Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Top Executive from L’Oreal Helping Smaller Businesses to Become Successful

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an influential executive working for L’Oreal Paris. He currently holds the position as the Global Brand President of the company’s Professional Products Division. He is regarded as the youngest DMI General Manager, being only at 40 years of age. Since joining the company back in the early 2000s, he already served L’Oreal Paris for more than 15 years. He claimed that the company trained him to become skilled when it comes to a business’s digital and marketing strategy. He is also active in promoting diversity inside the workplace, influencing the higher-ups to hire more people of color and different genders. He is also sharing his talent for people and business that wanted to grow.

The L’Oreal Paris executive was born in Venezuela, but he moved to the United States to experience a comfortable life. He moved to Paris, France when he was 16 to study and later took up International Business at the Sorbonne University and an MBA at the ESSEC Business School. By traveling around the world, Dan Bethelmy-Rada realized that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, and there is no single definition of what beauty really looks like.

To advance his position at work, he used his diligence to prove that he deserved to be promoted. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also revealed that working for L’Oreal Paris gives you a different day every day. There are so many clients and team members inside the company’s headquarters, and one should be friendly enough to welcome them. He would also advise his teammates to conduct a brainstorming activity so that they could gather additional information that could turn into the company’s next product.

For Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the existence of social media as an effective marketing tool has reshaped the world. Many people would rather use their social media account as a way to promote an item, and he is excited to see which kinds of development will soon be shared online to provide a wonderful to everyone. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also advised about not performing any mediocre work, becoming strict to a schedule, and pushing the limits while gaining additional inspiration.

Agera Energy: LED Lighting Solutions

From an energy point of view, the two least demanding activities for your business are likewise the two things that Agera Energy has practical experience in power supply and matching your record with the best lighting providers in the nation. What makes this surprisingly better? The arrangements are savvy and furthermore amazingly easy to execute! Allow Agera to make the energy of your friends and competitors envious!

Agera Energy gives organizations of all scopes and sizes the capacity to totally retrofit their current lighting and fixing LED Lighting Solutions that minimize the used energy to roughly 20% month to month energy consumption through decreasing the kWh used in powering your lights.

The best way; Agera Energy facilitates the establishment of your lights, on-schedule and on-spending plan, with no cash out for you! By directly changing LED lighting, your premise reduces carbon dioxide from being discharged into the environment. More so, Agera Energy facilitates the improvement of safety and health.

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Sharon Prince, The President of Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is a well-known businesswoman and a philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to society. He is a social professional with high academic standards holding a master’s degree in Business Administration from Tulsa University. It is at the same University where she studied her bachelor’s degree in business and arts. Sharon is now working as the Chairlady and the President of an organization known as Grace Farms Foundation. Ms. Sharon is the leader of the company and the one responsible for spearheading al. The activities and social responsibilities performed by the organization.

Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit organization which was established in the year 2009. It was founded to enhance and improve the lives of individuals through engagement and promotion of justices, art, nature community and faith. It is one of the best social organizations which serve people and help people from different backgrounds solve their social issues. It also safeguards and protects the rights of the people.

The organization has received many awards since its launching, and some of the awards include the Fast Company’s 2016 Awards and the AIA National Award 2017 among many other awards. The president of the company, Ms. Sharon Prince, has once been nominated to be an architecture jury of during the AIA Honour Awards 2018. Sharon ensures the company performs excellently in the following areas: Social Conduct and charity activities, architecture and talent nurturing as well as environmental sustainability.

Ms. Sharon Prince is well known in the United States for advocating for the end of Child exploitation, women violence and human trafficking from regional to national and international levels. In the year 2016, Ms. Prince held a convention at the United Nations University concerning human trafficking and the event was published as a report by the United Nations Organization.

Sharon Prince’s: Youtube.

Ashley Lightspeed: The Importance of Prototyping

For someone who is relatively new in their career, Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed is an individual who has already accomplished a lot and already has an impressive list of career achievements. Ashley Lightspeed has been a critical asset to Lightspeed Venture Partners and was an individual who trailblazed the company’s product development and service models.

Ashley Lightspeed’s day generally starts around 6:00 AM, and although she is not used to being a morning person, she has learned to become one. She enjoys the mornings because it serves as a quick window for serenity and re-centering, perfect for re-charging before she gets to her tasks for the day. To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Ashley grew up with an Architect as a dad, and so she had built a young dream of wanting to become an architect as well. She vividly remembers playing around his dad’s works, and also sitting at a drafting table sketching ideas. This is a skill that would be very helpful in Ashley’s future career, and her knack for product development would also play a critical role in her success.

Through his dad’s architecture line, she was raised with a hand of technicality and creativity. And she has learned the importance of prototyping at a very young age, a value which she carried in her career now.

Ashley punctuates that building an effective prototype can save you valuable time and money – and it is very important for product development. A prototype allows you to quickly identify flaws on your product, and you can use the prototype to build solutions and further improve the product.

