Upwork Gives Advice on How to Have a Successful Workday

Upwork was established in 2015 and is the leader in matching freelancers with clients. They offer ways for clients to connect with writers, web developers, virtual assistants, sales professionals, and others via a remote work environment. Upwork has tips for busy professionals to stay on track with a well-written to-do list.

Jotting everything down during the day helps keep the mind sharp and focused on one thing. Thinking of tasks that you need to do in the future is time-consuming, rather writing them down as they come to you is easier for the brain to recover, and get back to work.

Get your list done before your workday. Use your mornings for the tasks that you don’t want to do first, then the rest of your day will be easier.

Keep your tasks all in one spot. Having your list all in one spot will keep you organized, and you will work steadily throughout the day.

Decide how much time your task will take, and note that time by the task. You can also list when you should accomplish the task during the day, to stay on track with deadlines.

Prioritize your tasks by when you have deadlines and how difficult they are for you to accomplish. The earlier you are finished with high-priority tasks, the better your day will go.

Put all of your tasks together in a group, if they are similar. Check and sending emails all at once will keep you focused on higher priorities.

If you have a good handle on what your energy levels are like throughout the day, assign your lower priority tasks to lower energy levels. You can still accomplish things even if they don’t take a lot of brain-power.

Upwork suggests that you view your to-do list as a major productivity tool in success, rather than just a list. Once your list is fine-tuned, you will be able to accomplish more in fewer hours.