Jeunesse Global Product Review

Rewriting the Future with Jeunesse Global

Did you know that Jeunesse is currently one of the fastest developing companies in the direct-sales field? Are you curious to know how they wound up there? Let’s discuss where this anti-aging wellness firm started and how they came to join the ranks as one of the most successful businesses in their vein.

It all started when two successful business-owners crossed paths one day and discovered that they shared a powerful vision of the future. In particular, they wanted to give people all over the world a second chance at reclaiming and keeping their youth, and they had the funds, acumen and medical knowledge required to make it pan out. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray penned Jeunesse into being in September of 2009 and have since expanded their management base as well as the number of products they offer. Incorporating nutrients of natural origin, the Youth Enhancement System was the result of their hard work into how the ills of everyday aging can be staunched.

Because their formulas are proprietary, they control exactly what goes in and the results that come out. This is important because Randy and Wendy shared one very important outlook on our best chance to restore wellness and hold on to it, and that’s to complement the body’s nutritional requirements. This means that the Youth Enhancement System doesn’t target your complications directly but rather supports bodily functions that are combating them every day.

The Nine-Point Spectrum

Jeunesse’s battle plan for supporting the body’s recovery systems is a matter of nine product lines that individually target different areas of the human body that are uniquely impacted by various hazards of contemporary life. These hazards include:

  • Free but not so radical free radicals
  • Constant radiation bombardment from the ubiquity of electronics
  • Nutrient deficiencies thanks to today’s diet of processed foods
  • Sedentary lifestyles centered around computer usage
  • Persistent and intense levels of emotional stress stemming from the fast-paced world of today

By addressing these hazards, the Youth Enhancement System is intended to aid with the following aspects of your daily life:

Lip Revolution is On its Way

Not everybody uses lip balm, but there are several reasons why they should The skin on the lips is thinner than everywhere else on the face. It means it is more vulnerable to the elements. Most people have experienced chapped lips in summer or winter. When the air becomes too cold or too hot and gets very dry, the skin suffers first.

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Using a lip balm will soothe the skin and allow it to heal faster. It also allows extra moisture to speed up the healing process, so you don’t end up with bleeding lips. It will also work if you have a habit of picking at the skin on your lips.

Lip balm is easy to carry with you since they are always a practical size. One of the most popular ones is the EOS Lip Balm which usually comes in different colours. The company knows that attracting new users is as important as satisfying the regulars, so they have decided to create a new product that would do just that. Check the new product here at

EOS Lip Balm is releasing an entirely clear lip balm. It will have all the properties of their previous products, but it is a revamped design to give the users something new and fun. See for more details.

The little holder is updated as well, and the lip balm is see-through. This new product is also absolutely wax-free. This upgrade makes it vegan-friendly, and it ticks a lot of boxes for the modern consumer. Animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly are two major things people are looking for these days.

EOS Lip Balm pack a zest of five essential oils, offering protection and smoothness to your lips. The new product will not replace the previous version, so both will be available here. It is the best way to look beautiful without completely breaking the bank for it.