Stream Energy: The Company the Cares to their Community

A wise man once said that the day that we stop helping each other is the day that we lose our humanity. As humans, not only are we stewards of nature and caretakers of nature – we are also responsible for each others’ welfare. We are supposed to take care of one another and be selfless – a concept that some of us might have already forgotten. However, there are still some individuals in this world that desire to promote and help other people out willingly and out of the kindness of their own hearts, and are normally in the form of monetary donations to their chosen beneficiaries and causes. And one company that has philanthropy in their core values is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a company that cares, and that’s the least that we can say and as a Dallas based company – they have instilled in their company’s beliefs that they should be responsible for the welfare of their community. And a strong testament to this is when Hurricane Valley ran havoc in the region of Dallas. Hurricane Harvey has poured over 56 inches of rain across the friendly neighborhoods of Dallas and the flood has caused destruction to the households of Dallas-based Americans where the typhoon has caused casualties, territorial damage and even killing a number of pets. But Stream Energy was one of the first companies to jump in the action, first to help their community. The Dallas-based community immediately donated its hard earned money from its very successful business rooted in energy provision, to fund the very first round of recovery that would help ease the recuperation phase of Hurricane Harvey’s victims. Stream Energy says its only right to help the people who have helped them build their business and helped them thrive and sustain through their tough times.

This is a testament that Stream Energy is a company that cares, and they have created “Stream Cares” – a separate entity apart from the main energy company that is focused on the company’s philanthropy and Stream Cares serves as the company’s charity foundation. They respond to their communities needs and they are focused on helping the community.

Greg Secker Ensures Everyone Profits

Greg Secker offers his insight in how to be successful in the Forex Market. Secker shares with Geek News that though the market is no walk in the park, is neither a complex thing to be overwhelmed about. Through investing your time and effort in learning the market, Secker believes that the fundamentals will provide a true understanding and ultimately profit to the Forex Market.

The first fundamental component of the Forex Market is understanding Forex Indicators. Contrary to claims that forex trading is completely unpredictable, Secker dishes that there are reliable indicators within the market to gauge when to when and what to buy as well as when to let it go. He lists the most common indicators including the following: Simple Moving Average (SMA), the Stochastic Oscillator,the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands and economic calendars. Secker continues to extensively explain these common indicators in the Geek News article, where you can view via this link.

Greg Secker is an alumni of the University of Nottingham, where he specialized in agricultural and food sciences. While a student at the University of Nottingham, he had worked as a Trading Technologist for Thomas Cook Financial Services. Having his foot in the door in the financial industry, Secker was next given the opportunity to an internet-based forex trading platform called the Virtual Trading Desk. Through his creation he was awarded the British Telecom Award.

Secker left Thomas Cook Financial Services to pursue trading forex full-time. Within months of leaving, he had founded his first company called Learn to Trade. Secker believes that through his business everyone is given the opportunity of financial freedom through forex trading rather than a select few. His team at Learn To Trade helps clients learn about the market and become profitable through the forex market. Secker continued down the entrepreneurial road by also establishing SmartCharts Software and Capital Index. He is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation which is a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for communities around the world.