Ashley is very excited on the nearing retirement of the boomer generation, and is quite interested on how the next generation will take over. The demographic shift will be quite big and she is very excited on how businesses will adjust to this. Learn more: https://lsvp.com/team/ashley-brasier/

Michael Nierenberg Focuses on Mortgage Servicing Rights

Qualified mortgage protection was implemented last 2014 in January where it gives legal protections for the lenders who will be able to follow rules and regulations from the Consumer Protection Act as well as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. There are certain requirements to follow and it will be based on the income, assets, and debts of the borrower to know if he or she is eligible or qualified to pay the lender back. It also requires that the borrower has not accepted or received monthly debt payments that are more than necessary of the pre-tax income as well as not being charged with more than 3% in origination fees and points by the lender, and last but not least, if the loan that has been issued is not overpriced and considered risky. This rule was developed in order to enhance the quality of loans that are issued in the foremost market and are currently available for trading in subordinate markets. In addition to this, lenders should have specific protections regarding their qualified mortgages for only a few qualified mortgages will qualify for sale in a subordinate market.

According to Michael Nierenberg, his company knows how to incorporate securities and protection for non-qualified mortgages when it comes to investing or current business.

Benefits of Non-Qualified Mortgages

CEO Michael Nierenberg is happy to say that New Residential Investment Corp. specializes in meeting the standards that are built by the federal government agencies and understanding that the traditional process of mortgage loans might be unyielding. Michael Nierenberg focuses on increasing the number of mortgage choices for loans that are beyond traditional methods. He saw how qualified mortgages have been a rising problem within the country, and what makes his strategy for non-qualified mortgages effective is the various and flexible processes that they require and better underwriting guidelines.

After a recent interview with Michael Nierenberg, it can be seen on the recent data that has been published by a worldwide credit rating agency that the figures for loan performance on qualified mortgages and non-qualified mortgages are approximately equivalent. However, all of the late payments will have different rates due to delinquency.

Co-chair of the Firm hosts main event

Before Mr.Goldstein started out on his own, he was a partner at a large law firm in New York City. He possesses a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition, he has an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. cum laude. This has a distinction in all subjects from Cornell University.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners of Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates. This law firm provides advice to CEOs management teams specifically on those issues arising in the transformative business events context and other sensitive matters as well. This is offered to business and compensation committees in corporate governance and executive compensation matters too.


Mr.Goldstein expounds deeply on the factors that contributed to the idea for Jeremy L.Goldstein &Associates in a very simple manner. The firm has humble beginnings and the architect gives a history that proves a long journey begins with just one step. He plunged into the deep after a short feasibility study and the returns have proven worthwhile.


Mr.Goldstein is also involved in acts of kindness. He supports Fountain House which assists people who suffer from serious mental illnesses. The event he hosts is meant to introduce prominent leaders to the programs offered by Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein believes that no one has found a substitute for caring and to make people understand the victims of mental illnesses and to provide hope for them. He supports Fountain House in giving hope and guidance to people in need. It runs workshops in local languages creating opportunities for fundraising and advocacy campaigns.


An annual symposium is given to educate the public. It is a way of conducting research in understanding the mind and the complications involved with it more. All of this reflects the great work of Fountain House and that of its sponsors.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.


Let Agera Energy Help Power Your World

Generally, Agera means to take action. Agera Energy is a company that aims at being your guide. They help people by educating and empowering them to make energy decisions. Energy happens to be a significant expense for many homeowners and also a top line item for many companies. The company, therefore, has to make the extra effort of becoming a better service provider than its competitors. Visit INC.com to know more about Agera Energy.

Agera Energy, LLC was formed in 2014. The company head offices are located in New York. The company gained its first customers after acquiring a national retail energy seller. Currently, the company has over 1.8 million contracted customers (RCEs). These are approximately 600,000 new customers who have put their trust in the company every year for the past three years. Agera’s customer base is growing at a faster rate than any other private merchandizing energy supplier. Agera turns any multifaceted energy decisions into simple financial decisions. Read more at Glassdoor.com about Agera Energy.

Agera Energy functions as a supplier of natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses for their use. Their service not only applies to the large industries but also the small apartments and everyone else in between. The product package is customized to suit every customer’s needs. Agera Energy is your one-stop-shop for the supply of energy and responsible audit services. The company is well respected among Americans as it serves a National footprint. The company makes customer decisions simpler by looking into the choices they have in place. It also provides them with simple contracts and a resourceful enrollment process that helps build on customer trust and dependency.

The company also provides competent services. Some of the solutions that these services have been able to provide include Agera LED Lighting. This service has led to the reduced cost of energy for most of the company’s clients. The company is on a mission to make energy purchasing easy for good. All that this has done in the end is to prove that customers can trust Agera Energy to put their needs first. To ease the burden, the company offers the greatest in-class energy solutions which are powerfully executed and tremendously supported.

