Jeff Aronin—a Caring Man in the Biotech Sector

In 2017, Jeff Aronin won the Weizmann Leadership Award. He was able to achieve this award because he is driven to help the patient first. Jeff Aronin is committed to his community and his patients and that allows him to be successful (Thenewsversion).

Jeff Aronin has experience with the biotech industry, as both a creator of the companies and someone who stands in charge of them. Two decades of experience has made Jeff Aronin an expert in the industry.

Jeff Aronin brings people together to find solutions that benefit the patient. Whether they are scientists, business professionals, or researchers, Jeff Aronin finds a way to inspire people to work together and come up with a solution. Bringing new medicines to the market is what makes Jeff Aronin so successful. Patients who are often overlooked due to the rarity of their disease are now finding solutions that can greatly enhance the quality of their lives. Jeff Aronin has worked with his company to approve 13 new drugs through the Food and Drug Administration. This is a very high success rate in an industry that is tied down with excess regulation.

Jeff Aronin is also a mentor to other entrepreneurs who want to work in the bioscience and biotech industries to find solutions.

Jeff Aronin works with a team that is dedicated, passionate, and wants to continue to solve problems, even when roadblocks arise. His ability to surround himself with skilled employees, and then energize and motivate them, is an ability that is not seen in every entrepreneur.

Matter is an organization that Jeff Aronin has worked with to inspire young entrepreneurs and help them with the business side of their goals. Having a strategic business plan in place is something that is crucial to getting FDA drug approvals, and to marketing a new medicine or drug, so Jeff Aronin works hard to help young entrepreneurs overcome business hurdles.