The Success Behind Metrik Real Estate, Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the Chief Executive Officer of the real estate company that is found in South Florida. Samuel holds various degrees in different careers which include: international studies, business administration, from the University of Hofstra in Hempstead and a degree in marketing and international finance from the University of Rotterdam in Erasmus.

Before Samuel ventured into real estate, he worked in the banking sector. He got experience in real estate by working in his family’s real estate business which was located in South Florida. Samuel began his own real estate company by the name Metrik Real Estate in the year 2002.

Metrik has grown tremendously and is providing services such as the development and management of real estate, brokerage, and equity sourcing. The success and growth of the industry are because of the determination and experience of Samuel Strauch. Samuel is able to comprehend that the only way to create a good relationship with the customers and the employees is to have openness.

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Samuel Strauch indicates that the only way to succeed is to think of the ways that will benefit his partners and himself. He also indicates that when dealing with investors, colleagues, and partners, one has to have a mentality of a win-win situation. Samuel indicates that there is a need to keep boundaries between business and friendship. Samuel Strauch also uses a rule where he employs and keeps a personnel that is competent. Samuel has not only ventured into real estate business, but he has also ventured into internet businesses and restaurants. Samuel has the zeal and enthusiasm to improve the lives and experiences of people around the world. He indicates that he can do this by helping and creating a business with baby boomers retirees.

Samuel Strauch believes in the notion that real estate buyers are interested in personalization. Metrik Real Estate of Miami and this company is mostly found in South Florida and Latin American real estate. The purpose of Samuel for Metrik Real Estate is to ensure that it continues to be a socially responsible company as well as ensuring that their customers are satisfied.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch started his career as a banker. He later moved in real estate business owned by his family in South Florida. It is in 2002, that he started his own real estate company that has grown by leaps and bounds since then. He has been able to combine several aspects of real estate business such as acquisitions, management, development and brokerage of real estate in Miami and parts of Latin America.

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The Arrest of Lacey and Larkin

It’s something about corrupt law enforcers that makes them believe they’re invincible. When cops go bad, they go really bad. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the worst crooked cops since the late 20s. In 2007, he became fed up with a certain news publication constantly writing about all his shady dealings.

That October, he sent his special “Selective Enforcement Unit” to the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-founders of Phoenix New Times.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were ripped from their homes in the middle of the night, shoved into unmarked SUVs with foreign license plates, and driven to separate jails.

As more details about their “arrest” came out, it seemed more like a cinematic kidnapping. The biggest shock is that everything was instigated by Sheriff Arpaio. He had no real evidence of any crime being committed, yet he used numerous grand jury subpoenas to do his bidding.

Phoenix New Times has several evidence-supported stories about Arpaio abusing his authority. While many Arizona believed Arpaio to be a benign character, New Times revealed his abuse of jail inmates, Mexican emigrants, and other actions involving racial profiling.

Arpaio’s most shocking act was getting a grand jury subpoena to force Lacey and Larkin to identify anyone who’d been reading their stories about him.

The charges filed against Lacey and Larkin accused them of not cooperating with law enforcement, which they weren’t. Arpaio wanted the names of anyone involved with New Times, including IP addresses; Lacey and Larkin refused. For that, they were jailed miles away from each other.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago; reporters were assaulted in such a way. Arpaio’s actions cost Maricopa County $3.75 million in a lawsuit filed by Lacey and Larkin. They donated all the money to migrant rights organizations. They also used some of the money to create their own free speech fund: the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey’s father is was a construction worker. Lacey didn’t have high hopes for his own career but understood the value of education. While attending Arizona State University, he met Jim Larkin. The two immediately hit it off while writing a paper about the ultra-conservative media’s coverage of on-campus antiwar protests.

Unlike Lacey, Jim Larkin is an Arizona native. Though he and Lacey didn’t know each other that long, they dropped out together and started a business. It’s didn’t take long for them to find their rhythm.

