Jorge Moll on Maintaining his Success and IDOR

Jorge Moll is working in business and neuroscience at the IDOR, D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He achieved his higher education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, graduating an M. D. in Neuroscience. He later had a residency at the institution and amassed training and more knowledge. Jorge Moll than moved on to the University of Sao Paulo, obtaining his Ph D. in Experimental Pathology from the institution.


Workgroup of Jorge Moll

Up to date, Jorge Moll is serving as a Board member and President of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education, known as IDOR. Jorge Moll is also a part of the laboratory Neuroinformatics Workgroup and is serving as the Director of their Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. The laboratory is one of highest ranked labs for imagery and diagnostics in the country of Brazil.

Jorge Moll has shared about his current life and career and shared his experiences from the past about making things work in his business and how he maintains his success today ( Jorge Moll works for and with people, above all. He is continually talking to people, discussing issues and making plans. He also works with students, other researchers, scientists, and people in business. He is a firm believer in the exchange of ideas and collaborating with others.

Jorge Moll has learned to differentiate between ideas and what is worth sticking to. His rule of thumb is to stick to the ideas that can be converted to actionable plans and to not try and force himself to come up with plans where there cannot be any. He advises others to figure out which of their ideas are actionable now and leave the rest either in the past or for future use. Business is a fast-paced sector and incubation time has to be shortened at times.

His success has not happened without the failures. The IDOR is a non-profit research institute and with that come many difficulties. Jorge Moll learned that early on especially when it comes to time. Because the IDOR relies on funding research can be quite slow which used to be his biggest issue.