Dr Walden Can Help You Look and Feel Great

There are many places that you can go for your Plastic Surgery needs. You might not know what to ask and why Dr Walden is a good choice. The good news is that you don’t have to look far to find the right option for you with Dr Walden.

What to Ask

There are several things to ask Dr Walden or any other plastic surgery doctors you may be considering. The biggest one is about previous patients and how their surgery went. This will give you a little background into who they are and what they have done before.

Another thing you will want to ask is how long they have been doing plastic surgery. This is important because you will be able to know how long they have been working on people and how well their work has been in the past. It can go hand in hand with the previous questions, but it will give you some idea of what they may do best.

Why it’s Important

Knowing who is working with you is very important. If you don’t trust them, then you won’t be able to get the right surgery for your needs and you won’t feel like they are a good match for you. You have to feel like you can trust them. Surgery is a very vunurable time and you don’t want someone doing things to you while you are getting a surgery.

There are many things to consider when you are looking at getting the best care for your needs. You just need to know what you are getting and who is going to be helping you to look and feel your best. Dr Walden is a great Doctor that will answer all your questions and help you to feel comfortable before and during your surg.

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Wireless Containment Systems: The Gift of Securus Technologies to the Prison Ecosystem

People have different thoughts about the life of inmates and correction officials. While a large number of people see inmates with empathy, they often forget the condition of correction or prison officials. As a follower of prison conditions and news, I can say that correction officials also need a higher level of empathy due to the struggles they face. It is a highly challenging job considering the physical, verbal, and mental abuses they face from notorious criminals to members of different gangs. The growth of technology has made the life of correction officials riskier in the recent years.


It is a generally agreed fact that contraband phones are creating the biggest threat to the prison security as well as safety. There are many cases of correction officials and their relatives being attacked at their homes or outside for being strict inside the prison. How such attacks happen is the answer to the biggest threat to the incarceration sector. For this, I can explain what happened to Robert Johnson, a correctional officer from South Carolina who was responsible for contraband confiscation. For confiscating a package belonged to a gang, he faced a deadly gun attack at his home in 2010.


The inmates were contacting their gang members outside to attack Johnson using contraband phones. If such calls were restricted using technology, he would not have faced such an attack. This is the reason Johnson thought of fighting against contraband phones and even testified himself before the telecommunications regulator, Federal Communications Commission. Being a paid consultant to Securus Technologies, he is very sure of the results of Wireless Containment Systems introduced by Securus. It is not only the best contraband interdiction option but one of the best technologies in the prison ecosystem.


As far as I know, the technology has produced rave results and an apt solution to the live prison environment. It is already confirmed that the technology is working like literally deploying a wireless network in the respective prions and block calls that are unknown and allows legitimate calls. Even FCC has initiated works to streamline the process in the prison ecosystem including simplification of documentation and the need for collaboration with various wireless carriers. Obviously, the streamlining is expected to help more jail departments to adopt WCS hassle-free greatly.


The latest tracking data of WCS by Securus showed that it is producing highest-quality results in the prison environment. I must say it is a significant achievement as the technology could block nearly 1.7 million illegal call attempts in eight correctional centers it deployed. The data is for a period of one year starting from July 2016. Interestingly, Securus has invested nearly $40 million in designing and implementing the technology that was a long-time requirement for the industry.



Tony Petrello- Brilliant manager of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello is a business executive in the United States. He is among the best from the country. He is the chief executive officer of a drilling company known as Nabors industries. This is a company that deals with exploration and drilling of natural gas and oil. Nabors Industrious was established in 1962. At this time it was known as Anglo energy. The development that we see have been made possible by a team of dedicated management that has managed to take the company from a mid-level company to being a leading company in the world. Nabors Industries is currently the biggest drilling company in the world.

