How EOS Lip Balm Achieved So Much Success

EOS lip balms have quickly become one of the top selling lip balm brands in the entire world. In a matter of a few short years, the brand has managed to surpass some of the biggest brands in the lip balm and chapstick industry. This is so impressive as many people would have viewed it to be a difficult industry to break into. This, however, did not stop them from getting their foot in the door and going on to become an internationally recognized brand. Part of their success is owed to their innovation. They created an entirely new approach to lip balm with their unique packaging. It is unlike anything else that was seen on the market at the time. This helped them to stand out from the competition and create a sense of brand recognition among potential customers.

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Another factor that led to their overall success was their impressive marketing. The company was able to target a specific demographic who they knew would love their product both for its quality and for its packaging design. The product was featured in many magazines that cater to young women as well as spreading like wild fire all through out social media. In fact, social media was one of the main factors that allowed the company to achieve such notoriety. Many fashion bloggers and beauty gurus on Facebook, Instagram, and all across the web were reviewing and raving about the new product. This helped them to reach a demographic that was often difficult to advertise to through traditional media. Today they have expanded their line to include not only lip balms but also shaving cream and hand and body lotion. Some of EOS lip balm best selling unique flavors of lip balm include pomegrante raspberry, passion fruit, and coconut milk, buy now! Their lip balm collections come in organic flavors, visibly soft, crystal, medicated and shimmer. They even sell lip balms in traditional stick form, all are available here on

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