Madison Street Capital, A Rising Global Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm for middle-market companies that provides a range of financial services including advice on corporate matters such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business valuation, tax compliance, bankruptcy services, matching buyers with sellers and help in writing complicated contracts and devising exit strategies. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and has since established offices in Chicago and Oregon within the United States as well as in Ghana and India. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital has been behind some very successful company mergers and acquisitions in the recent past, most notably when it acted as the only advisor to DCG Software Value, a firm dealing in software management solutions based in Pennsylvania, in its merger with the Spitfire Group, a technology consultancy in Denver. After the successful closing of the merger, DCG Software Value CEO Mike Harris had nothing but praise for Madison Street Capital’s insight and analytical skills that brought both companies a favorable deal. Madison Street Capital also advised the WLR Automotive Group, a firm specializing in car washes, detailing and automobile repairs, on a sale and leaseback worth more than $13 million, which aided the WLR Automotive Group in continuing its expansion efforts ( Its CEO, Randall Simpson, lauded Madison Street Capital on its ability to close deals smoothly. The investment banker has, in addition, coordinated a line of credit for Maintenance Systems Management, a San Francisco-based provider of janitorship and custody-related services on contract. It also managed to secure capital for HeartSync, a cardiac medical device manufacturer in Michigan, so that the company could grow and offer greater services to more heart patients. Yet another milestone achieved by Madison Street Capital was a minority equity and subordinated debt investment coordinated for ARES Security Corporation, a provider of security software for clients in the energy and transportation sectors. All of these accomplishments can be found in an article at

Madison Street Capital’s brilliant financial advising and deal coordination have won it recognition in the yearly M&A Advisor Awards. The company won top honours for coordinating Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associates, receiving further nominations in investment banking pertaining to boutiques, strategic deal making, and professional services. Madison Street co-founder, Anthony Marsala, was named by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts to its 40 under 40 list as well, thus appreciating the firm’s continued rise. Anthony Marsala became one of the most influential personalities inside the corporation for his role in the growth of the company and the success of its advising strategies.

Today, Madison Street Capital is one of the strongest financial advisory companies in Chicago, and a force to be reckoned with in the entire territory of the United States. As years passed, the reach of Madison Street Capital have increasingly risen, and it will keep doing so in the future.


Stock-based Loans by Equities First Holding

Borrowers in the modern economy find it difficult to access affordable and effective loan services because of the tight lending criteria set by conventional lending institutions. Therefore, companies like Equities First Holding have come to the scene to offer alternative lending solutions to borrowers. Equities First Holding was established in 2002 in the U.S. and has since then set up operations in over nine countries. Individuals seeking non-purpose capita as well as business, have found Equities First Holding as an appropriate financing partner. Australia is one of the nine countries where the company has been experiencing rapid growth and currently, there are three business offices in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The increasing number of clients in Melbourne made the company to relocate to a new office in the heart of the city in order accommodate the increasing number of staff and clients.

What does Equities First Holdings specialize in?

Equities First Holding is known to offer alternative lending solutions through securities based lending programs. In this kind of arrangement, borrowers access loans using publicly traded stock as collateral. It is estimated that the company has been able to complete over 700 transactions in the last fifteen years it has been in operation and this high number of transactions is attributed to its flexible lending qualifications. Customers are able to get high value for their loans because of the low-fixed interest rates.

Equities First Holding takes some time to study the future performance of bonds, stocks and treasuries in order to minimize their risk when providing stock-based loans. The fact that borrowers can use their stocks to access working capital has made it possible for the company to complete many transactions within a short period of time. Securities based lending has become a major trend in the recent past as borrowers continue to take advantage of the flexible lending conditions.