Isabel dos Santos’s Beliefs on Perseverance

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most impressive figures in the world today, and the fact that she was able to make it in today’s market, despite it being biased against females, tending to favor the male’s outcome frequently, her achievements stand as being even more impressive. However, it is important to note that even if it were not for that inherent disadvantage, Isabel dos Santos would still be praised substantially. Many think of her as being some sort of separate entity to all the rest of mankind, but this could not be further from the truth, which is that she simply has a cheerful, calm, and compassionate outlook on life, and this outlook makes for a natural improvement on many people’s lives.  Visit on her twitter for updates.

In one respect, she is one of the richest people in Africa. While it is true that she was born into wealth, the wealth she was born into was nothing compared to that which she earned through her own perseverance and work ethic. Many believe that these things are not as important as inherent magnetic characteristics, like being charismatic and charming. However, this could simply not be further from the truth. Your ability to keep on moving is integral to your job, particularly when your job is to constantly provide people with more and more content. When you are being constantly monitored by the world for new products and services, you gain a new perspective that can be hard to understand from the outside of it. This perspective that Isabel dos Santos has to offer ought to be viewed as a positive characteristic rather than a negative characteristic.

People like Isabel dos Santos truthfully do not come around all the time, and when they do decide to come, they change the world. This appears to be what she has been building up to based on the sheer amount of work, time, and effort she is putting daily into her works. The fact that she is able to keep up such a strenuous schedule shows that there must be something great coming from her around the corner.

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Mike Johanns joins OSI Group’s Board of Directors

Mike Johanns was nominated to the OSI Group Board in 2015 after completing his term as the US Secretary of Agriculture. OSI Group’s Chairman Sheldon Lavin congratulated Mike on his nomination and added that the former senator is a highly talented individual who would bring much to the company. Mike hopes to help the company achieve its objectives as one of the members in the OSI Group board.

Before becoming the Secretary of State, Mike had held several political positions in the country. For instance, he became the governor of Nebraska in 1999 before being nominated to the position of Secretary for Agriculture where he served for two years. In the 2008 elections, Mike went into electoral politics and was elected to the U.S. Senate. He only served as a senator for a single term after deciding not to run for a re-election in 2014.

In his welcoming statement, OSI Group chairman Sheldon Lavin described Mike as a highly experienced individual with vast experience in public service, banking, trade, agriculture, commerce, and law. Sheldon Lavin believes that Mike has the competency and expertise that will be vital in pushing the company forward after accepting his nomination to the company’s board. While making his acceptance speech, Mike Johanns said that the appointment was an honor. He described OSI Group as a leader in the food industry that had established a culture of quality assurance, food safety, and innovation.

For many industry observers, Mike’s nomination to OSI Group’s board was not a surprise. The analysts compare his nomination to the nomination of Dr. Kenneth Petersen into the board of directors and points out that the nomination occurred under the same circumstances. Sheldon Lavin and Dr. Kenneth are former USDA officials who have been affiliated with OSI Group. Dr. Kenneth is the senior vice president overseeing quality assurance, food safety, and regulatory affairs within the company. Previously, he worked as an assistant administrator in the Field Operations docket for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

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Agera Energy: LED Lighting Solutions

From an energy point of view, the two least demanding activities for your business are likewise the two things that Agera Energy has practical experience in power supply and matching your record with the best lighting providers in the nation. What makes this surprisingly better? The arrangements are savvy and furthermore amazingly easy to execute! Allow Agera to make the energy of your friends and competitors envious!

Agera Energy gives organizations of all scopes and sizes the capacity to totally retrofit their current lighting and fixing LED Lighting Solutions that minimize the used energy to roughly 20% month to month energy consumption through decreasing the kWh used in powering your lights.

The best way; Agera Energy facilitates the establishment of your lights, on-schedule and on-spending plan, with no cash out for you! By directly changing LED lighting, your premise reduces carbon dioxide from being discharged into the environment. More so, Agera Energy facilitates the improvement of safety and health.

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Sharon Prince, The President of Grace Farms Foundation

Sharon Prince is a well-known businesswoman and a philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to society. He is a social professional with high academic standards holding a master’s degree in Business Administration from Tulsa University. It is at the same University where she studied her bachelor’s degree in business and arts. Sharon is now working as the Chairlady and the President of an organization known as Grace Farms Foundation. Ms. Sharon is the leader of the company and the one responsible for spearheading al. The activities and social responsibilities performed by the organization.

Grace Farms Foundation is a non-profit organization which was established in the year 2009. It was founded to enhance and improve the lives of individuals through engagement and promotion of justices, art, nature community and faith. It is one of the best social organizations which serve people and help people from different backgrounds solve their social issues. It also safeguards and protects the rights of the people.

