Sandy Chin Leads New Summer Reading Program At Ps11 In New York

Sandy Chin is a highly professional and very successful finance and portfolio manager and administrator. She has excellent skills and is aware of how to arrange and codify things. She knows how to get things done in a limited time. Chin jumped and leaped into the initiative when she saw that there was a need in the elementary school which is located in New York at West Side. The kids were in a very bad situation. They want someone to buy those books so that they can read them during the summer breaks, but their backgrounds and families were too humble to afford the financial expenses to buy PS11, which is famously known as William T. Harris School. The school entertains diverse students from different cultural and financial backgrounds who are way too humble to afford. The children, therefore, waste their time with no reading in the summers. They began to forget what they were taught in classes as a 3-month vacation and holidays are enough to detract a child.

Sandy Chin calculated and came up with possible outcomes to the problem. This was not a major issue or problem for the son of Sandy Chin who has attended PS11 in the city of New York. It’s because the reason that Sandy’s son had full access to the bundle of books even through the period of vacations. It became even easier for Sandy’s son as he was fond of reading books and going to the library. For this sake, many of the libraries have initiated a program that is to keep the children engage with reading books. Reading books is an easy way for children to pass the time as well as to gain knowledge and to keep them aware and in touch of all the studies.

For this, Sandy Chin and many other volunteers jointly have initiated to have a program to hold a summer drive of books at PS11. The aim is to reuse the books which are already used by other children to serve them to the ones in need. All together they have collected over 3,000 books as a donation. Learn more about Chin on LinkedIn.