Dr. Johanan Rand is The Best in His Field

Dr. Johanan Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center that is located in West Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Rand is a member of the Age Management Group.

He is also known as Dr. Dov Rand. Dr. Rand is always concerned with his patient`s welfare. He, therefore, gives his best to his clients. The services provided by Dr. Rand are of high quality, and the numerous testimonials that are given by his patients prove this. The patients who are impressed with his services bring others and recommend the healthcare facility as one of the best.

Dr. Rand is an expert in hormone regulation procedures. He has helped many patients to optimize their hormones. This has enabled them to recover their younger energy, and they can now perform tasks that they used to in the past. Dr. Rand has helped many people find relief from the symptoms of hormones related to their conditions. This is achieved through the occasional educational sessions that he offers to his clients.

Dr. Rand has taught his patients who have the problem of obesity and weight gains on ways of reducing their weight through diet and exercise. Dr. Rand gains his knowledge by doing research, reading and traveling to many countries for seminars to learn about benefits of the age management medicine. He also takes times to educate others doctors who have the same interests as his.

Some of the conditions that Dr. Rand treats include the following:

  1. a) Weight gains
  2. b) Fatigue
  3. c) Rise in blood pressure
  4. d) Low libido
  5. e) Depressions
  6. f) Poor memory.

Many people are impressed with services provided by Dr. Rand and therefore recommend many patients to his medical center. Dr. Rand has also introduced HCG diet that is effective for people who want to lose weight. It has been proven that this diet works so quickly and gives the best results. Many people are pleased with Dr. Rand services, and they regard him as one of the best healthy aging doctors in New Jersey.