The organization has received many awards since its launching, and some of the awards include the Fast Company’s 2016 Awards and the AIA National Award 2017 among many other awards. The president of the company, Ms. Sharon Prince, has once been nominated to be an architecture jury of during the AIA Honour Awards 2018. Sharon ensures the company performs excellently in the following areas: Social Conduct and charity activities, architecture and talent nurturing as well as environmental sustainability.

Ms. Sharon Prince is well known in the United States for advocating for the end of Child exploitation, women violence and human trafficking from regional to national and international levels. In the year 2016, Ms. Prince held a convention at the United Nations University concerning human trafficking and the event was published as a report by the United Nations Organization.

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Ashley Lightspeed: The Importance of Prototyping

For someone who is relatively new in their career, Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed is an individual who has already accomplished a lot and already has an impressive list of career achievements. Ashley Lightspeed has been a critical asset to Lightspeed Venture Partners and was an individual who trailblazed the company’s product development and service models.

Ashley Lightspeed’s day generally starts around 6:00 AM, and although she is not used to being a morning person, she has learned to become one. She enjoys the mornings because it serves as a quick window for serenity and re-centering, perfect for re-charging before she gets to her tasks for the day. To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Ashley grew up with an Architect as a dad, and so she had built a young dream of wanting to become an architect as well. She vividly remembers playing around his dad’s works, and also sitting at a drafting table sketching ideas. This is a skill that would be very helpful in Ashley’s future career, and her knack for product development would also play a critical role in her success.

Through his dad’s architecture line, she was raised with a hand of technicality and creativity. And she has learned the importance of prototyping at a very young age, a value which she carried in her career now.

Ashley punctuates that building an effective prototype can save you valuable time and money – and it is very important for product development. A prototype allows you to quickly identify flaws on your product, and you can use the prototype to build solutions and further improve the product.

Ashley is very excited on the nearing retirement of the boomer generation, and is quite interested on how the next generation will take over. The demographic shift will be quite big and she is very excited on how businesses will adjust to this. Learn more:

Serge Belamant Franchise Owner of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is a Blockchain Technology expert who hails from France. He was raised by his parents in France up to the age of 14 when together with his father, who was a tiler moved to South Africa. Serge Belamant enrolled in Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg’s where he attained a degree in computer sciences and technology. It is his passion for technology and this zeal drove him to study this course.

During the course of his profession, Serge practiced under different companies in an in a wide spread of industries. His astounding capabilities and zeal for coding digital financial transaction software made him famous in the technology industry. He has continually been influential in designing several technological accomplishments which have had a vast impact in the banking industry across the world.

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Net1 UEPS Technologies is the first company that Serge Belamant established in 1989. This company focused on designing electronic payment systems that are used universally. Serge Belamant created these systems by his own hands and in 1995, VISA reached out to him to help in designing a chip that was to be used in their pre-authorized cards. In the present day, these are the popular credit and debit cards.

Serge in conjunction with Net1 UEPS Technologies at the turn of the millennium, built up a digital payment system that enabled the transferal of funds and grants across South Africa. In the present, this payment system is being used in other countries such as Russia and Iraq. The latest venture that Serge Belamant is undertaking is with an UK-based firm, Zilch Technologies. He is a member of the Board of Advisors in Prism Group Holdings.

Serge Belamant’s business idea originated from a discussion that he had with his son. Together with his son Phillip who is an IT engineer, they were discussing how social media has become quite influential in the present day word hence it can be used as a leverage to provide financial products to the young generation. These financial products can be designed in a language and manner the young people can understand. They then can be used to offer financial guidance on how they can enhance their financial situation.



Paul Mampilly as a Senior Editor and a Businessman

With an MBA degree acquired from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly has made good use of his education in the sector of finance. Paul was once an assistant manager in Bankers Trust. While he was working here, he consistently gained a deeper understanding in investing. This made him get top position in big firms like the Deutsche Bank. He was recruited by big multi-billionaire companies after he proved to be an asset. For example, Paul was in charge of hedge funds in Kinetics Asset Management where he made the company’s assets grow to $25 billion.

Mr . Paul Mampilly started to get tired of working for the rich and decided spend some quality time with his family. He is currently an investment analyst in the finance sector. Since he spent most of his career helping the rich, Paul is now involved with helping the common people earn a living. He seeks to give them advice on how they can improve their living standards by getting the most out of their hard-earned money. He advises these people mostly through his newsletters and has been featured several times by the Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and others.

In 2016, Paul joined the Banyan Hill Publishing. He then published a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that has a total of more than 90 thousand people who have already signed up. The newsletter gives a monthly investment chance for its readers. It also has a portfolio where Paul has a list of the number of stocks that he urges his readers to buy. Apart from his newsletter, Paul Mampilly manages Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He also writes an article for Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis.

