A Glimpse at What is it Like to be Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is an Event Production Manager based out of Nashville. He is a professional in the music industry like no other in that he takes his artistic thoughts and feelings into consideration. Mr. Hutson makes sure that audiences experience something unique and beautiful. He has gained an incredible amount of experience working in different positions in the music industry. Particularly, he has worked several years in live entertainment and tour production sector. He learned a thing or two every step of the way and the experience was what later informed his decision to start his company after the company he worked for experienced difficulties.

Clay Hutson is always a busy person and he starts his day at 6:30 am. He gets to an event venue earlier than everyone else to make sure everything is ready before it starts. Mr. Hutson puts a lot of weight on preparations. He counts on enough preparations to run a successful event. When talking about how he brings ideas into life, he creates a vivid picture of what he want in his mind. His experience in the industry also comes in handy while at it. Mr. Hutson has developed the ability of attention to detail and he takes note of all minor details that could eventually make an event successful.

The event production manager has built a successful career in the industry. He has worked with prominent people in the industry including Kid Rock, Halsey and P!nk. Now days, he is on demand and that means doing a lot of things at once. He has organized and managed many tours including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Soul2Soul Tour”. He works around the clock including working on advance shows to make shows run smoothly, entailing what it means to be a production manager.

Mr. Clayton Hutson worked with Kid Rock in early 2018 as a stage manager. The stage manager position requires a person who has his puts on the ground working around the clock until the event is over. When he is not organizing events and stage managing events, he is a production manager doing what he does best, coordinating as well as organizing the larger picture.


Desiree Perez and her Impact on Tidal

The days of pulling out a CD appear to be coming to a close. With almost everyone and their mother owning a smartphone it makes sense that more and more people are moving to streaming their music and having a catalog of music right in the palm of their hand. Giants like Spotify and Apple Music are fighting to be dominate in this space, however Tidal is slowly but surely emerging as a strong power in this space. Much of the companies success is because of a sidekick that few are familiar with, Desiree Perez.

A trusted close associate of Jay Z, Desiree Perez has been working behind the scenes for Jay-Z for nearly twenty years. For years she has been responsible for running SC Enterprises her husband “OG” Juan Perez, is also in the mix as he runs Roc Nation Sports. Over the years Perez has gained a reputation as being a tough negotiator for the Jay-Z brand. She is responsible for putting together and negotiating the popular Formation stadium tour by Beyoncé. She also played a big role in another major Tidal artist Rihanna, helping her to get a major deal with Samsung.

Perez is now a major part of Jay-Z’s inner circle. This “Hova Circle of Influence” includes her husband Juan Perez, Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman. This collective group is the driving leading force behind the operation of Tidal itself.

Tidal has become a major player in the music streaming game. In recent times they have had exclusive premiers from the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kanye West. The two later had major releases that were only available on Tidal for a number of weeks. During West’s release, The Life of Pablo, The Tidal app rose to its highest point ever in it’s iTunes Store history.

As a result of Perez’s leadership, Tidal continues to make advances in the streaming world. Recently Tidal has slightly changed its music experience focusing more on what’s next and new in music, instead of a large booming catalog offering—which costs much more. Jay-Z has been clear from his first step into the streaming world; he is willing to be innovative.