vastly delving into a plethora of beauty products thanks to one brand of lip balm that paved the way for the multiple, progressive, generation of lip balm brands, EOS Lip Balm. Before the launch of this brand, most stores sold Chapstick, a conventional brand that was packaged in cylindrical containers. To most users, Chapstick had narrowed down the flavor options to two. One of them could be applied by individuals who are into exploring different products in the market. EOS brought into the market a new taste of flavored lip balm.


EOS gains competitive advantage

Celebrities were spotted carrying this new brand from red carpet walks to photo sessions. Vastly spreading into the industry, EOS lip balm gained an extensive competitive advantage over Chapstick. This was a clear indication that EOS was producing high-quality lip balm. The following flavors have contributed to the high sales of EOS lip balm.

Strawberry with Walgreens – this EOS lip balm is organic in nature, also available here on Coupled with natural ingredients, the choice is perfect for allergic people. Aside from that, it is free from gluten. This is an indication that Strawberry Walgreens EOS lip balm is healthy and user friendly.

Vegan – EOS has just launched the vegan flavor of its lip balm and prospective consumers are going crazy over this product. Here is why; it is natural and paraben-free. The lip balm is free from harsh chemicals. An added advantage could be the supple feeling it leaves on the lips. This flavor has vastly increased the company sales by millions. It is evident that EOS Lip Balm Company is set to offer more, better, options ahead.

Crystal Lip Balm– this flavor of EOS lip balm has two options for selection. The brand harbors natural ingredients coupled with crystalline, supple, effects.

Protect Your Good Health with a Lifeline Screening

 Lifeline Screening is a health company offering reduced cost health screenings that can pinpoint certain disease processes. Fortunately, most of those individuals that have the screening completed do not have positive results. When some adverse health conditions are indicated by this comprehensive screening, it usually is caught in the early phases, prior to when symptoms arise. The benefits of truly knowing your health story is that people can begin treatment right away. Another benefit is that individuals can start to be in front of any harmful health condition. This test is noninvasive, using standard and higher tech sonograms, electronic devices, lab work, specific healthcare machines, routine vital sign items and other such equipment.

There is nothing fearful about any of the testing through a Lifeline Screening. No bothersome preparations that leave one feeling horribly weak are ever required for this screening style. The screening can pick up endocrine issues, kidney dysfunction, heart related problems, peripheral vascular conditions, neurological defects, diabetes, some forms of cancer and abdominal or intestinal problems. There are other things that this Lifeline Screening can reveal as well. Standard vital signs are taken, and this includes temperature, blood pressure, heart rate – pulse, height and weight plus bone density scan.

Pretending that healthcare conditions don’t exist doesn’t make it go away. Avoiding prevention testing for health status does not keep diseases and other health related concerns away. By knowing your state of total health, steps to move towards better health can begin without delay. Individuals get their Lifeline Screening test results in up to three weeks time. Results are placed into a privacy envelope and sent straight to tested subject’s home. This is terrific, as the person does not have to travel or wait to see a physician. It is a good idea though, to show these results to a healthcare physician.

A Lifeline Screening can simply reassure individuals that they are in a good healthy state. Worry over physical conditions can be taxing for individuals. When specific health conditions are seen within family lines, an individual can now test for the possibly hereditary condition. Friendly representatives are waiting for individual’s questions, and they are a fantastic resource for determining what should be tested for in each screening subject’s unique case. Many top doctors are now seeing the vast benefits of early health prevention screens and tests. Call today to book a time for your Lifeline Screening. Visit:

Securus Technologies Aids in a Fight for Justice

I hear a lot about various types of corruption that takes place in the prison system, but there are some companies that are out there and fighting that corruption in a big way. There are companies that put out products that may not be made specifically for the purpose of fighting corruption but that help in a fight for justice just the same. Securus Technologies is one of those companies.


When a set of letters was shared, letters that were written by those who are pleased with the work that Securus Technologies has done, those letters were powerful. One of the letters that I read shared how Securus Technologies had helped a corrupt staff member get caught through access to phone conversations that were made by that individuals. Another letter that was shared about the good that Securus Technologies is doing talked about how this company and its products are helping to stop drug deals that are going down in prisons.


