Jim Toner, an Atlanta Fertility Doctor

Jim Toner is an Atlanta fertility doctor, and he is a board certified specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He joined the center in Atlanta in the summer of 2000. Jim Toner had a very successful career at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, VA.

He went to school at St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He also enrolled into a science program at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his M.D and Ph.D degree in the year 1985. Toner had a gift and he enjoyed teaching. He was also recognized for this and he then received the Resident of the Year Reward in the year 1989.

Dr. Jim Toner and his team are dedicated to caring for their patients. The services are cost effective. Their team works one on one to decide on an individual approach to help each patient. Dr. Toner and his team also work together to help patients understand what is going on with their infertility and to help come up with a plan that will help them in this unfortunate situation. Dr. Toner and his team are professionals at what they do, and they are very dedicated.

There are many people that seem to enjoy the work that Dr. Toner does. One person mentioned timing. They have been able to schedule their appointment rather quickly. The team also gets to them in a short period of time as soon as they arrive. They have not needed to wait more than 10 minutes. Other doctor’s offices can take much longer.

Another review also mentioned how Dr. Toner takes his time to listen and he will listen until he understands. He suggests the best treatment according to the patient’s circumstances as well as a suitable plan for their budget. Per another review, a former patient mentioned how great and thoughtful all of the staff were. There weren’t any unnecessary procedures pushed upon them.

Last, but not least, another patient mentioned her unexplained miscarriages in her late 30’s. She suffered from hypothyroid and was overweight. Dr. Toner recommended many options for her, but he never pushed anything upon her. He continued to work with her. After working on her health and her diet and the treatment that was given to her, she said that she was finally expecting her first child. All it took was sticking with the plan and being able to stay on top of things.

Overall, Jim Toner is an excellent fertility doctor that takes him time out to listen to his patients. He provides the best treatment possible. He does not push anything upon them and does not try to make them do what they do not want to do. Dr. Toner is a very valuable doctor that knows what he does and is great at what he does.

Meet one of the best fertility doctors in town: https://www.atlantainfertility.com/about-us/meet-our-fertility-doctors/jim-toner-md-phd/

Southridge Capital – A Forerunner for the Financial Services Industry

Southridge Capital is a firm that offers services for structured finance and advisory for publicly operated companies. It provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions to help clients based on their diverse needs.

Southridge’s long standing experience in the industry has allowed its team of financial experts to source out financial remedies that corresponds to the requirements of existing and potential clients all over the world. To date, the firm has directly financed more than 250 companies with a total amount of $1.8 billion.

The advisory services offered by Southridge Capital comprises of financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement. For financial analysis, the firm formulates financial statements for the company that are based on operational and financial norms. In balance sheet optimization, the firm helps the company correlate debt and equity by utilizing certain processes to attain desired outcomes. The mergers and acquisitions services of Southridge is initiated by looking for probable solvent companies within their portfolio whose business can easily be integrated with the client.

Southridge’s restructuring analysis assist clients in the modification or alteration of their products, services and management operations. Last but not the least, in their advisory services is the legal settlement services, which are concentrated on resolving legal matters by outlining each legal necessity while reducing the time and expenses the client may incur. You can visit crunchbase.com for more info.

Southridge Capital’s structured finance services includes securitization, credit enhancing, and financing solutions. The finance services offered by the firm are mainly comprised of unconventional ways to uplift the capital and cash needs of the clients. Recommendations may come in the form of loaning against stocks, other assets, and capital. Likewise, after proper evaluation of the client’s fiscal issues, the client is counselled to eliminate their debt with creditors by offering common stocks. This process is determined by the current value of the company’s stocks. Southridge similarly proposes the utilization of their Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) where the client is given the leeway to raise their capital regardless of the market situation by borrowing against convertible debentures, convertible preferred stocks, and common stock. Check out their facebook page.

Visit: https://twitter.com/southridgecap

The Real Future of the RealReal: How Big Will It Be Before It Goes Public?

