How Rocketship Education is empowering the less fortunate

Rocketship Education is a non-profit making network of elementary schools. The schools are aimed towards serving low-income students. The Institution caters for students who find it expensive to access and pay for their education. The learning center empowers educators, inspire societies and above all it involves the parents. This school has its headquarters in Redwood City in California. John Danner and Preston Smith are the founders of the school. The school uses a blended type of learning model that is geared towards increment of the children achievement. Rocketship education has 16 chartered schools under its umbrella. They are located in Redwood City, San Jose, Concord California, and Nashville, Washington and in Milwaukee.

Rocketship is celebrated as the USA’s online learning pioneer. The school has received external funding from organizations and foundations that support the school ideology. Some of the prominent donors include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Andre Agassi’s Real Estate Foundation. The Obama administration equally supported the school through funds. The school is of the opinion that rigorous online-based education system will enhance fast ground for disadvantaged children.

Students spend 90 minutes inside a computer lab every day. The school has broken the minutes to give space for music and art classes. They also give time for data points gathered from education programs software. They equally use a pen and paper more so during an assessment of classwork. The founders felt it necessary for students to perform individual tasks in front of the computer.

Influential technology leaders have received the Rocketship education model with high accolades. Other regions are eagerly waiting for the schools. Here, students spend over three hours every day to learn about language arts. They spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes on Mathematics. Today, the school is still experimenting new and advanced models. The school is trying to figure out how efficiently flexible lab structures will work. Some of these new experiences add excitement to students thus adding them the urge to go to school every day.

Rocketship Education is becoming the next big thing in the education sector. This has given the government a challenge to think of its model. More organizations and governmental departments are considering offering support. Children who are enrolled in this center have no reason to think of transferring. Remember this is an institution engaged in supporting students from a poor background in California.