Wireless Containment Systems: The Gift of Securus Technologies to the Prison Ecosystem

People have different thoughts about the life of inmates and correction officials. While a large number of people see inmates with empathy, they often forget the condition of correction or prison officials. As a follower of prison conditions and news, I can say that correction officials also need a higher level of empathy due to the struggles they face. It is a highly challenging job considering the physical, verbal, and mental abuses they face from notorious criminals to members of different gangs. The growth of technology has made the life of correction officials riskier in the recent years.


It is a generally agreed fact that contraband phones are creating the biggest threat to the prison security as well as safety. There are many cases of correction officials and their relatives being attacked at their homes or outside for being strict inside the prison. How such attacks happen is the answer to the biggest threat to the incarceration sector. For this, I can explain what happened to Robert Johnson, a correctional officer from South Carolina who was responsible for contraband confiscation. For confiscating a package belonged to a gang, he faced a deadly gun attack at his home in 2010.


The inmates were contacting their gang members outside to attack Johnson using contraband phones. If such calls were restricted using technology, he would not have faced such an attack. This is the reason Johnson thought of fighting against contraband phones and even testified himself before the telecommunications regulator, Federal Communications Commission. Being a paid consultant to Securus Technologies, he is very sure of the results of Wireless Containment Systems introduced by Securus. It is not only the best contraband interdiction option but one of the best technologies in the prison ecosystem.


As far as I know, the technology has produced rave results and an apt solution to the live prison environment. It is already confirmed that the technology is working like literally deploying a wireless network in the respective prions and block calls that are unknown and allows legitimate calls. Even FCC has initiated works to streamline the process in the prison ecosystem including simplification of documentation and the need for collaboration with various wireless carriers. Obviously, the streamlining is expected to help more jail departments to adopt WCS hassle-free greatly.


The latest tracking data of WCS by Securus showed that it is producing highest-quality results in the prison environment. I must say it is a significant achievement as the technology could block nearly 1.7 million illegal call attempts in eight correctional centers it deployed. The data is for a period of one year starting from July 2016. Interestingly, Securus has invested nearly $40 million in designing and implementing the technology that was a long-time requirement for the industry.