“The RealReal, a high end fashion site that specializes in the sale of secondhand designer clothing and accessories, has tapped into a market that holds greater opportunity than its founder and investors imagined. Still, CEO Julie Wainwright is seeking another $100 million in new funding before the company might go public.

The RealReal is using this time to continue its growth, in scale, in the variety of products it offers, and even in the shopping experiences it provides its customers.

The company operates under a consignment model, where sellers ship their items to the RealReal in exchange for 50-60 percent of the proceeds once those items are sold. An in-house authentication team carefully examines each item before it is offered on the website to ensure that the items are not knockoffs. The RealReal has opened six valuation centers in different cities around the country to help its consignors process and get accurate price estimates for their items. More of these locations might be opening up in the future, since the site has expanded from only carrying women’s items to now carrying men’s products and home decor as well.

The RealReal recognizes that well some customers prefer to shop online, many still enjoy the experience of browsing around through a brick and mortar store and be able to leave with their treasured finds. The RealReal opened a pop-up store in Soho, New York for two weeks and earned over $2 million. This was about half of the customers’ first time ever learning about the brand. Wainwright laughed that when hundreds of designer bags line the walls, beating out the quantities carried by high end department stores like Hermes, it really draws a lot of attention. The RealReal is opening its first permanent store in Soho after this wild success, and more are definitely in the works for the future.

Wainwright also mentions partnering with some of the brands that the site carries. Many sellers actually drive sales to the brands rather than detract from them. For example, a seller might part with their Gucci bag and then will go and buy a new one. The RealReal is also a gateway for many brands to reach new people, especially younger generations. Once a customer purchases a product from the site and really likes it, that person tends to be loyal to that brand in the future.

Since its launch seven years ago, the RealReal has gotten over $170 million in funding over the years. With the site already making such big moves during this time, it will be exciting to see what it will have become by the time it goes public.”

Dr. Jim Toner Equals Fertility Success

In today’s modern society, fertility doctors are some of the most sought-after doctors on earth. Understanding the human body and how it works can be a complicated matter. There are literally thousands of infertility doctors in the world, but Atlanta, Georgia, is home to one of the top contenders. Dr. Jim Toner is his name and providing the very best fertility options is his game. This board-certified doctor has helped an enormous amount of people who suffer with infertility issues. Whether you’re male or female, this extraordinary guy has your best interests at heart. Why is Dr. Toner so highly acclaimed? The answer to this question is very simple. Dr. Toner provides some of the best personalized care than most other infertility doctors. In addition to that, he has the ability to focus on the psychological aspect that’s taking place.

Dr. Toner is one of a team of infertility specialists that works at the prestigious Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Yes, this institution is located in the beautiful city of Atlanta. When it comes to being advanced as well as being state-of-the-art, it would be extremely hard trying to find a more innovative institution than this. The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine offers a wide range of advanced-reproductive technologies, including Egg Freezing, In Vetro Fertilization, Embryo & Sperm Cryopreservation and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. Yes, these names are very scientific to a certain degree, but they actually produces great results. Dr. Toner has attended St. Josephs College where he attained a bachelor’s degree, and he was awarded with a Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1989, he won the Resident of the Year Award, and he has held numerous high-profile positions such as Associate Professor.

The sky is truly the limit with this wonderful man or should I say that the limit is the sky. For those who are struggling with conceiving a child, the professional route is a great way to go. Dr. Toner of Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine has the capabilities, has the knowledge and has the dedication to give much better results.

Perry Mandera: Business Man and Philanthropist

Perry Mandera graduated from high school in Chicago in 1975 and immediately joined the Marine Corps Reserves afterwards. There, he was a working at the motor pool and learned how to drive trucks for transporting supplies and soldiers. He was honorably discharged from the Marines and went on to work at first transportation job at 30 years old. He worked at other several transportation companies until he started his own in 1980. From that he moved on to his current business, which he started in 1986, named Custom Care Companies.

Custom Care Companies includes family owned businesses but also provides services to 100 other corporations. Perry Mandera’s company is located in Northlake, Illinois and is employing hundreds of people. His company ears a revenue of over $200 million every year (Behance).