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Different Issues of Life and Relationships Addressed by Talkspace

Anyone that is looking for advice on how to deal with various life issues don’t need to look any further than Talkspace. There are tons of topics that deal with issues such as mood disorders and dysfunctional relationships. Readers will get all of the tools they need in order to deal with the issues that they have been faced with in their day to day lives. It also helps people know that they are not alone or dealing with anything new. This not only gives them enough encouragement to successfully cope, but also find a way to break out of this circumstance.

Talkspace also provides new insights on issues such as depression. For one thing, it has addressed the stigma that comes with depression. One of the best aspects of Talkspace is that it allows people to have therapy. For one thing, there are therapists that Talkspace will introduce the reader to. One thing that Talkspace makes clear is that the therapists that are working with clients are every bit as unique as the clients that come to their offices. Among the things that make the therapists unique is their own background and why they wanted to become a therapist.

One thing that can be said about different issues in life such as trauma and other related issues is that in many cases, they can’t be overcome alone. People often need the help and the support of others so that they can heal from the trauma the right way. People who try to go at it alone are vulnerable to some major traps that can actually leave them in a worse condition in life than before. This is one of the reasons that Talkspace has been set up. One thing that the site hopes to achieve is to encourage the person to open up.

How Sheldon Lavin Progressively Developed the OSI Group into a Multi-billion Dollar Enterprise

When you think of Sheldon Lavin, he is undeniably one of the most accomplished and decorated entrepreneurs in the U.S and beyond. As the CEO of the OSI Group, Mr. Lavin is credited with harnessing his vast experience and technical excellence to invigorate creativity and productivity. With over four decades’ worth of experience, the former investment banker possesses that unique ability to turn ideas into
profitable businesses.

More importantly, Sheldon Lavin is credited with developing the OSI Group from a small burger enterprise into a global entity staffed by over 20,000 people. Prior to holding such an esteemed position, Sheldon Lavin’s resume boasts of powerful positions such as President of OSI International Foods Ltd, General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center, and a seasoned Director of National Fish & Wildlife

Before serving as the CEO, Sheldon Lavin had remarkably built a reputation based on his unrivaled attention to detail as a meat supplier. This zealous attitude prompted his immense admiration while working with Otto & Sons. Due to his unmatched knowledge and expertise, he secured Otto & Sons additional funding to run operations smoothly. Having played such an integral role, it was only a matter of time before OSI Group came calling for Lavin’s services, an opportunity he found quite hard to resist.

Contributions at OSI Group

While at the company, Sheldon made a significant breakthrough when he procured ownership shares from the company’s two principal shareholders. Despite his age, Sheldon Lavin progressively built the company by opening an additional 55 factories to the company’s portfolio. Moreover, the factories spanned across the Philippines, South America, India, and Australia among others.

Sheldon Lavin was recently awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy as a testament to his success. The Award recognizes and credits personalities that have made significant contributions by demonstrating persistence and perseverance to attain set goals. Lavin’s most notable contribution lies in guiding the company from a domestic institution into a multibillion-dollar entity represented in more than 60 branches in 16 countries.

Alternatively, the company also made an indelible mark by opening a branch in India known as OS-Vista Processed Foods. Since its inception in 1995, the company has been synonymous with providing custom processing of fruits, vegetables, and meat. With such an award, Lavin hopes to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs by serving as a beacon of hope not only in the US but also globally.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers:What Everyone should know about Depression

Depression affects very many people in the United States today.The condition is very common, and many people do not like talking about it. According to a recent survey, more than six percent of all the adults in the US are living with the mental condition.The study also indicates that depression is prevalent among women when compared to the men. However, depression can affect all people, regardless of the race, age, and gender. In some instances, professionals say that depression has no particular cause.

