Nexbank’s Added Aquisition

Nexbank, based out of Dallas, has made the announcement that the College Savings Bank is now part of their acquisitions. Based out of Princeton, New Jersey, this is a bank whose specialty is directed at people wanting to save money for college. They offer a total of 529 different college plans. There was a press release; however no details were given.

The College Savings Bank is going to keep the same name and branding. The operations department will also remain unaffected, stated Nexbank’s CEO John Holt. The College Savings Bank originated in 1987 and has always focused on saving money for college. This bank is a program manager for other banks who also utilize the college savings programs.

Nexbank focuses on mortgage, commercial and investment banking. They are classified as a company offering financial services. They provide these services nationwide to both institutional and individual clients.

Nexbank has such a strong focus on leadership and exceptional client care, they have made the best possible value to their clients the banks goal. Their commitment to true value encompasses everything from custom made solutions for their clients to staffing, consisting of the most highly trained and experienced banking professionals. Their history of success proves their strategies do indeed work.

Starting with a charter from 1922, Nexbank has been offering needed customized banking and services in three different ways. They are able to handle the business needs of the community with commercial banking. The more individual needs are covered with mortgage assistance and investment opportunities.