Stansberry Research Goes into the Depth of Financial Market Antics

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The financial sector has experienced bullish trends from the Newswire group and C. Scott Garliss for several months running now. Stansberry Research discloses that the companies hold that deregulation, higher interest rates, and reduced taxes combine to make a storm that will blow through bank shares and those of related institutions. Well, if you thought that these stocks’ anglers are the only ones thinking that way, you had better listen to what Steve Eisman, the famous fund manager has to say. Eisman has been in the news recently too for his film that won an Oscar Award and his best seller novel titled The Big Short. Steve made lots of money betting against bank performance in 2008 financial meltdown.


The Trump Factor

According to the analysis provided by Stansberry Research, when Donald Trump won the race for the presidency in 2016, Eisman suddenly turned bullish. Clearly, from analysis also provided by SPDR, the financial sector has seen tremendous improvement on the stocks market after the election of Donald Trump. Mr. Steve Eisman says that he is more bullish this time than he actually was over a year ago. The report from Bloomberg notes that Mr. Eisman is a lot more enthusiastic with banks than he has ever been in decades. Stansberry Research analysis observes further that high-interest rates and deregulation are the triggers for the financial boom in the banking sector. The deregulation is bound to stay around for a while, and the banking sector is the big winner. Short volume traders are, however, disenfranchised. This is the kind of bad news they would rather not hear. Earlier in the month, the concept of the supposed short volatility was explained, and the how it would boomerang on the shareholders.