Meals and Goals for the Week: Sept. 17th

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Another week, another meal plan, another set of fitness goals.

But first let’s see how I did with last week’s meals and goals:

  • 2 core workouts from Lindsay Brin’s Bootcamp 2 DVD: Done! I did core workout #2, which was a good step up from #1.
  • 3 toning + cardio workouts from Lindsay Brin’s Bootcamp 2: No. I did two of the three workouts I was aiming for, which isn’t bad. I moved up to workout #2 which is way tougher than workout #1 – we’re talking squat thrusts, push-ups, mountain climbers and other killer moves.
  • 2 Zumba for Wii workouts: Done! I’ve been in the habit of following up my Bootcamp workout with some Zumba – it’s the perfect ending since it’s tough enough to make me sweat but fun enough that I’m not going to blow it off.
  • 1 run (no time or distance goal): No. I don’t have any real excuse for this one. The weekend ended up being way busier than expected (and I can only run on weekends at this point), but I’m determined to make up for it next weekend.
  • *Bonus: It wasn’t on my list of goals, but I did Zuzana Light’s ZWOW Workout #8 on Friday – felt awesome!
The standout meal from last week was Chicken Tikka Masala from The Misadventures of Mrs. B. This was one of the first Indian dishes I’ve made and it was awesome and very easy to prepare. Just be warned: it’s quite spicy!
The double bean burgers I made from the How Sweet It Is recipe weren’t quite as flavorful as I’d hoped; in the future if I want to make bean burgers I might use this as a starter recipe and make a few ingredient swaps to kick up the flavor a notch.
Finally, I made Robin Miller’s Angel Hair with Creamy Turkey Sausage and Wild Mushroom Sauce (quite a mouthful) for the Cookbook Challenge – read my full review of that recipe here!

Now, onto the plan for this week:

No backup dinner planned for the week because all of these meals are really simple.

Fitness Goals
  •  1 ZWOW workout
  • 2 toning + cardio workouts from Lindsay Brin’s Bootcamp 2
  • 2 core workouts from Lindsay Brin
  • 2 Zumba for Wii workouts
  • 1 run: again, no time or distance goal at this point


I usually try to make sure I exercise on Mondays, since it always sets the tone for the rest of the week, but it’s probably not going to happen today. I’m exhausted from the weekend and I have an hour or two or work that needs to be done, plus the day is already half over. Tomorrow I will definitely get back on track!

Kristen Meals and Goals for the Week: Sept. 17th

PinExt Meals and Goals for the Week: Sept. 17th

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