The Passion of Thor Halvorssen

One of the easiest ways that one can make a name for himself if by pursuing something that he is passionate about. Thor Halvorssen himself is passionate about human rights. He has seen the injustices that plague the world. He himself has a close experience to the injustices of corrupt governments. With a father being imprisoned after discovering corruption in his government, and a mother that has been shot during a demonstration, Thor Halvorssen has utilized his grief to pursue a greater world that humans can live in. He is also bringing a lot of honor to his family name.

Thor Halvorssen is targeting the injustices perpetrated by the rulers of the oppressive countries. He also works with an intensity that actually makes him active. He takes risks and runs into the territories that are more oppressive. There were times when he has faced some of the ill treatment from people who are tyrannical. He has chalked it up to part of the job. When one wants to fight for human rights, he has to get dirty. Thor Halvorssen did get personally involved. He does more than just talk about the issues. He helps come up with a way to make changes so that people can actually live in more humane conditions. Click here to know more.

Thor is seen as a trouble maker for tyrants. He is also seen as a right winger. However, Thor does not want to view himself as a conservative. He does have some criticisms towards the left wing governments of Latin American dictatorships. He does prefer to call himself a “classical liberal”. At the same time, he does not get bogged down into political labels. He doesn’t even care about the political inclinations of those that work with him. All he cares about is that they are on the same mission.


S.O.S. I Need EOS!

Since the late 1800s, lip balm has been mass produced, making a difference in people’s life. With the power to heal chapped lips, lip balm soon has mass appeal. Brands such as Chapstick and Carmex have become the fixation of teenage guys and girls everywhere looking to attract a person of interest. With that being said, the saturation of the chap stick market has left consumers wondering whether this brand is better than that brand. Fortunately, there is a brand of lip balm like no other. It is known as the EOS Lip Balm. EOS stands for the evolution of smooth. What makes EOS Lip Balm so special? The Answer is simple. EOS Lip Balm has a variety of lip balms to choose. The lip balm itself features organic ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. In contrast, their competitors use ingredients such as petroleum oil and paraben that are not natural and may worsen chapped lips. Also, petroleum oil was originally an industrial oil intended to lubricate machinery. It was not intended for human use. Useful link on

Also EOS Lip Balm does not participate in animal cruelty. They do not test their products out on animals. Another reason why EOS Lip Balm is a superior product is due to its vast array of colors. The EOS Lip Balm is consumer friendly and comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of their lip balm products are also SPF infused and medicated. In addition, the availability of EOS Lip Balm is also superb. It can be found around the world at most of the major retailers such as [email protected], Wal-Mart, [email protected], Amazon, Perfumania, DM, Selfridges, Douglas, Boots, Rossmann, and Costco. Thus, the products are not hard to find and the chances are you will see the product at these stores. For updates, follow EOS here.

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Jason Halpern – JMH Development Owner and Expert

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern is the owner of JMH Development and has been working to make sure that the company is as successful as possible. He has done a lot to grow JMH Development and this has given him a chance to be very profitable with the company. Jason Halpern knows a lot about developing and has gained his experience from all of the companies that he works with. Whether he is working in New York, Miami or Philadelphia, Jason Halpern is providing people with the perfect opportunities that they need to be successful. He also does what he can to show people that there is more to offer in development and that everyone is going to be able to enjoy the luxurious benefits that are offered to the people who are in the different areas where JMH Development is located. When Jason Halpern first started his development company, he knew that he would have to work hard but that it would be extremely successful in the future.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

JMH Development always works to make sure that they are providing people with luxury. The company has been able to show different luxury options to people in the residential and retail environments. While it is difficult to provide luxury in the commercial real estate field, they have done what they can to promote luxury and even technology options to the people who are in different areas. Thanks to JMH Development, different people are able to get what they need with the luxury options and the technology options for the commercial real estate sector.