Securus Technologies is a company that is there to help with communication. This is a company that works with prisons and their inmates. This is a company that puts out great products, and it is a company that I feel is doing a lot to help in the fight for justice.


Use These Tips to Choose the Right FreedomLife Insurance

There are two kinds of life insurance plans out there. One is term life insurance. This type of life insurance plan lasts only for a set amount of time. For example, you may want to choose it if you need the life insurance to cover a time limited expense. This can be anything from your kids growing up, your child attending college, or a debt that needs to be paid off before a specific amount of time.

Since term life insurance plans are usually cheaper, simply because the death rate per thousand is much lower for that specific amount of time, you can also choose term life insurance if you need a large life insurance policy but you cannot afford it at the current moment. Even more than that, you can choose a convertible life insurance plan so that you can convert your term life insurance plan into a permanent life insurance plan later on. Otherwise, you can always renew your life insurance when your term expires. At the same time, your premium may go up if you’re older.

Permanent life insurance does cost more, but it also lasts forever. There will be no need to start paying higher premiums when you get older. In addition, you can accrue savings that you can use, even to pay off that very same life insurance. It is a good idea if you just want to have life insurance, without the need to cover a specific time limited financial need, and if you can afford it.

Another important thing is the company where you get your life insurance from. First of all, you need a company that is well respected and has raving reviews, such as Freedom Life Insurance. You need a company that has been in business for a long time, so you know that you can trust them. An example of this would be Freedom Life Insurance. You also want a company that truly cares about their customers and not just about their bottom line. You also want one that has an excellent customer support service, so that they can help you out when you have any questions or when you need to choose a life insurance plan. Freedom Life Insurance is known for this. Visit:

Greg Secker Ensures Everyone Profits

Greg Secker offers his insight in how to be successful in the Forex Market. Secker shares with Geek News that though the market is no walk in the park, is neither a complex thing to be overwhelmed about. Through investing your time and effort in learning the market, Secker believes that the fundamentals will provide a true understanding and ultimately profit to the Forex Market.

The first fundamental component of the Forex Market is understanding Forex Indicators. Contrary to claims that forex trading is completely unpredictable, Secker dishes that there are reliable indicators within the market to gauge when to when and what to buy as well as when to let it go. He lists the most common indicators including the following: Simple Moving Average (SMA), the Stochastic Oscillator,the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands and economic calendars. Secker continues to extensively explain these common indicators in the Geek News article, where you can view via this link.

Greg Secker is an alumni of the University of Nottingham, where he specialized in agricultural and food sciences. While a student at the University of Nottingham, he had worked as a Trading Technologist for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Having his foot in the door in the financial industry, Secker was next given the opportunity to an internet-based forex trading platform called the Virtual Trading Desk. Through his creation he was awarded the British Telecom Award.

Secker left Thomas Cook Financial Services to pursue trading forex full-time. Within months of leaving, he had founded his first company called Learn to Trade. Secker believes that through his business everyone is given the opportunity of financial freedom through forex trading rather than a select few. His team at Learn To Trade helps clients learn about the market and become profitable through the forex market. Secker continued down the entrepreneurial road by also establishing SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. He is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation which is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for communities around the world.

How Rocketship Education is empowering the less fortunate

Rocketship Education is a non-profit making network of elementary schools. The schools are aimed towards serving low-income students. The Institution caters for students who find it expensive to access and pay for their education. The learning center empowers educators, inspire societies and above all it involves the parents. This school has its headquarters in Redwood City in California. John Danner and Preston Smith are the founders of the school. The school uses a blended type of learning model that is geared towards increment of the children achievement. Rocketship education has 16 chartered schools under its umbrella. They are located in Redwood City, San Jose, Concord California, and Nashville, Washington and in Milwaukee.

