Rodrigo Terpins’ take on what it takes to become a champion.

When the former president of Lojas Marisa, Rodrigo Terpins who had been in the organization for about sixteen years left he was determined to do two things. He was to start his company which he did in 2008 this is what is now referred as T5 Participacoes.The second was to concentrate on the Sertoes rally through their team the Bull Sertoes rally team. Rodrigo Terpins had studied Business management at the University of Sail Hilaire. Here he had been able to acquire a lot of business management skills that would grow his career as a businessman as well as a leader in the different fields that he hoped to go. Rodrigo having acquired the skills required in business management enabled him to grow his company and in no time he was doing well which led to him taking an executive role and leaving its day to day running to its management team. For more details visit Odiario.



This meant that he could firmly set his sights on rallying and this meant that now the Bull Sertoes rally team was high in his list of priorities. The passion for cars and speed had manifested in Rodrigo at a young age and as such his father Jack Terpins who was a former sports personality turned business man and real estate developer had encouraged him to pursue the same. Rodrigo Terpins would wait for his similarly able brother driver Michel Terpins to move from cross country to Rallying for him to form the Bull Sertoes rally team. The two knew that there work was cut out for them and as such began on an intense training of Michel who would initially serve as a navigator for Rodrigo. This was a learning curve for him before he could move on to driving. You can search on Google for more.


Rodrigo Terpins and his brother got along pretty well and later when the need to expand the team came they opted to split and each get a navigator. The strategy has worked well for the team and apart from winning more they have been able to bring on board the services of MEM Motorsport who develop the T-Rex the car the team uses for all its competitions. You can visit their Facebook page.