My Personal Experience With The Talkspace App

Whether you have a big crisis in your life or just want to work through an issue that has been troubling you going to a therapist is a great option. However, that’s not really going to happen for a lot of people. It’s very expensive to see a therapist in the U.S. and it’s inconvenient. It can mean missing work and there’s a big chance you just won’t connect with the therapist you selected.

I decided to try out a therapy app, Talkspace. This app provides you with a way to access text-based therapy. You are linked to a licensed therapist who will help guide you through your troubles. If you decide you aren’t clicking with this therapist you can easily switch to another one. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Before deciding to use this app I looked up reviews on Talkspace to see what others were saying about it. I found reviews on Bustle and Business Insider which were pretty informative. I decided to post my own review to help others decide if Talkspace would work for them.

Things started out well and I was quickly connected with a therapist. Like most people who start therapy, I was very motivated because I wanted to finally address my problems. I put in my life history including the family I grew up in and my relationships. The therapist would reply back putting what I texted into her own words which showed she really was listening to me. She followed up by asking more questions.

I was provided with actionable strategies to face my issues. I did some personality tests and she provided me with trauma and catharsis work.

I’m pleased with how my therapy has gone and really like that I have anonymity. I can also send and receive pictures and video so it’s not entirely text-based. All in all, I recommend the Talkspace app and think others should try it. Read more:

Talkspace Therapists Talks about the Importance of Open Communication between Couples

No matter the hardships you are going through in your relationship, rest assured it can be sorted with the help of professional therapy. Therapy helps you see things clearly and with more clarity because it allows you to see things from a different perspective. If you and your partner are constantly fighting over issues that are troubling your relationship and is unable to find a solution on your own, a therapist would be able to help you for sure. A couple’s therapist understands what couples go through such a phase and how things can escalate quickly.

Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

If you want to give therapy a try, but is hesitant to go for conventional in-office therapy, maybe Talkspace is what you are looking for. It would give you the liberty to consult with the therapist from your phone itself. Talkspace was founded in the year 2012 and so far has served more than a million people successfully. If you and your partner are willing to go an extra mile to sort out your differences, then rest assured the therapist at Talkspace would work with you both in a coordinated fashion to ensure that you are able to find a solution you came looking for. It often needs a change of perspective and a third-party view to see things differently, and the therapist can see things that you cannot. The therapist would help you realize the mistakes you and your partner have been continually making and how it can be rectified in a mutually beneficial way. Not only would it assist in sorting out the differences, but it would also strengthen your relationship as well, and empower you with the ability to sort out things in the future if such a situation so arise again.

Everyone knows that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, but it is not always easy. Talkspace helps couples understand its importance and realize how open communication can solve a lot of their issues. Just caring for one another do not make for a happy relationship, couples need to express it through words and their actions. Online therapists help open this gap and have helped hundreds of couples get back on track to a healthy relationship.

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Dr. Johanan Rand: Capitalizing on Wellness and Beauty

Dr. Johanan Rand is gaining popularity these past few days because of a different kind of therapy that he uses for patients who are overweight and would want to become slimmer. Dr. Johanan Rand is one of the many physicians turned businessman and entrepreneur, who is currently based in the city of Wayne, New Jersey. He worked with the Chilton Medical Center, where he performed most of his services to his patients. Today, he serves as the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange, New Jersey, and he stated that he is enjoying his new role of providing health and wellness tips to his patients. His primary objective is to promote the use of IV therapy for people who would want to lose weight and combat aging. He is also a vocal supporter of using regenerative medicine for treatment.


About Dr. Johanan Rand

He studied at the Howard University College of Medicine and completed his internship at a local medical center, and after his training to become a physician, he soon took an exam to get his license to practice. Dr. Johanan Rand has been staying with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for his residency before he decided that he should be working with different hospitals instead where he can practice his profession freely. His treatment is considered to be effective by his patients, and they are recommending him to their friends who wanted to become fit and healthy. Aside from services that focus on health and wellness, Dr. Johanan Rand is also known as one of the few physicians who practice the bioidentical hormone replacement, and he is proud to say that the treatment will be used widely in the future.

The procedure is a new way to combat severe menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, and those who are already aging is asking Dr. Johanan Rand to provide them with the treatment ( What happens when someone goes under the procedure is that Dr. Johanan Rand would be taking a sample from the patient, usually saliva, and they will be analyzing it inside the laboratory. The physicians would then increase the count of hormones for a patient through advance medicinal methods.