A large group of the people suffering from depression will do their best to seek the right professional help when they discover that they are suffering from depression. However, two-thirds of the patients will not seek any help.The stigma that is associated with the disease is one of the reasons people do not seek help.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers will give patients the kind of help they need if they are suffering from depression.This is because the facilities have qualified professionals who will take care of all the mental health of the depressed individuals.The professionals are highly experienced, and they will guide the patients through the treatment process, regardless of how serious the matter is. According to Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, the people living with the mental disease should know the following:

Depression may develop without any outside reasons
Depression is caused by many factors. However, professionals at the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers say that in most cases, there isn’t an identifiable cause of the disease. However, people going through a difficult life, financial challenges, abuse, divorce and unemployment get depressed very quickly.Genetic factors, in most cases, play a significant role in the disease too.

Symptoms and signs vary from one patient to the other
There are very many signs and symptoms that have been associated with depression. In most cases, doctors say that the symptoms vary from one patient to the other. Patients will, however, have a constant feeling of sadness, numbness, and emptiness. People who experience these symptoms should seek medical attention early before the matter gets serious. Relatives and friends should look out for the signs in any of their loved ones.

Samuel Strauch Leads Metrik Through Excellent Service Delivery

Samuel Strauch is an executive leader who works at Metrik Real Estate. Strauch graduated from three different prestigious universities namely:
• Harvard School
• Erasmus University
• Hofstra University

His career began immediately after his coursework when he ventured in banking and finance. Taking a keen interest in his family business, Strauch left banking for real estate. That marked the beginning of his journey in the ever-transforming industry that is coupled with foreclosure challenges.

In 2002, Strauch founded his company, Metrik Real Estate. This was based in South Florida. He envisioned his growth in the firm when he started poaching many clients. Creating a platform that connected clients, agents, and homeowners, Strauch integrated his company to different service providing dockets. From equity sourcing to acquisitions and development management, Strauch boasts of a strong education background that speaks for his ability to move the real estate industry to a different, revolutionary level.

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Under his leadership at Metrik Real Estate, Strauch has been able to develop a portfolio that accommodates clients from different geographical areas. Always keeping in touch with every client in the database to ensure that the supply matches the demand, he has created strong client relationships that keep more clients approaching him for advice on real estate investment. Strauch is a leader as well as a team player. Through the two values, he has been able to put a strong team together. Strauch is a serial investor who seeks opportunities in every situation that poses to be challenging. From internet marketing to restaurant businesses, he understands the importance of diversifying a portfolio to reduce the exposure of risky ventures.


The last fifteen years have seen Samuel Strauch grow into an admirable role model in real estate. Working closely with a team of professionals at Metrik Real Estate, he earned an additional title and role in the company’s affiliate, Affinity Group. Being president of the firm, Samuel Strauch has been creating client rapport with the aim of attracting even more of them. With an extensive database, he ranks as a top investment adviser in real estate. Samuel Strauch believes in being a team player. That is why his company keeps on making progress when it comes to retaining clients. His team offers a supportive system to clients.


Imran Haque, a Renowned Internal Medical Specialist in North Carolina

Imran Haque is an internist that works with the horizon internal medicine. Imran Haque highly honored due to his quality services he offers to the residents. Horizon internal medicine is located Asheboro in North Carolina. Horizon internal medicine is a group that provides medical services to people around Asheboro and the surrounding areas. Moreover, Imran Haque is an affiliate in many other hospitals such as Randolph hospital. Dr. Imran Haque has grown his experience over many years and finally has proved himself as a noticeable internal medic. Imran Haque is a specialist that examines many forms of diseases under his discipline and delivers treatment. Imran Haque also may provide referrals whenever applicable.

Dr. Imran Haque studied in the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo which is a very prestigious university. By the year 1998, he graduated with a degree in medicine. Afterwards, he advanced his education in medicine at the University of Virginia internal medicine. Dr. Imran Haque’s ambitions in his career were that all patients that visit him for medical attention would receive the best of services. With this ambition, he went on with his studies and further attained a license to work in the region.

