Mike Johanns joins OSI Group’s Board of Directors

Mike Johanns was nominated to the OSI Group Board in 2015 after completing his term as the US Secretary of Agriculture. OSI Group’s Chairman Sheldon Lavin congratulated Mike on his nomination and added that the former senator is a highly talented individual who would bring much to the company. Mike hopes to help the company achieve its objectives as one of the members in the OSI Group board.

Before becoming the Secretary of State, Mike had held several political positions in the country. For instance, he became the governor of Nebraska in 1999 before being nominated to the position of Secretary for Agriculture where he served for two years. In the 2008 elections, Mike went into electoral politics and was elected to the U.S. Senate. He only served as a senator for a single term after deciding not to run for a re-election in 2014.

In his welcoming statement, OSI Group chairman Sheldon Lavin described Mike as a highly experienced individual with vast experience in public service, banking, trade, agriculture, commerce, and law. Sheldon Lavin believes that Mike has the competency and expertise that will be vital in pushing the company forward after accepting his nomination to the company’s board. While making his acceptance speech, Mike Johanns said that the appointment was an honor. He described OSI Group as a leader in the food industry that had established a culture of quality assurance, food safety, and innovation.

For many industry observers, Mike’s nomination to OSI Group’s board was not a surprise. The analysts compare his nomination to the nomination of Dr. Kenneth Petersen into the board of directors and points out that the nomination occurred under the same circumstances. Sheldon Lavin and Dr. Kenneth are former USDA officials who have been affiliated with OSI Group. Dr. Kenneth is the senior vice president overseeing quality assurance, food safety, and regulatory affairs within the company. Previously, he worked as an assistant administrator in the Field Operations docket for the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

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Success Does Not Stop Serge Belamant Challenging Himself Everyday

The work of Serge Belamant has been focused on the latest developments open to the financial sector in terms of technology. In the 21st-century, the French-born South African citizen has been working towards developing a new range of products focused largely on the expansion of the welfare system and making payments accessible to all. The latest venture of the Belamant family has been that of Zilch Industries, a social media-based company with its eyes on providing marketing opportunities for financial institutions established by Serge and his software engineer son.

Challenging himself each day is a major part of the daily work of Serge Belamant as he works to create a powerful future for himself and his family. After achieving success in the technology sector of the financial industry for three decades, one would expect one of the top names in the industry to be resting on his laurels in retirement. However, the quiet life does not seem to be the aim of Serge Belamant as he searches for the latest technology options open to himself and his team at Zilch Industries.

Zilch od the latest in a series of industries created by Serge Belamant to have achieved success in their given field. For Example, the first company established by the Witwatersrand University graduate was Net1 UEPS Technologies, which sought to bring awareness to the then developing sector of Universal Electronic Payment Systems. By 1995, Belamant had achieved such success that he was approached by Visa to create the Chip-offline authorized payment card we are all used to using in the 21st-century.

The establishment of Zilch Industries is the first partnership between Serge Belamant and his son as they seek to bring affordable financial solutions to young people. The patent holder of technology associated with the Blockchain has been building the company to use social media platforms in a positive way. Despite his belief in technology, Belamant believes the word of mouth opportunities offered by social media companies makes this the most important part of the movements in marketing technologies.

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Fortress Investment Group Saw Big Things in 2018 With A Big 2019 To Come

2018 has been a huge year for Fortress Investment Group and 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for them already. They have been making headlines for 2 decades in the investment industry and recently became a part of SoftBank, one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to finances. Fortress was purchased in 2018 by SoftBank for the sum of $3.3 billion and is allowing them to continue to develop big things when it comes to private equity funds and real estate. The company was created as a strong hedge fund back in 1998 and has grown into a global company that focuses on investing and financing. It was also the first fund of its kind to have an Initial Public Offering on the stock market in the United States.

While going public was the right move for the time which inspired many other companies to follow their example, Fortress Investment Group realized that it was time for a change. The regulations for public companies have changed drastically in recent years and it was not allowing them to focus on long-term growth as they would like. When Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank, it gave them a very timely opportunity to take their company private again and focus on what is good for them as opposed to the opinions of their shareholders.

One of the big investing opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has been making in the last year is a focus on high profile real estate. The Vision Fund that was created by SoftBank is already integrating the experience of Fortress when it comes to real estate into its business model. They have been investing in startups in the real estate industry suck as OpenDoor and Compass, which are real estate brokers. Fortress Investment Group has also started a significant process of creating 2 brand new real estate funds to help the company grow even more. These funds are expected to help the company make a considerable expansion into private-credit. These funds will purchase real estate assets and debt and provide private-equity directly.