Rocketship is celebrated as the USA’s online learning pioneer. The school has received external funding from organizations and foundations that support the school ideology. Some of the prominent donors include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Andre Agassi’s Real Estate Foundation. The Obama administration equally supported the school through funds. The school is of the opinion that rigorous online-based education system will enhance fast ground for disadvantaged children.

Students spend 90 minutes inside a computer lab every day. The school has broken the minutes to give space for music and art classes. They also give time for data points gathered from education programs software. They equally use a pen and paper more so during an assessment of classwork. The founders felt it necessary for students to perform individual tasks in front of the computer.

Influential technology leaders have received the Rocketship education model with high accolades. Other regions are eagerly waiting for the schools. Here, students spend over three hours every day to learn about language arts. They spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes on Mathematics. Today, the school is still experimenting new and advanced models. The school is trying to figure out how efficiently flexible lab structures will work. Some of these new experiences add excitement to students thus adding them the urge to go to school every day.

Rocketship Education is becoming the next big thing in the education sector. This has given the government a challenge to think of its model. More organizations and governmental departments are considering offering support. Children who are enrolled in this center have no reason to think of transferring. Remember this is an institution engaged in supporting students from a poor background in California.

Choices of Meals Services Suitable for Athletes


Most people grab what is available on their shelves for a meal. They have no time to check on their diet. Opportunity to purchase food, cook or even balance the right nutritional portions lacks. Athletes meals services come fully prepared and with some dietary benefits as discussed below. You only need to warm and enjoy.


Underground Prep


Most preferred for the fit-minded eaters. The meal is prepared by a Cordon Bleu-educated chef Mastro’s in Beverly Hills Mr. Justin Aquino. A meal with sautéed red bell peppers, sriracha chicken with zucchini noodles and black sesame, and BBQ meatballs with grass-fed ground beef. The dishes are free from dairy, gluten, sugar, and soy, and are non-GMO.


They contain hormone-free meat, fresh farm, and seasonal produce. Underground prep meals have approximately 30 grams of protein, 25-30 grams of carbs, fats of 7-12 grams and 400-450 calories. Meals cost an average of $9 per dish with least being ten meals per household delivery. This kind of meal is available at Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles and plans are underway to expand to other cities before year end.


Trifecta Nutrition


It served in several categories of vegan, paleo, and vegetarian and contain low processed diets with thin proteins and whole ounces’ vegetables. Trifecta Nutrition is free of soy, dairy, gluten, and it is organic and non-GMO. It arrives on weekly bases with a cost of over $100 per week. However, bulk items choice is slightly less. You will get a fully cooked and vacuum sealed serving.


Ice Age Meals


It is suitable for very occupied athletes who wish to stock some food in the freezer and contributes to Paleo-Zone –friendly diets. The Frozen meal has a lengthier shelf life which guarantees you a healthy backup option. Ice age meals are packed with 18 meals to select from, and packages are in bulks of 14 at $165, 24 at $275 or 64 at $ 530. They are either paleo with rice or paleo and contains about 500 calories and approximately 10 grams of fat and even carbohydrates to protein.


Pete’s Paleo


They are preferred meals by the adventurous feeders and offer a variety of choices. The feed contains ever fresh, flavorful dishes that get dictated with what is in season, or the farmer’s weekly harvests. They trade in packages of five at $123, ten at $189, 20 at $324 or vegetarian of 10 at $129. Orders are placed by Monday night and delivered by Friday. The dish contains pastured, Non-GMO, grass-fed, gluten, soy and dairy free. It has abundant proteins and calories between 500-600.




It is a 28- day prepackaged food program, and Nutrisystem cost is not much higher than normal grocery shopping PureHealthyLiving found in their experiment. The plan offers breakfast meals like granola, pancakes or oatmeals and lunch and dinner options with a variety of options to choose. Available choices are pasta, tacos, chilies or pizza. Dessert and snacks are also provided. These meals are rich in nutrients and contain 25% of proteins, fat, and carbs.


Nutrisystem plan allows for dietary restrictions and preferences, however, does not cater to a vegan diet. Placing a monthly order for the meals is easy. You might have minimal control to dictate your choice of meal. Nutrisystem is ideal for individuals who engage in physical activities for at least 30 minutes daily. It is a convenient diet.