Since JMH Development is a national company, they are not located in just one area. Instead, they have a headquarter office in one area but they are able to provide their services to people around the country. There are buildings that were created by JMH Development in different areas on the East Coast and around the United States. They have worked hard to make sure that they can give everyone the options that they need to be successful so that they can provide people with the development opportunities that they want in their area.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

There are options that JMH Development chooses from when they are creating developments. They tailor their options to the location they are in and they make sure that they can show people what they are doing in that area. Each option is customized to work perfectly with the area that it is in and that is something that has given JMH Development the opportunities that they need to be successful. The idea behind JMH Development is that they are a company that provides luxury, customization and everything that people need to have the best building possible in their own area.

Dr. Clay Siegall – CEO, Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of the Seattle-based Seattle Genetics Company. According to him, business is a way of life. For this reason, you will enrich the lives of other people in the community if you engage in better business practices. Many people have always struggled to develop their income-generating activities to benefit themselves. In this case, you will fail in business as a way of showing you that business is for the community. V is a medical professional based in the United States. For over three decades of professional experience, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked to develop therapies that can help treat the cancer patients in the world. During that time, few people advanced through strategic moves in the world. For this reason, they have always developed anticipation through capacities that need fast income.


Dr. Clay Siegall holds a Ph.D. degree in medicine from the Washington State University. He has also specialized in the development of targeted therapies that achieve their capacitated income in the United States. For all these years of professional experience, no one knows how to determine your business in a manner that is not anticipated in the industry. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the Maryland University based in the United States. Dr. Clay Siegall has worked to benefit the medical industry through numerous achievements. He has also developed the most sophisticated solution to the cancer patients in the world. During the time when Seattle Genetics Company was founded, there were minimal sources of cancer therapies. For this reason, Dr. Clay Siegall determined to create an impact in the world of business and success.


Dr. Clay Siegall is a prominent doctor. His achievement in the medical world has led to his adoption on a massive scale. The outside world has also adopted the FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate as the best way of treating cancer patients instead of using these therapies in the world. For those who need fast money, they need to develop capacitated business solutions to accelerate business ideas. Dr. Clay Siegall has always worked to attain the most profitable solutions in the industry.

Benefits of joining USHEALTH Group insurance services

What is USHEALTH Group Inc.?

USHEALTH group Inc. is a registered company that offers different insurance services to humans. Insurance plans are specifically tailored to suit different cases affecting human health and wellness. The company’s headquarters is based in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Provision of these services has been achieved through the use of tow subsidies which are Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. It is estimated that over 15 million clients are beneficiaries of insurance portfolios offered.

The role of USHEALTH Group insurance

Access to medical insurance can help you save on accessing quality treatment in times of sickness or accidents. The Insurance Company has been leading in providing tailored services to various clients who need these services as individuals and for family covers. The group has reached over 15 million customers in a period of 50 years with tailored insurance programs. Risks covered under these plans are accidents, disease/ sickness, and business as well. By visiting an authorized agent, one learns more about available forms of coverage and how flexible payments can be.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

Family is the most important thing you would want to insure against disease. It’s essential for a person to maintain a minimum essential coverage. The group has designed various health plans to suit clients who need to protect their loved ones against perils that may arise. It is not easy to determine an average amount of premium to charge each. The average income of members has been used in estimating the premiums payable depending on a plan of protection one has enrolled. Life insurance is quite expensive. Some portfolios have been designed to cover some illnesses and save patients from suffering. Click here to know more.

The secure dental plan is another portfolio under family insurance. Everyone in your family deserves a beautiful smile and quality dental care. The plan is quite different from the general health plan issued by the group. Consider choosing the ideal portfolio that matches your income. The patient enjoys quality treatment at an affordable rate since compensation and medical bills are cleared by your insurance.

USHEALTH Group LinkedIn

Publicity helps in marketing services rendered to patients. The group has a public profile where professionals working in the organization are listed for visitors to verify their details. The profile is made up of physicians and staff members working in the group. It’s easier to verify whether an agent you are dealing with is genuine or is not part of the team before paying any amount.


The company works in close collaboration with various medical centers and hospitals across America. The primary role is offering medical supplies and meeting some operations costs incurred in service delivery at centers.

