Confident Smiles With EOS Lip Balm

The oral care industry is vastly delving into a plethora of beauty products thanks to one brand of lip balm that paved the way for the multiple, progressive, generation of lip balm brands, EOS Lip Balm. Before the launch of this brand, most stores sold Chapstick, a conventional brand that was packaged in cylindrical containers. To most users, Chapstick had narrowed down the flavor options to two. One of them could be applied by individuals who are into exploring different products in the market. EOS brought into the market a new taste of flavored lip balm.


EOS gains competitive advantage

Celebrities were spotted carrying this new brand from red carpet walks to photo sessions. Vastly spreading into the industry, EOS lip balm gained an extensive competitive advantage over Chapstick. This was a clear indication that EOS was producing high-quality lip balm. The following flavors have contributed to the high sales of EOS lip balm.

Strawberry with Walgreens – this EOS lip balm is organic in nature, also available here on Coupled with natural ingredients, the choice is perfect for allergic people. Aside from that, it is free from gluten. This is an indication that Strawberry Walgreens EOS lip balm is healthy and user friendly.

Vegan – EOS has just launched the vegan flavor of its lip balm and prospective consumers are going crazy over this product. Here is why; it is natural and paraben-free. The lip balm is free from harsh chemicals. An added advantage could be the supple feeling it leaves on the lips. This flavor has vastly increased the company sales by millions. It is evident that EOS Lip Balm Company is set to offer more, better, options ahead.

Crystal Lip Balm– this flavor of EOS lip balm has two options for selection. The brand harbors natural ingredients coupled with crystalline, supple, effects.