WEN by Chaz-amazing hair care for women

Wen hair by Chaz is a haircare company located in Hollywood, CA. The company’s focus is to provide hair care products that work on all hair types, textures, and styles. WEN is most popularly known for selling hair cleansing shampoo that doesn’t need to lather. WEN products help to create shinier, more manageable hair that is easier to style.

The WEN studio in Hollywood is a place for celebrities to go, away from the paparazzi and fans, to get a comfortable, relaxing hair styling experience. The studio is meant to create the feeling of Zen, and be a peaceful environment for all who walk through its doors. WEN has now sold over 40 million bottles, and is loved by customers all over the world. WEN hair care products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online thru guthy-Renker.

If you have frizzy, curly, course hair, an anti-frizz shampoo is probably the best option. For dry hair, a moisturizing shampoo. If your hair is greasy or oily, a clarifying shampoo will work wonders. Even if you know what kind of shampoo to use for your hair type, there are so many other products your hair may need. But they all do different things, and may not work on you hair. WEN by Chaz has products that work with any kind of hair, from oily to frizzy. The cleansing conditioner (no lather) helps to create more manageable, silky, and moisturized hair, not matter the type. Because there is no lather, it does not coat the hair and trap in natural oils. 100% of customers say it made their hair more manageable.

No matter the type, WEN provides nourishing, safe hair care products for everyone.

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