Dr. Johanan Rand – A Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Johanan Rand is a rehabilitation doctor. In New York, at Albert Einstein Medical Center he completed his practices. Board of medicine verified that he is expert in anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine, and functional medicine. He worked as a Consultant to Elite Healthcare in China. He is also a Physiatrist and physical medicine doctor. He is the owner of the Healthy Aging Medical Center. Dr. Johanan Rand has experience of more than fifteen years and has treated patients with various diseases. While treating patients he connects with them and cares about their problem. He is completing board certification and Master’s Degree in Anti-aging Medicine, Functional and Regenerative Medicine and is a member of A4M society. Due to researchers, he keeps on attending lectures and seminars. Dr. Johanan Rand is a health conscious and fitness expert.



The problem of periods in women is an issue which should be discussed. In women, there is 25% of the decrease in Progesterone and Estrogen levels between 35 to 50 years of age. This leads to the hormonal disbalance and many diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, osteoporosis, etc. start developing in their body. If estrogen and progesterone could be balanced then women could be saved from the diseases which occur due age. Women who went through the process of the Bioidentical hormone were found to be healthy for longer period of time. Hormones are very important but as soon as we start suffering loss problems start occurring. Bio-identical Estrogen and Progesterone are capable of protecting against the diseases like heart stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. Bioidentical hormones are free from any kind of side effects and are obtained from plant sources whereas synthetic hormones are unsuccessful and harmful to the body.

BHRT program is made for men going through the loss of testosterone. It is natural because it occurs due to age and it may lead to Andropause. Loss of testosterone leads to problems like hypertension, obesity, etc. Dr. Johanan Rand understands it very well. Johanan Rand developed bio-identical compounded hormone replacement therapy for men. With treatment, it is also necessary to proper diet and supplements as prescribed by the doctor.