Schools Build Common Ground With ClassDojo

Education technology is a billion-dollar plus annual business and competition is brutal. Teachers are no longer willing to use valuable class time trialing new apps or integrating technology that simply replaces what they already do. They want tools that are well-developed and proven to solve problems. As teachers, ClassDojo cofounders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary know how to make that happen.

In 2011, ClassDojo was launched with a purpose – to transform schools into communities by opening channels of communication between the classroom and home. Gone are the days of twice yearly parent-teacher conferences. The free ClassDojo app lets students, parents, and teachers communicate throughout the day in real time on any internet-capable device.

Students now no longer have to wait for parent night to show off their art or class projects. They can instantly share photos of their work or video of class celebrations throughout the school day. ClassDojo allows students to share what means most to them, creating critical opportunities for parents to understand what motivates and excites their child.

ClassDojo makes communicating with parents easier for teachers and administrators. Impersonal newsletters and notes are replaced with personal dialogue that keeps parents informed of their students’ progress, reminds them of upcoming events, and engages them in classroom activities. Teachers are able to work collaboratively with parents to ensure students receive consistent and positive feedback for jobs well done.

Working parents who crave more involvement in their child’s classroom feel an unparalleled sense of connection with ClassDojo, knowing they are empowered to help teachers in their efforts to build a positive, caring culture in the classroom that will further support the values taught at home. According to ClassDojo, 90% of schools are currently using their app, resulting in parents and teachers communicating eight times more often than they used to with conventional communication methods.

ClassDojo isn’t the only education technology available in school, but its developers understand what others may not. Putting education technology in the hands of students enhances learning, but sharing it with teachers and parents will enrich lives far beyond the classroom doors.