Contributions of Gino Pozzo as the Legal Owner of Watford

English Premier League is the most competitive league in the world of soccer. This season (2018/19), one of the consistent teams is Watford. With just 29 points away from leaders, it is correct to state that this season is one of their best in recent times. One of the most memorable games in EPL this season was their game with Cardiff, which ended five goals to one in favor of Watford. Apart from playing one of the most exciting games this season, they reached quarterfinals of the oldest soccer tournament in Europe, FA Cup. All these results indicated that Watford is one of the best teams in Europe (currently).

The competitiveness of English football is partially dependent on better financing of the teams. Gino Pozzo, who has a passion for soccer and more specifically this club has enabled this club to portray better results in all competitive games. As a legal owner, he has been instrumental in streamlining the clubs operations and more importantly in ensuring that all facilities are at par with the global standards. Gino Pozzo also understands that the soccer world is home to changes and giving the club the necessary infrastructure helps Watford to provide better results in all their games.

Finally, Gino Pozzo is also passionate about the welfare of the players. Remuneration, for example, remains the central influencer of better results and Watford is a leader in better remuneration. Pozzo is also instrumental in the signing of Italian players, who are the best defensive players in the world of soccer. Thanks to this brilliant approach to the signing of players, Watford is one of the best teams in terms of goal difference, with less conceded goals. Gino Pozzo believes that having balanced results is ideal for a team that has a vision of playing in international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League.