Cleanse Tips by Markus Rothkranz

Cleansing one’s body to eliminate the toxins that have been held up in you for years isn’t an easy process. One thing to know that is important is the body will not cleanse if it is in defense mode. You can get 100 things that are healthy but you consume a cheat food; such as a slice of cake or a cookie, your body goes on the defense. How the body acts when it is one the defense is that a foreign matter has invaded and the body has tensed up. Scientists have stated that when a person consumes cooked food white blood cells increase and that is your body’s way of saying it preparing to fight. If you decide to cleanse your body or go through a healing process you have to be committed 100% or it won’t work properly.

Your body doesn’t recognize bread, cookies, or sugars instead focus on raw, uncooked plant foods it will help your body go into “letting go” mode. Once your body starts getting into “letting go” mode it will start flushing out years’ worth of “crap” that your body has been holding onto. The first couple of days will seem like the hardest, but once your body the proper nutrition you will start feeling better, no headaches or no lethargy. This isn’t about starving, but about getting the body proper nourishment to getting to the “letting go” mode. After reaching the “letting go” phase, to push a little bit further and to help your body, even more, enemas are the solution.

Cleansing your body isn’t difficult, you just have to remember to follow the guidelines. Don’t cheat by eating cake, cookies, or anything else that is harmful to your body. Drink a gallon of water to flush out the toxins. Add lemon juice to add a bitter taste to help the liver detoxify your body. Get the proper foods, the greener the better; green juices, smoothies, or salads. And for the last big push of eliminating the “crap” and toxins from your body enemas.