NGP Van Provides The Technology Nesseccary For A Successful Campaign

It takes money, strategy and coordination for a political campaign. The data is hard to analyze and time consuming. The right tools are necessary to prevent an information overload that may harm the campaign. Approximately $10.4 million is spent during the election cycle by winning Senate candidates. Roughly $1.5 million is spent by the candidates winning the election for the House of Representatives. As campaigns increase in complexity they become even more expensive. This is leading to the use of technology to monitor campaigns and revolutionizing politics.

NGP Van provides digital advances for Progressive and Democratic campaigns, numerous organizations and non-profits. Campaign managers use NGP, VAN and Digital 8 to use graphs, charts and online dashboards for organizing campaign information. NGP Van was the power behind the campaign voter, compliance and fundraising for Barack Obama’s campaign. NGP Van’s platform works with social media, peer to peer fundraising, SMS and email campaigns. Sponsors are digitally cultivated enabling staff to reach more people by building a network. The donors can also watch their donations.

NGP Van platforms enable fundraisers to use targeted networks such as ideological donors, personal networks, power circles, anti-opponent circles and groups to reach voters easier. Digital tools for fundraisers demonstrate the benefits of making a contribution. Social media and targeted messaging can be used to show how certain campaigns can address the donor group’s specific concerns. NGP Van enables users to look at digestible displays and contribution summaries using contribution summaries and graphs of stats. The campaign remains on track by monitoring successes and stats through email performance.

New features have been introduced through NGP Van technology such as custom call sheets, donor ask plans and paperless call time to streamline the process. Fundraising goals can be mapped by the campaign staff using this technology to ensure they are accomplished. NGP 8 was introduced by NGP Van for compliance and fundraising, This technology uses ActBlue pages so an online platform can be used to secure grassroots funding. Contributions are available immediately through ActBlue and are viewed in NGP 8 from any mobile device in any location. This software provides contribution information without compromising the efficiency or security of the staff.


The smallest of mistakes can be a major problem for the finances of any campaign. Finances can be managed with NGP Van’s fundraising technology to avoid costly oversights and mistakes and create clarity. NGP 8 has reliable and accessible features for unlimited charts and successful campaigns.