Dr. Johanan Rand: Getting Rid Of the Aging Monster in the Medical World

Dr. Johanan Rand is an integrated medicine specialist with experience in hormone replacement in bioidenticals. He is an industrious leader serving as the president of healthy Aging Medical Center, West Orange, New Jersey. The facility majors in the provision of care to patients. Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert in offering treatment of erectile dysfunction and aging. He makes use of comprehensive approaches and treating his patients with aging issues and erectile dysfunction. What sets him apart is the focus in regenerative medicine. Rand has a strong dedication to treat his patients with the most innovative treatment measures and procedures.

Dr. Johanan Rand uses an effective and gentle technique designed for an aging body. The techniques ensure that the muscle tones are restored and the body frame balanced (http://chronicleweek.com/2018/05/dr-johanan-rand-innovative-therapies/). At the clinic, he provides the patients with physical therapy training that allows the realignment of the postures. Among the techniques used is the diet and exercise adjustments together with hormonal therapies. These three give patients great support towards their lifestyle. It also helps minimize and curb some of the symptoms and effects of aging that many patients experience. They include weight gain, memory loss, anxiety, libido issues, depression, and mood swings among others.

In erectile dysfunction, Dr. Johanan Rand carries the hope to these kinds of patients where he provides extensive therapies. It is important to understand that alongside treating aging issues, the anti-aging therapies becomes beneficial to the patients regarding other medical conditions. Some of the symptoms that are treated in the process include the erectile dysfunction. To some men, it is difficult for some to identify their suffering in this area. This is because, when one is aging, some hormonal changes can interfere with the body functioning and once the correction is done, it becomes lasting.

Dr. Johanan Rand offers more than just treatment. He avails learning opportunities to the patients about the conditions that may affect their day-to-day lives. Rand is a public lecturer and is not ashamed of providing information to those in need through the interviews in any public address forums especially on anti-aging matters. He acknowledges the role of patient education in managing medical conditions like aging, erectile dysfunction, and many more.