In the present times, Dr. Imran Haque works in his office providing the right treatment, performing laboratory tests and ultra sound. In his job, Imran Haque performs thorough check-ups to come up with the right treatment for a specified disease. His recognized excellent service and his dedication have made the horizon internal medicine become the most preferred by the patients all around the region. In addition to his outstanding services, he is a team worker. Imran Haque works in close collaboration with another specialist to advance the services.

Dr. Imran Haque’s can be reached at any time, and his offices are strategically located for the clients all around the region to access quickly. Imran Haque in his experience years has come to learn that best medical care is delivered through having a customized patient. Dr. Imran Haque has also learned to develop a relationship with every client that steps into his office from the start. Dr. Imran Haque engages in discussions with the patient that will eventually help him to understand the problem the patient suffers.

EOS Lip Balm Review Showcases Vegan Lip Balm

Big news coming from the lip balm industry surrounding EOS who has been creating a name for themselves during the last couple years. Their newest introduction is the new vegan flavored balm that has everyone talking. This new lip balm is all the buzz for those who are loyal to EOS. Because of the past ingredients used in EOS, there was talk to bring a vegan form out for those people who choose to not use products that contain any kind of animal fat in it.

Based on, the new crystal flavored lip balm will appeal to a much broader audience which has been clearing shelves with the new additions to EOS. The iconic round sphere is what sets them apart from many other lip balm companies. In the newest addition, the vegan lip balm is still round like the others however the top of the sphere is see through allowing users to see the inside of the lip balm. For the loyal customers to EOS, this is just another reason to love EOS.

Evolution of Smooth, or as most know it by EOS is a leading competitor for lip balm, refer also to Their ingredients are all natural which is why most people prefer them over other brands of lip balm. Their brands will bring moisture back to your lips quicker than most others. Not only does it offer your lips moisture but it also offers it the opportunity to be protected from the sun when you are out and about. All of this is done and yet you are still able to see the beauty of your own lips shine through the lip balm.

EOS is now also specializing in other areas as well such as lotion which helps to bring your skin back to life. If you have dry skin, try EOS for helping to relieve itchiness as well as replenishing moisture for dry skin.

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CEO and Founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Weds in a Glamorous Event on the Amalfi Coast

Finally Whitney Wolfe a young woman who has built her life and career helping singles find their perfect match through dating sites, Tinder and Bumble, finally tied the knot to her fiancé and now husband Michael Herd. The glamorous wedding event that took place on the Amalfi Coast, Villa Treville in Positano Italy will go down history books as one of the best weddings we have had so far.

In addition to the bride’s magnificent Oscar De La Renta gown, the guest were treated to a candle-lit wedding reception that allowed them enjoy the amazing Italian coast as the couples exchanged their vows. The ambiance of the venue was also one to write home about. The lemon canopy trees blended well with the lemon food accents thus allowing the guest have a good time at the dinner table. When it came to the choice of cake, the couples opted for a single-tier fruity wedding cake. This celebrity wedding was attended by a number of high profiled individuals including fellow lady bosses Amber Venz Box and Sophia Amoruso.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is one of the youngest most celebrated techie entrepreneur we have in the world today. Her major interest however falls in the line of online dating where she has been involved in the formation of two of the world’s biggest dating apps, Tinder, where she was a co-founder and Bumble where she is the founder and current CEO.

Unlike Tinder, where she fell out due to some misunderstanding, Bumble is an online dating app that is specifically designed for the female audience. Whitney Wolfe designed this app to demystify the common perception that online dating market is only designed for men. In an effort to completely demystify this, Ms. Whitney created a physical meet location for her Bumble users where they will be able to meet and interact. The first Bumble BFF location that will be known as the Hive will be in New York City. In addition to socializing and networking, the Hive will also sell the dating app’s merchandize.

Whitney Wolfe is quite passionate about online dating and this is evident with the progress she has made with Bumble. Thanks to these efforts, Whitney has earned awards such as the Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech, 2014 and Elle’s Women in Tech, 2016. Although Ms. Whitney is well known in the Tech industry she holds an undergraduate degree in international studies from Southern Methodist University.

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