Equities First Holdings Does A Lot For Its Clients

Equities First Holdings does a lot for its clients because they are an LLC that has been made so that everyone gets more personal service than they got in the past. The service that people get is really simple to understand because it is explained to them in the most basic manner possible. They feel good about the fact that they are getting a better loan that is much easier to manage, and they feel like they are doing something that will be good for their financial future. The finances that are changed with these loans typically are tied to investments and businesses.

The businesses can get loans easily, and private clients will come in for a little cash that they need because they have not been able to get it to flow. Cash flow changes with these basic loans, and the loans are not tied up in paperwork and red tape.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes a Point to Help Others

Dr. Jennifer Walden spends a lot of time learning about cosmetic surgery and how the industry has an impact on everything she does in her business. As a cosmetic surgeon, she knows there are things that can make her industry better. Overall, she has a lot of hope for the practice and how she can make the industry even better. Dr. Jennifer Walden relies on modern marketing techniques, different surgery options and her ability to help people get the look they want. When she helps her patients, she has a chance to transform their lives. She knows this can help people feel better about themselves and make it easier for them to get what they’re looking for in different areas of business.

As long as Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to give people these options, she can help them feel better about themselves. It’s a good idea for Dr. Jennifer Walden to make sure she’s doing everything the right way while she also focuses her attention on the industry standards. By changing these standards, she gives more patients a chance to try things that are better for them. It’s also important for her to always make the most out of what they can get from cosmetic surgery. Between working with people and always showing them how she can help through Instagram, she has a lot to offer.

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows the importance of making people feel good and that plays a big part in her practice. If she can show people how their lives will improve with cosmetic surgery, she knows what it will mean to be the best in the industry. She also knows how to help people and how they can make things easier on their own. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes in giving back and always making things easier for people who need her help. As long as Dr. Jennifer Walden knows what to do and how to make sure people understand positive experiences. It’s up to Dr. Jennifer Walden to make these changes at her practice so she can set an example for the rest of the community.

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The Rise of Organo Gold

The coffee industry is booming with activity on both ends of the spectrum. Coffee companies are now producing top-tier beverages, and consumers are enjoying great-tasting products. Folgers, Seattle’s Best, Sanka and Starbucks are some of the biggest mainstream brands today, but there’s a new contender on the market. Organo Gold just so happens to be this new contender, and it’s setting the bar higher than before. Organo Gold was started by Shane Morand and Bernardo Chua. These two individuals have implemented a proficient game plan to increase the company’s sells and to boast the company’s image.

Organo Gold is part of a huge coffee culture in North America. This coffee culture’s range extends from Northern California to British Columbia. In this particular area, there are a number of tiny coffee shops, mom-and-pop storefronts and coffee houses. So, who doesn’t enjoy a great cup of coffee? The coffee culture in this area uses simplified models to state-of-the-art machines when producing this hot beverage. Behind water, coffee is now the second most-consumed beverage on planet earth. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and the stats can be backed by the National Coffee Association. Organo Gold is a newbie in this field because it has only been in existence for at least a decade.

Company founders have utilized their strengths in network marketing to turn this business into a success. Thanks to having such business-savvy sense, Organo Gold has been able to reach untapped markets even though the company lacks a physical-selling location. Of course, this idea was ingenious, and it has paid-off in huge dividends. What more could anyone ever ask for from a modern-day coffee company? Organo Gold’s quest to become a major contender in coffee production is now taking place, and only time will tell the story in its entirety.

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Stream Energy: The Company the Cares to their Community

A wise man once said that the day that we stop helping each other is the day that we lose our humanity. As humans, not only are we stewards of nature and caretakers of nature – we are also responsible for each others’ welfare. We are supposed to take care of one another and be selfless – a concept that some of us might have already forgotten. However, there are still some individuals in this world that desire to promote and help other people out willingly and out of the kindness of their own hearts, and are normally in the form of monetary donations to their chosen beneficiaries and causes. And one company that has philanthropy in their core values is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a company that cares, and that’s the least that we can say and as a Dallas based company – they have instilled in their company’s beliefs that they should be responsible for the welfare of their community. And a strong testament to this is when Hurricane Valley ran havoc in the region of Dallas. Hurricane Harvey has poured over 56 inches of rain across the friendly neighborhoods of Dallas and the flood has caused destruction to the households of Dallas-based Americans where the typhoon has caused casualties, territorial damage and even killing a number of pets. But Stream Energy was one of the first companies to jump in the action, first to help their community. The Dallas-based community immediately donated its hard earned money from its very successful business rooted in energy provision, to fund the very first round of recovery that would help ease the recuperation phase of Hurricane Harvey’s victims. Stream Energy says its only right to help the people who have helped them build their business and helped them thrive and sustain through their tough times.

This is a testament that Stream Energy is a company that cares, and they have created “Stream Cares” – a separate entity apart from the main energy company that is focused on the company’s philanthropy and Stream Cares serves as the company’s charity foundation. They respond to their communities needs and they are focused on helping the community.


