Desiree Perez: One Of The Forces Behind Jay Z’s Success

There are many ways to interpret rapper and businessman Jay Z’s move to launch his own artist-driven streaming service. One way of understanding it is as a move to get a corner on the lucrative marketing of digital music streaming. Another way to understand Jay Z’s desire to start a music streaming service is the desire of an artist to exercise as much independence as they can over their art and the motivation to give other artists that same freedom.


For many of his fans what Jay Z represents is artistic autonomy. The ability to move in a way that enables you to create the structures that undergird your success. Jay Z and his wife Beyonce prove that it is possible for artists to achieve their goals if they are relentless, business savvy and if they surround themselves with capable people like Desiree Perez to join them on their journey. According to, Perez has known Jay Z for nearly two decades and works alongside her husband Juan to help make big decisions for Jay Z’s businesses including Roc Nation Sports and Tidal. Perez is known for leveraging her appreciation for numbers and the ability to drive hard bargains on behalf of Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay Z.


The streaming service Tidal which Jay Z, Perez and Beyonce all play vital roles in underscore Jay-Z’s commitment to autonomy as an artist. When you know what it means to be on the margins and beholden to the visions of those who are more powerful than you are it is an important victory when you finally control the means of producing and distributing your art. These are probably the reasons that Tidal originally billed itself as a platform that is co-owned by the artists who host their music there. That emphasis on autonomy is probably why Prince, the legendary multi-hyphenate musician who always reminded the world of the importance of owning one’s masters, chose the company as the first exclusive digital home for streaming his music while he was alive. Click Here.