Dr. Mark McKenna: A Story of Medicine and Entrepreneurship

Today, success in medicine and business at the same time is not a typical thing. Someone who can excel in both would probably appear to others as a rare and impressive person. Dr. Mark McKenna is just that person – a medically certified doctor with a strong background in entrepreneurship.

From Medicine to Real Estate

Through the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. Mark McKenna received his medical license for Surgery and Medicine. He comes from New Orleans, LA and is a Tulane University Medical School graduate. While practicing medicine with his dad, he extended his interest in the real estate industry and started his own business.

A Devastating Setback

When Hurricane Katrina hit, it affected McKenna’s business endeavors tremendously. He tried to recover by rebuilding his real estate firm, but he eventually sold it to Lifetime Fitness. Mark also joined Lifetime Fitness for a year as a staff member, but quit when the business was bought out.

An Astonishing Recovery

Today, Mark has new interests in the form of a new business. As an aesthetician for more than a decade, he launched OVME, which is an innovative aesthetics company. OVME has health care providers from all over the nation and looks to fill new needs in the industry. The company also strives to benefit consumers with high-quality and technology-based services.

An Interview With McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna has also been featured on interview platforms such as Forbes and Patch. In his recent Patch interview, Mark described day-to-day things about himself like his daily routine, his approach to creativity, new trends that have caught his attention, and his productivity habits.

Mark also brought more experience-based things to the table as he shared his business mindset as well as his successes and failures. During his interview, he described the worst job he had, what he would do if he had to start over, his business strategy, a business idea he was willing to share with the world, and the recent best hundred-bucks purchase he made. He also talked about his role models, his favorite software and web programs, and his recommended books.

Never Give Up

Entrepreneurship is hard work, and that is something people like Dr. Mark McKenna can attest to. After losing millions of dollars due to sheer bad luck yet somehow managing to make a comeback, his strong recovery points us to one life mantra – never give up.


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