Jake Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod the experts in healthcare investing and successful financial entrepreneurs are now collaborating under the same roof. We can rest assured the best is yet to come regarding healthcare investment opportunities.

Sir Stuart has a BA in Chemistry from Colgate University, MBA in finance from Columbia University and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Princeton University. This professionalism has enabled him to gain expertise thus attaining successful track record in healthcare and biotechnology investments including positions with Harpel, Oracle, and Merrill Lynch and Prudential –bashe securities.

In 1998 he co-founded the Merlin Biomed group an investment company with an interest in the health sector. Its portfolio ranged from biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare service sector.

At the peak of the biotechnology revolution Gottlieb alongside other portfolio managers while working at Merlin enabled the firm to earn significant returns of over 100 % return in 1999-2000.

Therefore, they were able to acquire prominent clients such as considerable pension funds and endowments.However, Merlin had to wind up in 2007 and returned funds to investors. After that, Stuart has gone to form Iguana healthcare partners whose primary focus is on the public company in the healthcare industry with the same task as the one executed in Merlin Biomed Group.

Gottlieb went ahead to form Visium asset management. It initially had an initial capital of $ 300 million which grew to 2.5 Billion in 2008 luckily surviving a financial crisis. In 2016, the discovery of insider trading and mismarking by three executives brought the success into a halt with a net worth of $8 Billion. Jason Thorel who was an employee at Visium collected the evidence for the FBI and SEC and uncovered this illegal act.

Gottlieb himself has never been charged against any unlawful act unlike Visium former hedge fund employees but is undertaking the process of returning funds to investors and winding up the company.

At the same time, Jacob is in his new Venture Altium Capital which is a hedge fund like Visium. Its first investment is at the Oramed Pharmaceutical Inc. with a 5% stake in it. Oramed is responsible for creating an Oral insulin capsule to replace the injected insulin. This innovation is set to help millions of individuals living with Diabetes.

Its benefits include reduced cost of treatment, infection rate as well as comfortability of patients. With acceptance already in the Chinese Market, Oramed is working towards FDA approval in the US. Oramed innovation and potential to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry is the main reason for Altium Capital investment.