Sunday Riley, the Person behind the Obsession!

Sunday Riley, the person behind the obsession, was originally named Austin by her father. Her story epitomizes the phrase, ‘Home is where the story begins’. Sunday was born in the era of flower power, less rules and even lesser baggage known as the hippie era.

Sunday Riley, accustomed to failing forward, and whose ambitions landed her with her signature cultic success, due largely to her personal stance that she had to ‘represent everyone’. She touted,regarding her foundation,that “It was about getting the right amount of shades; that was really important to me.” Again, ambitiously, she understood, “I needed a lot of different people to come in and test it. It was a labor of love that involved a lot of friends and family coming in and borrowed arms … a lot of arms.”

Sunday Riley became the product mogul learning on the job. A lot of what Sunday knew about skin care formulation she learned by trial and error. She doesn’t deny the fact that, “I learn every single day. Every product I make, I try and upgrade my skill set and figure out how to do more.”

Sunday rejects the idea of needing chemistry experience to launch her successful line. Most people who are obsessed with growing plants, talk to them every day. On the other hand, Sunday exclaims, “she always listens to the ingredients, listen to the products more as an art form than as a chemistry experiment.”

The person behind the obsession beams with pride of all her products. And oddly enough, she may even be most proud of the ones she had to scrap. “It takes a long time for me to get a formula right.”

The flower power, no rules, no boundaries obsessive girl did unto to herself as she would have others do unto her. She created flawless products that she, herself, would want to wear and then she passed that perfection down to others. It’s simple, she states, “I always say I have a goal to live to 120 without looking like I’m 90.”

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