Anthony Petrello joined the company in 1991. He was hired by the management of Nabors after he demonstrated great ability to deal with matters of resolving issues. His analysis of problems was exceptional. The management saw this as an opportunity for the firm to invest in a person who had exceptional capabilities of helping the firm deal with its problems. Anthony petrel was working as a lawyer in New York before he was headhunted by Nabors Industries. He was working with a law firm known as Baker and McKenzie. He was the managing partner of the firm. He had managed to grow the clientele base of the firm a reason that had seen him promoted to the position of managing partner a short time after joining the firm. He was loved by the clients due to his ability to resolve their cases with ease. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello joined this firm as the chief operating officer for the firm. His duty was to make sure that the company resumed its capabilities in production. He had a duty to ensure that the business operation of the firm was in line with the strategic plan of the firm. As the operations manager, he worked very hard to make the company the best there was. He gave recommendations that until today remain the best the company has ever made. He managed to advise the board of management to recruit some of the companies that were competing against Nabors. This was an advantage to the firm since it managed to expand its operations faster.

Anthony Petrello efforts were rewarded by the company after he was appointed to the position of the president of the company. His role in the company has remained remarkable. Currently, he is also the chief executive officer in charge of the company. Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello


The Great Atlantic City project by Boraie Development LLC

A great project that is expected to produce over 250 apartments in the Atlantic City will be open by next summer. This could be the first every complex development in more than 25 decades in this town according to a press release by the Atlantic city report. The reporting team had visited the great Boraie Development LLC site which is known as the Beach at South Inlet.

The town is now witnessing the rise of this $81 million project that will be bounding different avenues such as Pacific, Atlantic, jersey, along with Connecticut. Besides, this significant development is expected to provide its services to more than 50,000 people who do business in Atlantic City. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

This project will be a sign of optimism in this city in 10 years after the new casinos hit the Atlantic market from the neighboring states. The casino business has boosted the Atlantic economic at a substantial rate, but some changes appeared along the way. After the consistent closing of casinos, other business started gaining roots in the economy recording a wide range of coverage in the entire town. Real estate development has also earned its roots in this market.

The only idea was to offer a vast modern infrastructure to the existing generation in the city. The Boraie Development LLC vice president, Sam Boraie, stated that there is a need to change with the changes of the lack of the market. Hence coming up with the right infrastructure that serves the needs of the existing generation is the best idea. Hence, the firm decided to come up with an infrastructure that had several amenities such as resident lounges, pool, and a pool of many other facilities. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

The report also figured out that almost 61% of the developments in this city are more than 40 years old. Therefore, there is a need to make changes to make the entire town look amazing. The findings were acquired from research that was done by the reputable neighborhoodcut.com.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a renowned global real estate company that is known for their unique development plans. The firm focuses on multiples of corners in this industry including real estate developments, property management as well as sales and marketing on several platforms. Its great work comes from the dedicated team which has diverse ideas on real estate development and different skills to serve the clients in incredible ways.

The company also collaborates with the world’s best contractors, financial institutions and visionary architects who know the objectives of the company. This has led to significant confidence among the team member and accomplishment of even the most complex projects in different parts of the world.

Lime Crime Finds The Solution To A Successful Launch In China

Due to the unique dynamics the cosmetics company Lime Crime was facing in China, they came up with a distinctive approach to launch their brand. As Lime Crime’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls believed China would have to be sold differently than in the past based on experience. She admitted she did not yet know how to sell them.

One of the problems was a mandate in China requiring all wholesale cosmetics to be animal tested. As a Vegan Brand, this is not something Lime Crime would simply not do, but they found out if their cosmetics were directly shipped from the United States, this requirement could be avoided.

This type of shipping to customers in China resulted in quite a few complicated issues regarding logistics, transportation, taxes, duties, international returns, and dealing with any inquiries from customers in a foreign language. The issue was made much worse due to counterfeits. More than a million Lime Crime counterfeit lip topper units were sold in the China marketplaces last year.

Prior to their launch in China, LimeCrime found the solution to their problem. They partnered with an e-commerce company in Los Angeles called Resolve. The company was expanding their e-commerce platform, and entering the field of beauty. According to Kim Walls the company was servicing the same type of consumer as Lime Crime, and their perspective was very similar.

Lime Crime built a Chinese seed audience for their official release into the country. The provided encouragement at websites and social feeds to visit the e-commerce service and website of Resolve. This effort informed the public that the country’s only legitimate product came from Resolve.

