Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Top Executive from L’Oreal Helping Smaller Businesses to Become Successful

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an influential executive working for L’Oreal Paris. He currently holds the position as the Global Brand President of the company’s Professional Products Division. He is regarded as the youngest DMI General Manager, being only at 40 years of age. Since joining the company back in the early 2000s, he already served L’Oreal Paris for more than 15 years. He claimed that the company trained him to become skilled when it comes to a business’s digital and marketing strategy. He is also active in promoting diversity inside the workplace, influencing the higher-ups to hire more people of color and different genders. He is also sharing his talent for people and business that wanted to grow.

The L’Oreal Paris executive was born in Venezuela, but he moved to the United States to experience a comfortable life. He moved to Paris, France when he was 16 to study and later took up International Business at the Sorbonne University and an MBA at the ESSEC Business School. By traveling around the world, Dan Bethelmy-Rada realized that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, and there is no single definition of what beauty really looks like.

To advance his position at work, he used his diligence to prove that he deserved to be promoted. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also revealed that working for L’Oreal Paris gives you a different day every day. There are so many clients and team members inside the company’s headquarters, and one should be friendly enough to welcome them. He would also advise his teammates to conduct a brainstorming activity so that they could gather additional information that could turn into the company’s next product.

For Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the existence of social media as an effective marketing tool has reshaped the world. Many people would rather use their social media account as a way to promote an item, and he is excited to see which kinds of development will soon be shared online to provide a wonderful to everyone. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also advised about not performing any mediocre work, becoming strict to a schedule, and pushing the limits while gaining additional inspiration.

Product Lines from Jeunesse Provides Extraordinary Opportunity for an Enhanced Lifestyle

Jeunesse has assembled a fantastic selection of product lines that are helpful for many different issues in your body. The company has designed a program called the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) to incorporate many of its exclusive product lines to help you maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Y.E.S. is for people who want to take control of their lives, improve their health and restore a more youthful appearance.

Products for the Y.E.S. system are methodically chosen in order to produce the most effective results for customers. The products have been researched extensively and have undergone review by the Advisory Board of doctors and specialists that oversee all of Jeunesse products prior to distribution.

Y.E.S. system products and benefits include:

  • Luminesce to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Reserve to defend again harmful toxins.
  • Finiti to restore the body’s natural immune system.
  • Zen Bodi to balance and control the body’s fitness.
  • AM/PM Essentials to enhance the body’s restorative process.
  • M1ND to bring clarity and focus to the brain.
  • Nevo to build energy for a busy lifestyle.
  • Instantly Ageless to diminish the appearance of aging.
  • NV to create a professional make-up appearance.

When you become a Jeunesse customer, the Y.E.S. system is immediately available to build your own level of enhancement exclusive to your individual goals and personal needs. All of Jeunesse products can be used by any age group, gender, race or ethnicity.

Because of the exclusive partnerships that Jeunesse chooses, all of the products meet the standard of excellence that founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have represented since 2009. The founders embarked on the mission to build a company that puts the emphasis on people living healthier, livelier and reaching their highest level of achievement possible.

Randy and Wendy have been very successful business partners for decades; however, the launching of Jeunesse was a passion they chose to end their retirement in order to create. Jeunesse has contributed more than one billion dollars in sales within the online retail industry and has more than 300 worldwide awards for its product lines and customer relations.