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Renown Health – Keeping People Health a Step at a Go

Renown Health is Reno’s sole non-profit healthcare network that is locally managed. Renown was established in 1862 when there was a smallpox flare-up. The clinic later remodeled to the area’s initial hospital when Nevada turned into a state. Being a non-profit organization, all income is reinvested for the sole purpose of ameliorating the community.

Renown has no foreign owners or shareholders as they focus on serving the requirements of their local patients and communities. The local citizens also have a say on how the money is utilized and over a hundred and fifty members of the community serve on the board or in consultative volumes.

Renown Health plans on adding a new clinic at The Summit Mall in South Reno this coming spring. The new clinic as explained by Dr.McCormack will render essential care services and a lab at the start with the probability of rendering more services in the future. She adds that this clinic was made to create a more welcoming and pleasant environment for clients. She hopes that as the client walks in the vicinity they instantly get that home feel.

This new space is will also create more room for more services, which includes a conference room where patients can consult with staff on health issues. Alternative services were previously considered by Renown Health, however, Dr.McCormack suggested that they wait and see what the future holds for the healthcare market as it is currently unpredictable with the possible effect of President Donald Trump and his government’s suggested revoke of the Obamacare. Click here to know more.

With Truckee Meadows population increasing, a more refined economy and more access to health insurance, it is necessary to facilitate more predominant care clinics in the area, especially the southern meadows area .The 10,000-square-foot health facility occupies three untenanted storefronts and will have about 11 employees. Renown is also contemplating reinforcing one more primary care physician and a physician’s assistant at the facility.

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Adam Milstein Article

The Success of Adam Milstein


Whenever you are looking to make sure that you are able to make the transition from a day job to entrepreneurship, it pays to see what others have done to put themselves in a position to succeed. You need to know that success is tangible through hard work and guidance. Adam Milstein, a real estate manager and investor has been a tried and true example of this. If you want a nudge in the right direction when it comes to pushing toward your own entrepreneurial dreams, read on and learn a little bit more about Milstein’s path.


Who is Adam Milstein?


Milstein is a real estate manager and investor who is also very philanthropic and active in the Jewish community. He served in the Yom Kippur war and moved to the United States in 1981. Today, he is active in the private real estate firm Hager Pacific properties. In terms of activism and philanthropy, he has also served as one of the founders and a chairman of the Israeli-American Council.


What are some of his keys to success?


Attention to detail is one of the beings that Adam Milstein applies to his everyday life. He realizes that allowing details to slip through the cracks is a key to failure, because they will continuously build up and carry over into the next workday. He also strikes a balance between his work life and giving, because he realizes that when he does for others, it makes his work days far easier to get through.


Being fluid is another important realization as it pertains to the entrepreneur life. No two days are like when you are building your business from the ground up. Because of this, it is important to be able to address issues as they come about.


By taking advantage of these keys to success, you will be able to use Adam Milstein as an example of what you can do if you are considering the entrepreneur life. By tackling some of these guidelines, it will be much easier for you to understand everything that comes with the process of being an entrepreneur.


A Little Art From Wengie

Wengie is a YouTube sensation giving her followers all kinds of hacks and advice. A lot of people have requested to know about her background. So she decided to let everyone know about her background with a little art. Wengie draws her life.


Wengie was born January 9th, 1986. When she was young she was hard to feed but later found out she could talk her grandfather into getting her some yummy ice cream every Sunday. Her parents decided to leave China, and pursue a new life in Australia. Wengie remained in China with her grandparents until she was four.


When it was time for her to reunite with her parents, she flew to Melbourne with her grandfather. But when they arrived she didn’t recognize her parents and wanted to return to China. Her parents were poor in the beginning trying to make it in a new country so she didn’t have many toys. This is where her creativeness began. She made a princess doll out of a tennis ball and paper costumes. When she was seven their financial situation was a little better and they moved to Sydney.


Wengie was very shy in school. In high school she made her own website. In her final years of high school her brother was born. Her parents encouraged her to apply for scholarships for college and she decided to go into accounting to help her parents.