The fans already using Lime Crime were able to access the company’s e-commerce hub two-hours prior to the official launching. This prompted the spreading of a lot of word of mouth online. Lime Crime chose to advocate the people who had a passion for the brand despite them being relatively unknown. This provided the company individuals to talk about their brand on behalf of the company. The content they generated was a good fit for the brand.

Preschool Education Program Praised By Felipe Montoro Jens

During the last election campaign for the position of Mayor of Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro, eventual winner Marcelo Crivella made a powerful commitment to bringing over 60,000 new preschool and daycare places to the world-renowned city. One individual eagerly awaiting the start of this ambitious infrastructure project is Felipe Montoro Jens, one of the nations top infrastructure specialists who has made his career on developing strong public-private partnerships to benefit many government agencies. Montoro Jens has explained the need for private investment in public programs as important in making sure the latest technology is used to complete the best infrastructure programs available.

Felipe Montoro Jens stated anybody who had followed the Mayoral election should have been anticipating the beginning of this program as it formed the basis of many campaign speeches made by the candidate Crivella. In developing the Rio de Janeiro-based program, Felipe Montoro Jens believes Mayor Crivella has been looking back at the preschool education program developed in the industrial region of Bolo Horizonte in 2012 which saw the development of strong links between public agencies and private companies in a range of successful Private-Public Partnerships.

Mayor Crivella made his campaign promise to develop a chain of Infant Education Units across the Rio de Janeiro region which would allow an extra 20,000 kindergarten places to be created and a further 40,000 preschool spots to open by 2020. Felipe Montoro Jens praised the plans already revealed for the model the PPP will take as the private companies found by the World Bank Group will be responsible for constructing and operating these Infant Education Units on a daily basis; Mayor Crivella has promised Rio de Janeiro’s City hall will provide the funding for the lunches provided for students once the locations open.

The EOS Lip Balm Presents Vegan Flavors

The EOS Lip Balm industry is changing with a lot of vegan crystal flavors that are emerging. There are people that are pleased with this type of lip balm because it is good for people that have sensitive skin. This brand has a global audience, and it is continuing to grow. EOS continues to sell a lot lip balm flavors because this brand has expanded so much over the years. It is in places like Wal-Mart, and Target customers are also embracing it.

The reality, however, is that this brand has evolved as a leader because there are people that like the whole vegan concept. This is the new trendy thing now, and everyone wants to know more about what is happening with vegan flavors. EOS has made it is possible for more people to embrace this type of flavor for the holidays.

There are new wax free flavors and organic lip balm for those that are interested in trying something new. The vegan crystal flavors have become a hit, see here. There are some multi-packs that giving people the chance to check out honey apple, peppermint mocha and vanilla mint flavors.

There are so many options for people to consider when they are looking at the different types of lip balm flavors that are available, you may buy here at amazon.com. Many people are excited about the flavors because they will sometimes have the chance to get lotion that is the same as the hand lotion. The body lotion and the lip balm can sometimes have the same flavors. That is why it has become so popular.

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EOS Lip Balm is changing all the game, and the vegan flavor is the newest thing that has become part of a growing product line. People are embracing what this company is able to bring to the table for consumers.

Check also this link, https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/.


Jeunesse Global Direct Sales Strategy

The vast majority of people today want to look and feel younger. Although there are lifestyle changes that you can make, having the right beauty products is essential to looking young. Jeunesse Global is one of the leading beauty companies in the industry. With so many great products, Jeunesse Global can completely change how you feel about yourself.


Although the company is relatively new in the industry, it is one of the most successful. Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company that is working to change the entire industry. Many of the products sold by Jeunesse are designed to help you look and feel younger. Not only is the makeup easy to apply, but it will stay for several hours once applied. This is great for people who live busy lives but also want to look great.