Matthew Fleeger

Demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess early on, Matthew Fleeger is an avid businessman of honorable stature. Fleeger, much like his father, has always been drawn to the promise and vast unknowns of the business world. It’s for this reason why Fleeger honed his business savvy and eventually became a stalwart in the gas, oil, tanning, and healthcare waste management industries. Before embarking on any business pursuits, Fleeger first had to acquire an in-depth understanding of his desired trade. While at Southern Methodist University, Fleeger assimilated the ins and outs of finance and marketing.

Upon graduating, Fleeger immediately immersed himself in his line of work. Drawing inspiration from his father, Fleeger pursued a career in the oil and gas industry. After gleaning substantial knowledge from numerous job opportunities, Fleeger felt confident enough to initiate his own endeavors. In 1993, Fleeger established MedSolutions, a company specializing in the disposal, management, and treatment of unusable materials created by healthcare facilities. With time, both MedSolutions and Fleeger were brought into excellent repute. Fleeger’s organization grew so rapidly that it became the regional leader in healthcare waste management. No doubt a feather in Fleeger’s cap, his time at the helm proved wholly rewarding.

After 14 successful years with MedSolutions, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle for $59 million. With his sights set on new opportunities, Fleeger decided to dabble in burgeoning industries. The tanning domain particularly piqued his interests. After realizing its potential, Fleeger developed a deeper passion for the tanning sphere. As a result, he became the co-founder of Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan, two of the most prominent franchises in the tanning sector. In the hopes of staying in the vanguard of developments, Fleeger often keeps an ear to the ground. By doing so, he remains both relevant and in step with the times.

The Stay of Louis Chenevert in UTC


The success of Louis Chenevert is a legend in the world of business. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). His reign in the corporation led to his great reputation in the industry.

Louis Chenevert began his career in General Motors. He worked for 14 years. The next company he worked for is Pratt & Whitney. It is during his time in the latter that he learnt the GTF engine. In 2006, he was nominated as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC.

Chenevert made multiple changes in UTC Company. The intensive shares of the firm rose by approximately 200%: 37% to 117%. He also made major acquisitions in the firm, which made the firm superior. The GTF engine took the firm two decades to develop and $10 billion. Years later, this investment has made a huge difference in the company. The engine is used by 14 airlines in more than 70 aircraft. He also bought Goodrich at $16 billion.

Many business people around the world have been learning the ways of running their business from Louis Chenevert. They confirm his mechanisms valid. The current CEO of UTC also uses the techniques of Louis Chenevert. He says that this helps in maintaining the standards that Chenevert set for the company.

Chenevert says that it is hard to point out one attribute he has that led to his success in UTC. He, however, says that his relentless focus has helped him in accomplishing his goals. The other factor that he advises the young business people to consider is the team they work with, in their enterprises. He says that it is important to invest in the people you are working with, to see that they are up to performing the tasks that you may need to delegate.

When we reflect on our past, there are many things that we feel we could have done differently. For Louis Chenevert, he could change the way he dealt with the internal politics of the company. He says that it is vital to learn to ignore the individuals who are always against the agenda of the firm and walk with those who are aligned with the vision of the company.


Ronald Fowlkes Works and is an America Hero

Ronald Fowlkes knows there are things he did that allowed him the chance to truly become a hero. He knew there were things that would change and things he’d have to do if he wanted to give people a chance at a better future. It all went back to the hard work he put into his own life that allowed him to work for others. The other people he worked for knew what he did and knew he was doing the best job at his own career. There were times when he had to try to give back to others even if they didn’t deserve it. For Ronald Fowlkes to do this, he planned on making things better for the people he worked with. He always made sure everyone saw the options they had from him. It was his way of allowing people to try different things. If he knew how much he could help them, he would give them all the options they needed.

Even though there were times when he wasn’t sure of a direction, he knew he wanted to help the community. He also knew there were ways in which he could change the course of direction for the community. With his help, people saw all the options they needed to make everything better. They also saw how important it was to try things on their own. With his help, community members received some of the best gear and some of the best things that allowed them to live their lives comfortably.

He wasn’t just a hero in this way, though. Ronald Fowlkes is more than that for people he worked with before. He is a hero who knows how to help people and knows how to give back to the community he works with. It is part of his business and part of what he does that allows him the chance to keep giving people the things they need. No matter what issues people could have, Ronald Fowlkes knows he did what he could to work as a soldier while he helped them.

Even though he is no longer in the military, Ronald Fowlkes knows it’s important to work as part of a team. After the military, he worked as a law enforcement official. He learned a lot. One thing that he did learn while in law enforcement is many officers don’t have the equipment they need. He founded his own company to combat this issue. He started buying quality products and selling them at a price that officers could afford. It was his way of allowing people a chance to see they could do things better and make their job safer. By making their jobs safer, Ronald Fowlkes is a hero to the law enforcement community.