Jorge Moll, making life better through neurology

In the recent past, the field of neurology has experienced tremendous growth. There have been new technologies developed, new methodologies tried out and many more research findings waiting to be tested. This growth is made possible by a few people in the field of neurology who are not content with practicing alone but researching and adding to knowledge that already exists. People like Jorge Moll (

Jorge Moll is a graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He studied medicine for his undergraduate and later studied neurology for his residency in the same university. He later pursued his PHD in experimental pathophysiology in São Paulo University. His love affair with the field of neurology started before his college days. Jorge was intrigued with the origin of the world as is and human consciousness. When time came to go to college, he went into medicine with the aim of studying the brain. His interest in the human brain has been his motivation in pursuing neurology.

Not satisfied with just practising the methods used traditionally, Jorge Moll ventured into research. His aim in doing so was to help people who have conditions that negatively affect the quality of life they live. He founded the D’Or Institute of Research and Education where he conducts research on new methods they can use to help people live their lives better.

Jorge Moll’s success can be credited in his collaboration with other like-minded professionals and organizations. This has allowed him to impact the field of neurology widely and has also contributed greatly to the growth of his career and his organization. He says, sharing ideas with other people pursuing the same course is not only inspiring but also a way of getting ideas that help him take his research a step further.

His experience in this field and his leadership skills have seen him be appointed to many prestigious positions. Jorge is the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the head researcher of IDOR. He has also won awards such as research fellow NIH and visiting scholar award.