Not only is Perry Mandera a successful businessman, but he is a philanthropist as well. He has given tens of thousands of dollars to charities during the holiday. Especially children who need clothing, transportation services, and financial services. He has given over 6,500 winter coats for children who need them in Chicago. Perry Mandera is also a sponsor of over 100 youth sports teams and other charity organizations. Some of these charities include; Cancer Cures and Prevention, The Jesse White Tumblers, and The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.

Perry Mandera offers some advice on running a successful business, and that is to always strive for perfection. He has found that employees spend almost half of their time fixing coworkers mistakes which could easily be avoided. Doing it right the first time saves a lot of time in the long run. Also, Perry Mandera believes that it is important to always show your gratitude. Showing your employees and coworkers gratitude and compliments makes for an overall better work environment and appreciation for each other.


The Stay of Louis Chenevert in UTC


The success of Louis Chenevert is a legend in the world of business. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). His reign in the corporation led to his great reputation in the industry.

Louis Chenevert began his career in General Motors. He worked for 14 years. The next company he worked for is Pratt & Whitney. It is during his time in the latter that he learnt the GTF engine. In 2006, he was nominated as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC.

Chenevert made multiple changes in UTC Company. The intensive shares of the firm rose by approximately 200%: 37% to 117%. He also made major acquisitions in the firm, which made the firm superior. The GTF engine took the firm two decades to develop and $10 billion. Years later, this investment has made a huge difference in the company. The engine is used by 14 airlines in more than 70 aircraft. He also bought Goodrich at $16 billion.

Many business people around the world have been learning the ways of running their business from Louis Chenevert. They confirm his mechanisms valid. The current CEO of UTC also uses the techniques of Louis Chenevert. He says that this helps in maintaining the standards that Chenevert set for the company.

Chenevert says that it is hard to point out one attribute he has that led to his success in UTC. He, however, says that his relentless focus has helped him in accomplishing his goals. The other factor that he advises the young business people to consider is the team they work with, in their enterprises. He says that it is important to invest in the people you are working with, to see that they are up to performing the tasks that you may need to delegate.

When we reflect on our past, there are many things that we feel we could have done differently. For Louis Chenevert, he could change the way he dealt with the internal politics of the company. He says that it is vital to learn to ignore the individuals who are always against the agenda of the firm and walk with those who are aligned with the vision of the company.


Richard Dwayne Blair’s roadmap to successful investment

Richard Dwayne Blair was the founder of Wealth Solutions company in 1994. The firm operates from Austin Texas. The firms seek to give advice on investment based on individual goals. They give a roadmap for financial goals to gain a maximum amount of money from investments. His primary focus is on financial planning for successful retirement with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston. To achieve this focus, he uses a three-step approach in the roadmap to help the clients in maximum fulfilment of their financial goals. The plan is developed based on the client’s present financial situation and the financial needs during their retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair first establishes the roadmap to achieving the goals. The clients give their long, and short-term financial goals and are subject to a discussion, they also discuss opportunities strengths and how to take risks. This discussion helps in determining the expectations of both the client and the company. A strong relationship between them is also built because the individual goals and concerns of the clients are understood. After the discussion, the investment process begins.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s second step is establishing the investment strategy. The strategy should be long-term effective and corresponds to the goals set. The client is advised on how to get maximum returns from the investment, this involve asset reallocation and establishing ways to maximize their performance especially during positive market seasons. During negative market periods, the company gives direction on how to minimize the effects. The performance of the assets is followed up to avoid any loopholes and keeping the investment updated on the company’s and client’s expectations. The company also manages the assets.

Richard Dwayne Blair also cares about the client’s risks; the financial goals and strategies need to be protected from risks. They establish risk management strategies which cover the investment in case of any disasters. The insurance plans established should be adequate and are given by Richard Dwayne Blair’s company regarding annuities, life insurance among others, these plans keep the clients prepared. The risk-taking chances of the client established at first, therefore, the appropriate insurance choice is made.