Wengie put everything into her learning. She was full time at the University, enrolled in summer school, and night classes. After leaving the University she got a job at an accounting firm. She moved out when she was 24 and was at an accounting firm for four years. She realized she really hated it because she wanted to be more creative. After leaving the frim she became a social media consultant.


Wengie loved being a social media consultant and decided to start her own blog with fashion and beauty. She went to Singapore for a campaign for her blog. On 2/11/13 she launched her channel, made videos and posted on her blog. She then quit her job in August of 2014 and met the love of her life Max. A year later, August of 2015 she became engaged. To watch the entire video, go to:

Highland Capital Has A Unique And Effective Investment Approach

The success of investing depends on the approach that is taken with investing. Therefore, it is important for business professionals to make sure that they are mindful of the approach they take with their investing. It is established that it is much easier to lose money than it is to actually gain profits from their approach. Fortunately, Highland Capital Management is one good example of a good approach to investing. They have taken the time to develop different disciplines as related to the markets. Among the approaches they have taken is the ones that deal with money management. After all, investors are not going to make huge profits until they have learned how to manage their losses.


While Highland Capital has worked on their discipline, they have also made it a point to be bold. They look at new opportunities for investing and take the risk. One thing that they have learned is that every investment has the potential to lose. It is important for people to know when to cut their losses. This ability to determine when it is good to let go is one that makes the difference between profits and losses. Highland Capital Management is also very good about diversifying their investment portfolio.


One of the best things for investing is the experience of making profits. One of the reasons that making profits is such a good experience is that it shows that the person has made the right choices. As a matter of fact, making investments in the right assets shows that the person know where to go in his life. All that he needs to do is be brave and move forward to the next investment opportunities so that he can increase his earnings. One good thing about Highland Capital is that they make a ton of these good choices which result in profits.

Republican Top-Brass Who Voted For Repealing of Obama Care Rewarded by Super PAC

Believe it or not, Obama Care is gone and, that is the reality of life in 2017. President Trump and his administration finally mustered enough support to overturn the progress of the previous administration and replace it with the so-called, Trump Care. “After all”, the president remarked on CNBC, “I am president.”


Giant Leap Backwards


Many Americans detest the move and, they are deeply worried about the plight of the 24+ million people currently on the Obama health care plan. Others, however, are all for the move, hailing it one of the best things to ever happen to the Medicare industry in the nation all thanks to their president and savior, Donald Trump. All in all, this divisive decision is a huge step backward in the medical realm of the world’s most advanced nation. In as much as the Trump’s team calls for banning the initiative, it fails to suggest concrete solutions address the woes of folks living with cancer and other terminal conditions as they attempt to switch to an alternative health care plan and program. Thousands are expected to end up losing their lives as the constant political bickering gets in the way of doing what is right for Americans.


Celebrating the fall of Obama Care


To add salt to an open wound, there emerged shocking reports of how a particular Super PAC had budgeted to spend a whopping $2M to throw a party for the Republicans who had supported repealing the Obama Care Act and Program. The senators and the congressmen and women who lobbied for the bill to pass would receive monetary rewards deposited into their accounts for their stance. The group behind the $2M reward-program to the legislators is the American Action Network. These millions paid for advertisements on local television stations and on the web. The ad’s focused on a narrative which depicted Obama Care as evil and inefficient to the working class American.


About End Citizens United Group


In 2010, the United States Supreme Court shocked, not just the nation but, the entire world as well when they made a ruling called the ‘Citizens United’. Effectively, the proclamation gave political lobbyist’s groups the mandate to operate without any regulations whatsoever. Groups like, the American Action Group to cough up vast sums of money to directly influence the legislative process and this is something which ought to be put in check before it spirals out of control. Actually, it’s already way out of control with wealthy folks controlling government. End Citizens United was launched to try and counter the power and the influence of the nation’s billionaires. In the brief time the organization has been operational they’ve shown tremendous potential and ability. ECU plans to have raised well over $35 in two years’ time.