He recently had an interview with Eric Dye in which they discussed in detail the impact of stock market today. They also talked about some of the mistakes people make when investing, some of the successful entrepreneurs and the latest IPOs that one can follow. In the interview, Paul explained what separates him from others. He said that what makes him stand out is the amount of work he does daily. According to Paul Mampilly, business is not an easy thing. It expects someone to do things in the right way so that they can gain profits. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019
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Richard Liu, the Father of Online Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a highly prolific person in China and the founder of He was born in Jiangsu Province found in China and brought up in a humble background where his father was a coal shipper. The little cash he earned, his father used it to educate his son as he believed that knowledge is the key to success. Richard Liu attended the University of China and studied his bachelor’s degree in sociology as he was interested in social sciences.

While studying, Richard explored his new passion for computer programming. He started attending some classes of programming. The little knowledge he got from the classes, Richard used it to do some programmings for a local company within the vicinity of the university. Richard Liu used the little cash he earned from his side hustle to start a business hotel which unfortunately failed after some months.

Richard Liu continued with his studies, and after completion of his bachelor’s degree, he joined the postgraduate of information science in the international university of Europe and China where e studied his masters in computer programming. When he was through with his masters, Liu started working as a director of business and computers in a Japanese company based in Beijing. Richard worked for several years in the company and later left the job.

He ended up starting his shop together with his wife in 1998 and named the sop, 360Buy. The mall was launched in 1998, and it was the only retailing mall of magneto-optical products. By 2002, Liu’s business had grown into 20 more branches across the country. Later in 2003, the business was compromised by the SARS epidemic which forced residents of China to stay in their houses.

Being a computer Programmer, Richard Liu shifted business into an online platform where people could shop from there. He named the online company or JingDong Mall. Today the e-commerce platform is one of the leading online shopping websites in the world. Richard Liu is responsible for all its advancements in technology and development at large. Today he is known as the pioneer of online shopping.

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Wes Edens Contributions Towards the United States Economy

Wes Robert Edens has served in many companies holding the top positions. Over the years he has contributed to the success of BlackRock, Lehman Brothers among others. Wes Edens is a qualified investor as he earned a B.S in Finance from the Oregon States University. He is also the CEO and principal of Fortress Investment company has gained more than $990 million wealth. Fortress Investment company has entrusted him with top management roles to ensure that the company experiences rapid growth; Robert Edens has introduced many developments under Fortress investment company to promote infrastructure, media, entertainment, and transport. Fortress Investment has constructed rail lines for passages connecting people from various areas of the United States. These projects create job employment for many people.

Wes Edens also established New Fortress Energy a company that aims at providing and distributing clean and renewable energy. He has invested a lot of money on this project to oversee its success. New Fortress Energy promotes infrastructure by constructing various terminals and plants where the processing plans and distribution will be conducted. Read this article of Wes Edens at

Wes Edens has earned himself a legacy as a charitable person he has funded many health institutions including those that handle cancer treatment and research. Other institutions include those educational institutions that train doctors to handle complicated cases including autism and other killer diseases. Robert Edens has funded more than $2.7 million of his wealth. He also established the Edens family Research Foundation at Princeton University. This research foundation specializes in finding remedies to help people being affected by climatic changes and also being able to estimate the probability of climatic changes hence people can be prepared in advance.

In the entertainment sector, Wes Edens has taken the initiative to transform about 27-acres into an entertainment area. He also purchased Milwaukee Bucks hence facilitated the NBA franchise. Robert Edens had earned interest to play from when he was a long-time athlete at his home town. He has also moved around the world climbing several mountains including Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa among others. Robert Edens is the co-owner of Aston Villa a prominent Football club in England.



Robert Deignan: Helping Consumers’ Troubleshooting Problems Worldwide

One of the most renowned and most recognized people right now in the technological and digital support industry is Robert Deignan. Robert Deignan co-founded ATS Digital Services which is a company that focuses on providing support for all its consumers locally and abroad. They provide all kinds of support services for all kinds of technological concerns and they vary from troubleshooting problems and connectivity issues.

Robert Deignan’s idea for ATS Digital Services started from his experience in a company that he was formerly working with. Robert Deignan and his co-founder, and business partner first started to work with an Anti-Malware Software company where they were experiencing technical issues and problems with their software that were installed in their machines. From then, Robert Deignan developed a software program that can solve the problem or the issues, and then they introduced it to their co-workers and when they were happy with the product, they were given a 15 day free trial and after that they can purchase the product. When their software program were getting the attention, the spread of the anti-malware products they have developed got around, which means they couldn’t assist everyone in installing the product. And so, they put up a contact number on the download page of their anti malware product so that users and consumers can contact them directly for any concerns, or assistance in installing the anti malware product. From the feedback that they have received from their users, Robert Deignan and his business partner ruled out that their anti-malware product was so effective that malware users were attacking it and they were blocking the installation of their products to their consumers computers. And so they have contacted a third-party expert to fix this malware problem to counter attack the malware entity that was after their program.

Through their strategy that was effective in helping keep their consumers happy and they were strongly increasing their trust rate with their consumers – they then decided to move on from the anti-malware company, and just help other computer users in their technological issues from a remote location. They turned a lucky break into a business opportunity.