Paleo Power Meals


The meal suits paleo eaters who prefer variety. It contains antibiotic free chicken, wild-caught fish, grass-fed-beef and cage-free-eggs which makes up the meals base. Athletes will acknowledge that each meal comes fresh and ready to eat in personal Tupperware. The dish is available in 11 diverse bulk set of choices or 38 different meals to match. It is very economical to purchase these meals as they range between $8 to $ 15 with minimum order costing $25. They contain high proteins, about 400 calories, low carbohydrates, and fat.

Vijay Eswaran Advises Students And First Time Job Seekers At Universiti Malaya

Recently, at a student’s forum at Universiti Malaya, Vijay Eswaran said that higher learning institutions should support graduates to become job creators instead of job seekers.

The QI Group’ executive director noted that students should be motivated to take risks and create employment. According to him, conservative thinking habitually leads students to work for other people prior to venturing out on their own to achieve work experience.

Vijay Eswaran said that the world is moving forward quickly and artificial intelligence is changing jobs, as robotics and automation take over. Additionally, the population has increased.

Nevertheless, the Chinese, South Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese are willing to gain experience first although they want to be their own bosses. They also want to create jobs as they lure others to work in their businesses. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

He also advised individuals seeking jobs for the first time to seek for positions that would match their skills and qualification. An individual may choose to work for an established company or a start-up.

The decision that individuals make should be based on extensive considerations of the pros and cons of both surroundings regarding how it would suit their preferences and personalities.

Vijay Eswaran pointed out that in all honesty, no person has it easy. Even on the other side, people are still going to find new complaints. However, it is vital to gain understanding of the several stages of development in a business life cycle from the startup phase to corporate level. He remarked that students should be the leaders and the team leader in a startup.

They have to come up with an idea and implement it to the end. According to Vijay Eswaran, the greatest benefit of startup experience is that there is little delegation. Students must be ready to fully support the vision of the startup once they sign a contract with them.

He also shared his experience saying that working in a startup was actually more fast-paced and always changing. In addition, in startups, there is a lot of action and free communication unlike the more structured and slower-paced corporate environment.

Notably, students have to consider the factors that are important to help them work toward their goals. Moreover, the choice of the place to work depends on individuals’ personality, work style and distinctive needs to determine what will be best for them and their profession.

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Jeffry Schneider: An Icon Of Empowerment

Anyone who reads about Jeffry Schneider can see that he encourages people to empower themselves by reaching their full potential. Jeffry is a well-known entrepreneur with an impressive work history in alternative investments.

How Jeffry Lives As An Empowerment Example

Jeffry is passionate about nutrition and fitness. When he is not busy working or spending time with his family, he is usually on one of the many running trails in Austin. Jeffry has traveled to several foreign countries to compete in Half Ironman and Ironman triathlons. For any sporting enthusiast, these are some of the most difficult competitions in the world. At a young age, Jeffry developed a passion for fitness. He grew up in Manhattan, New York. Fitness and nutrition helped him build and maintain strength, and he uses that strength in his professional life as well.

How Jeffry Empowers Others

As a father who is passionate about helping his children reach their goals, Jeffry is devoted to finding ways to inspire and encourage his kids. People who work for Jeffry have access to nutritious food in the workplace. Jeffry generously provides his workers with quality nutrition because he encourages them to become the best versions of themselves. He also encourages physical activity. Jeffry’s desire to help others reach their full potential spans beyond his home and workplace. He works with several charities such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and the Cherokee Home for Children.

The Gazelle Foundation is an Austin-based organization that provides clean water for people in Burundi, Africa, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. Wonders and Worries is also based in Austin. The charity provides support for children who have parents with cancer, multiple sclerosis or other chronic illnesses. The Cherokee Home for Children in Austin is a charity that places children in safe Christian homes across the city after a family crisis. Jeffry Schneider welcomes people to follow him on social media and shares tips for success in his blog.