OSI Group Is Growing And Adopting New Technology

While OSI Group is busy expanding across the world, they are also busy making the innovations that they are known for in the food business. When Otto Kolschowsky first decided to open a butcher shop in the Chicago area during the early 20th century, it was just a small business that didn’t resemble the current corporation today except in the fact that they produced and sold food to their customers. Business was booming among the community of German immigrants in Chicago and Otto was able to find success during that time. After only a few years, the business grew to start selling meats wholesale to their Chicago area customers. When this happened, Otto moved his business to a new facility.

Chicago is known for producing food and still is today. This is one of the reasons why OSI Group still is headquartered out of the area and has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in and around the city considerably. When the company heard that Tyson had plans to shutter the doors on one of their chicken processing facilities in the Chicago area, they jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. While the deal did come with some snags, it was recently completed and OSI Group has been able to ramp up their production of chicken for partners in the United States in a big way. On top of the benefits to their business and customers, they were also to help some of the workers from the Tyson plant keep their positions when it transitioned to produce their products instead.

One of the reasons why OSI Group has been able to become and remain such a big player in the world of food is the fact that they are always embracing new technology. For example, new ways to freeze and transport food allowed them to keep up with the demand that McDonald’s had for the beef patties that they were producing for the company. While the 2 companies may have made their handshake agreement decades ago, OSI Group is still meeting their changing demands and growing with them even to this day.

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OSI Food Solutions recently aquired Tyson Foods

OSI Food Solutions recently purchased a Tyson Chicken plant. They are very excited to share their future and their past with us. Here’s a little about he company that bought out Tyson, a major brand name in chicken.

OSI Food Solutions is a food processing company that provides products and solutions for the food industry. Globally, they provide, beef, pork, poultry and seafood, as well as vegetables, fruit and dough based products. They started as a meat market in a small community and worked their way up from there. Once McDonald’s started purchasing their meat patties, for hamburgers, OSI became a very popular choice because their quality of meat was outstanding.

OSI Food Solutions, known best for winning the prestigious Globe of Honour award, for their exemplary management skills, has recently purchased a food processing center, and storage warehouse, formerly owned by Tyson Foods. The plant, located in Chicago, covers 200,000 Square feet and is by an already established OSI Foods Solutions facility. The company thinks that this set up can help to continue their business growth. The company is one of the leading suppliers of value added protein and other food products to the retail and food service industry.

It is estimated that OSI Food Solutions paid 7.4 million dollars for the new location. They also have more than 65 facilities, and more than 20,000 employees, in 17 countries. They operate in several throughout the USA, and Canada, Australia, Austria, India, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

The OSI Food Solutions Group, drives the excellence of operating throughout the network by communicating ideas, to share best practice theories and deliver best in class solutions to customers worldwide. They supply a large portion of the Western United States fast food chains, such as Subway, Starbucks and papa John’s Pizza with protein portions such as Beef and Pork.

Since adding in a new, large facility formally known as Tyson Foods, OSI Food Solutions can now adhere to many new customers retail and fast food. They will be hiring new employees for their new location soon.

OSI Food Solutions not only won the Globe of Honour in 2016, they also won it in 2013, and 2015 as well. To even be considered for the award, the facility must meet a 5 star quality from the previous year, from the months of July to December. The Globe of Honour award is a highly recognized and chased after award by many leading Meat plants.

The purchase of Tyson is leading OSI into an even bigger future for the meat company.

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Nathaniel Ru Role in Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru loves Northern Thai food. For this reason, he has made Johnny Monis Little Serow in Washington DC his favorite restaurant. In 2007, Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends saw the need of opening a healthy eating restaurant in Georgetown. Since then, Nathaniel has acted as the Chief Executive Officer of this venture. Initially, he didn’t have prior experience managing such an enterprise. The other two co-founders were faced with the same dilemma. According to Nathaniel, the hardest thing when it comes to managing is building a team that you feel comfortable with. Nathaniel co-founded the Sweetgreen during his senior year at Georgetown.


Many years after they established this venture, the three are still involved with the running of Sweetgreen and are still concerned about the healthy dining options available in the restaurants. The success of Sweetgreen can be attributed to the core values of this company. The core values haven’t changed and have remained the same. They are:

  1. Win, win and win
  2. Think sustainably
  3. Keep it real
  4. Add sweet touch


  1. Make an impact.


These five values have had a significant impact on this business as they affect the decisions made by this business. They also affect the people the business decides to hire and also affects the way this venture goes about its success. The actions of this venture are also seen by the way they incorporate community service into their company. To ensure that they educate people especially young ones on the importance of healthy living, Sweetgreen has launched a program called Sweetgreen in Schools. They have also extended this program to the state level where they organize workshops. These workshops have been successfully implemented in States such as New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The program has interacted with more than 20,000 thousand students, and it’s still growing.


When the three co-founders came together, they were so green to the extent that they had never run a business before. They also didn’t have previous experience dealing with the food industry. However, what brought these three gentlemen together was much greater. They had a love for healthy living, they also loved food and wanted to solve a problem that was facing the society. They managed to write a business plan. They were also wise enough to seek counsel from experienced people such as other restaurant owners within the area as well as school faculty. The group was motivated by limited resources as their original location ended up being small. According to the three gentlemen, one factor that helped them achieve was the knowledge that they had learned in school.