Academy of Art University Is Redefining What It Means To Teach Art And Design

The Academy of Art University is a privately owned institute that has been dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams since 1929. Founded by Richard Stephens, The Academy of Advertising was the original name and purpose of the institute but was changed at a later date to focus more on fashion and art for students. The Academy is located in California, with 17 different locations for students spread out throughout San Fransisco.

The Academy of Art University has a moderate variety of programs for students to choose from and major in, including communication and design. Thousands of students use the Academy of Art University each year all around the globe, making this Academy one of the most diverse in the country. There has been a lot of positive feedback towards the academy for their highly diverse backgrounds when it comes to their students. Maintaining a positive environment and encouraging creativity has a powerful effect when combing the various cultures and perspectives of students at the Academy, allowing students to broaden their own horizons.

The New York Fashion Week is well-known throughout the art and fashion industries, including colleges and universities. Since 2005, The Academy of Art University has been participating in these semi-annual events, allowing their students an amazing opportunity to showcase their unique ideas to panels of judges and the public. Last year, there were 10 students that had their collections showcased in the Academy’s 21st runway, with each student giving a short description of their inspiration and what type of materials they used to create their highly unique designs.

The creativity produced at the Academy of Art University is among the best in the country because of the highly diverse community that is supportive and encouraging to each other. Students are able to learn and grow in this environment and reach their full potential in their given fields of study. Thousands of talents artists and professional fashion designers have come out of the Academy of Art University since they first opened almost 90 years ago.


Malcolm CasSelle, Digital Media Innovator and Entrepreneur

OPSkins is best known as the leader in global sales for virtual assets, such as cosmetic skins, in online video games, but the company has also become the number one Bitcoin merchant in the world. But while OPSkins is the top centralized virtual asset marketplace, the limitations of this format led the leaders of the company, such as CIO Malcolm CasSelle, to decide that a decentralized market was the best way to proceed. This is where the WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) platform comes in.

Macolm Casselle

WAX is OPSkins’ new P2P marketplace for virtual assets, and it’s based on blockchain and decentralized contracts that allow for the easy, efficient trading of virtual assets. WAX allows people to ‘tokenize’ virtual assets and to buy and sell these assets with other online players without leaving the game screen. thanks to WAX’s blockchain widget. The platform will also allow users to trade with others using different cryptocurrencies without needing a middleman for exchange, and eliminating intermediaries makes these transactions safer as well as more efficient. Mr. CasSelle and OPSkins are confident that WAX can revolutionize the trading of in-game virtual assets, and they are even planning to bring WAX technology to the growing world of eSports.

Malcolm CaSelle graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science before receiving his Master’s Degree in computer science from Stanford University. Aside from his positions as the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX, Mr. CaSelle has also served as the Senior VP and General Manager for SeaChange International’s Digital Media division, and as the CTO and President of New Ventures at tronc., Inc. Prior to holding these positions, he co-founded and acted as the CTO of NetNoir, one of the first-ever media production sites specializing in Afrocentric culture.

Mr. CaSelle also has extensive experience with start-ups in the digital sector. He has led the start-ups MediaPass and Xfire, as well as Groupon’s joint Chinese venture with Tencent. He was an early stage investor in media giants Facebook and Zynga, and he has more recently invested in Bitcoin-related businesses. Malcolm CasSelle currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California, where he continues to lead OPSkins and WAX.


Alexandre Gama’s Neogama Finds Great Success

In 2002, Meio e Mensagem, a prominent newspaper, selected for its “Agency of the Year” an advertising agency by the name of Neogama/BBH. Neogama/BBH is a joint venture that was formed when the British agency BBH formed a partnership with the Brazilian Neogama agency.

Neogama is one of Brazil’s most wildly successful advertising agencies, and it was initally launched by its CEO, Alexandre Gama, in 1999.

Alexandre Gama, who founded Neogama. is a very successful entrepreneur and creative professional from Brazil. He has certainly found his niche in the advertising industry, where he places a lot of emphasis on communications.

Search more about Alexandre Gama: http://www.canneslionsarchive.com/winners/entry/593209/everyone-is-gay