Direct Selling


One of the biggest reasons for the success of Jeunesse Global is the direct selling strategy. There are many people who will not purchase beauty products without testing them first. This is why the direct selling strategy works so well for the cosmetic industry. (More: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/jeunesse-global-2)


Over the past few years, the company has accelerated the rate of growth. There are some people who are surprised by how much the company has grown during this time. If you are the type of person who enjoys doing your makeup, buying products from Jeunesse Global is a great idea. Related: https://www.inc.com/profile/jeunesse-global






Another reason that customers are so loyal to Jeunesse Global is the quality of the products sold. There are some cosmetic companies that attempt to cut corners on product quality to increase profits. Jeunesse Global is committed to selling quality products that are sustainable. The company only uses quality factories during the production process, and Jeunesse Global also invests money into local communities. There are many young people who enjoy buying products from companies that invest some money to help others. View More Information Here.


In the coming years, many industry experts believe that Jeunesse Global is going to continue growing at a rapid pace.

Check out the company on iTunes.


How to Choose the Right Life Insurance from Freedom Life Insurance

If you have a family, the best thing that you could do to secure their future is to get a life insurance. Now, most people already recognize that life insurance is a critical part of their financial planning, but many fail when it comes to picking the right one. To help you choose the right package, insurance plans can be categorized into two, term and permanent life insurance. Knowing how these two work will help you in making the right decision. Here is a look at the difference of these two types of life insurance.

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Term Insurance

Term insurance has an expiry date. For companies like Freedom Life Insurance, the longest term insurance offered is for 30 years. However, you can choose as low as you want, depending on the time that you think you will still be paying your bills. When choosing this type of insurance, it is important to note that, if you do not die within the term, your insurance expires and your beneficiaries will not get the benefits. Therefore, if you are not done paying bills for your kid by the time the insurance expires, then you will need to renew the insurance.

On the upside, this insurance plan allows you to pay minimum premium. However, it could get quite expensive if you have to keep renewing it. Besides, most companies will want you to take a fresh medical test, which might lead to higher rates, not to mention that with age the rates tend to go higher.

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Permanent Insurance

Provided that premiums are paid, permanent insurance should cover you regardless of the time you die. This type of insurance is considered to be more complicated than term insurance and asks for higher rates than in term insurance. However, it does have the advantage of building on cash value. If you get your insurance from companies like Freedom Life Insurance, you can always use your policy as security to borrow a loan or mortgage. But, it is important to note that borrowing cash value will reduce your death benefit.

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Jeunesse goes from garage startup to major international distributor

Jeunesse is increasingly becoming a household name in the health and beauty field. With nine highly innovative products, the company has created a stir throughout the industry with its Youth Enhancement System. But the company had humble beginnings. Started in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse has quickly grown from a tiny concern, run out of the couple’s garage, into a hundred-million-dollar health and beauty Supply Company. Read more at inc.com about Jeunesse Global.

Retirement isn’t for everyone

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had both spent decades in the health and beauty industry. Ray was a consummate salesman, while Lewis was adept at handling the business end of things. The couple had previously built a number of highly successful business, including marketing companies and distributorships. This meant that the couple had long been independently wealthy, and it enabled them to take three separate cracks at retiring.

But each time they tried to retire, both Ray and Lewis quickly found themselves becoming restless. On the third time, they told themselves that they would really put their ambitions and ingrained work ethic on hold. But they again became restless. They decided to found a small startup that sold a couple health and beauty products.

Initially, the company, called Jeunesse, was run out of their garage. But the couple’s formidable business skills meant that the company quickly began growing out of its humble surroundings. By 2010, Jeunesse had thousands of distributors and was taking up more and more of the couple’s time. They decided to finally go full-bore, coming out of retirement and focusing full-time on building their company.

Today, Jeunesse Global has a number of highly innovative products. Included in the company’s portfolio are products such as M1nd, one of the first drinks aimed at improving concentration and mental function. With patented compound Cera-Q, M1nd combines the proprietary mental enhancement substance with L-Tyrosine to create one of the most potent mental stimulants on the market today.

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The company is also the maker of Nevo, one of the only energy drinks in existence that uses all-natural ingredients. Made from 100-percent real fruit juice, Nevo is as addicting as it is stimulating. Stay up to date with Jeuness Global at Linkedin.