Why Should You Buy EOS Lip Balm?

Many women suffer from chapped and/or dry lips. You likely already know to use lip balm for this. The problem is, most lip balms have such a dull, tasteless feel to them, read more. There is a solution, we are hereby introducing you to EOS Lip Balm. EOS stands for “evolution of smooth.” These are natural lip care products that contain the best ingredients with enticing scents and flavors. Ladies, if you have not yet tried them, you are definitely missing out!

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Whether you are brand new to EOS Lip Balm or are already a huge fan, you ought to be interested in this news. The genius behind this superb product is starting “new vegan crystal flavors,” which should be on the market at any time now. These new flavors are clear in appearance. This means you can wear them on top of your lipstick and be able to see the lipstick clearly. They are totally free of animal by-products and are produced organically.

So, how are customers reacting to these new EOS Lip Balm flavors? Very well indeed, they are flying off the shelves quicker than cosmetic departments can stock them. Loyal customers didn’t really need much persuading to buy them, however they are anyhow. New customers to EOS are also scooping up these new flavors. All EOS products are easy to spot in their iconic little containers, you may purchase it here at allure.com. Your local cosmetic person should be able to direct you to their spot in the store.

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If you are hesitant to try EOS Lip Balm because you have allergies to a lot of cosmetics, take heart! These little gems are hypoallergenic and have been tested by dermatologists. Not only that, but they are free of glutens and contain vitamins. EOS will make your lips feel so soft and moist. You will never hesitate to kiss your spouse again. Find these heavenly creations at your nearest store’s cosmetic department or go online to the website of EOS aka www.evolutionofsmooth.com. But hurry, they are selling out very fast!