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Contributions of Gino Pozzo as the Legal Owner of Watford

English Premier League is the most competitive league in the world of soccer. This season (2018/19), one of the consistent teams is Watford. With just 29 points away from leaders, it is correct to state that this season is one of their best in recent times. One of the most memorable games in EPL this season was their game with Cardiff, which ended five goals to one in favor of Watford. Apart from playing one of the most exciting games this season, they reached quarterfinals of the oldest soccer tournament in Europe, FA Cup. All these results indicated that Watford is one of the best teams in Europe (currently).

The competitiveness of English football is partially dependent on better financing of the teams. Gino Pozzo, who has a passion for soccer and more specifically this club has enabled this club to portray better results in all competitive games. As a legal owner, he has been instrumental in streamlining the clubs operations and more importantly in ensuring that all facilities are at par with the global standards. Gino Pozzo also understands that the soccer world is home to changes and giving the club the necessary infrastructure helps Watford to provide better results in all their games.

Finally, Gino Pozzo is also passionate about the welfare of the players. Remuneration, for example, remains the central influencer of better results and Watford is a leader in better remuneration. Pozzo is also instrumental in the signing of Italian players, who are the best defensive players in the world of soccer. Thanks to this brilliant approach to the signing of players, Watford is one of the best teams in terms of goal difference, with less conceded goals. Gino Pozzo believes that having balanced results is ideal for a team that has a vision of playing in international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League.

Serge Belamant Franchise Owner of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is a Blockchain Technology expert who hails from France. He was raised by his parents in France up to the age of 14 when together with his father, who was a tiler moved to South Africa. Serge Belamant enrolled in Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg’s where he attained a degree in computer sciences and technology. It is his passion for technology and this zeal drove him to study this course.

During the course of his profession, Serge practiced under different companies in an in a wide spread of industries. His astounding capabilities and zeal for coding digital financial transaction software made him famous in the technology industry. He has continually been influential in designing several technological accomplishments which have had a vast impact in the banking industry across the world.

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Net1 UEPS Technologies is the first company that Serge Belamant established in 1989. This company focused on designing electronic payment systems that are used universally. Serge Belamant created these systems by his own hands and in 1995, VISA reached out to him to help in designing a chip that was to be used in their pre-authorized cards. In the present day, these are the popular credit and debit cards.

Serge in conjunction with Net1 UEPS Technologies at the turn of the millennium, built up a digital payment system that enabled the transferal of funds and grants across South Africa. In the present, this payment system is being used in other countries such as Russia and Iraq. The latest venture that Serge Belamant is undertaking is with an UK-based firm, Zilch Technologies. He is a member of the Board of Advisors in Prism Group Holdings.

Serge Belamant’s business idea originated from a discussion that he had with his son. Together with his son Phillip who is an IT engineer, they were discussing how social media has become quite influential in the present day word hence it can be used as a leverage to provide financial products to the young generation. These financial products can be designed in a language and manner the young people can understand. They then can be used to offer financial guidance on how they can enhance their financial situation.

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=7763589&privcapId=4494391


Michael Nierenbergs New Residential Investment Corp. is in Constant Motion in the Residential Real Estate

Michael Nierenberg is the President, Chairman and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp., a successful real estate investment trust (REIT). But what is a REIT? A REIT is a firm that operates, owns, or finances income-generating real estate. If you’re an investor in REIT, you will get an opportunity to invest in various consolidated assets that would otherwise not be available to conventional investors.

Michael Nierenberg started the New York-based company which targets investments in residential mortgage backed securities, excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage loans as well as other related portfolios in 2011. It recognizes that when you invest in the real estate sector, you invest in a neighborhood and community. With many American homeowners not liking outright ownership anymore, real estate investment trusts such as New Residential Investment Corp. came in to help people and families to create a home or a business without the worry of ownership on their way.

While it is generally difficult to choose the right REIT for you, the decision is easier when it comes to the publicly traded New Residential Investment Corp., a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group. It focuses on managing investments mainly in residential real estate. It aims at leveraging its investment expertise as well as know-how to drive their investors’ dividends higher going into the future.

The company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as NRZ specialize on strong-risk adjusted returns like Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights, associated call rights, and non-agency residential mortgage backed securities. New Residential Investment Corp. also leverages a solid leadership team that understands the in’s and out’s of the residential housing market to meet its goals.

The company’s success can be partly attributed to the competent leadership team led by Michael Nierenberg. Prior to NRZ, Michael Nierenberg was a managing director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He served at JP Morgan as head of Global Securitized Products as well as a member of the management committee of the investment bank. He also held various prestigious executive positions at Bear Steams. The positions include co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading, co-head of structured products, and head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations. He later appointed to the Bear Steam’s board of directors.

To know more visit @: www.corporationwiki.com/p/ia2v9/michael-nierenberg