Molly The Show Dog Eats Nothing But The Best Dog Food Out There

My dog Molly is fearless and is my pride and joy due to the fact that she is not only the best companion to have around the house to keep me company but she is also very good at and wins most of the dog shows that I enter her in. Molly is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is not only fearless but also very social. I would never feed Molly anything but the best dog food on the market due to the fact that she is like a child to me. It has been proven many times that Nestle Purinastore‘s Beneful is, in fact, the best selling dog food on Amazon, which is why I give it to Molly on a daily basis. On the day of dog shows I feed Molly Beneful playful life dog food in order to give her an energy boost right before a show. I believe that Beneful playful life does allow Molly to perform better due to the fact that it is a protein filled dog food. Most of the time when Molly does not have a show I give her a choice between Beneful beef and chicken medley, salmon flavored chopped blends or even beef wet dog food [] incredibites. No other dog food brand can even compare to Beneful in the slightest. It helps that Beneful is so affordable because due to having four kids and Molly I am on a very tight budget most of the time. Along with the dog food’s that I buy for Molly that are made by Beneful I also give her Beneful dental ridges in order to keep her teeth clean and prevent them from plaque build up. It is essential that Molly always has clean teeth as well as a clean coat due to a number of shows she is in each year and thanks to Beneful she has both clean teeth and a clean coat. My brother has recently bought a dog that is the same breed as Molly and has decided to put him on Beneful also due to the great results he has seen from Molly being on it.