Rebel Wilson captured the attention of many with her role in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy. In the movie, Rebel showed fans her witty and fun side and her vocals were on point. This was the beginning of the rise of Rebel Wilson to stardom. She is a successful and talented actress who is an inspiration to many young actors trying to make it in Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson has been acting way long before she was even featured in Pitch Perfect. Coming from Australia, Rebel began her acting career back home, but everything was not rosy as it seems right now. It is hard to believe that the confident woman that we see on screen was once a shy girl growing up in Sydney with her three siblings. Rebel Wilson struggled to interact with people due to her shyness, therefore, opting to stick to herself whenever she was around many people.

It took the intervention of her mother and teacher to help her gain the confidence to interact with people.Looking back, Rebel Wilson is grateful to her mother and especially Mrs. Bowmaker, her high school teacher for helping Rebel overcome her shyness. If it were not for them, Rebel thinks that she would still be stuck in her cocoon of awkwardness. Rebel attended a Christian high school where they were pushed to achieve their dreams no matter what the dreams were.

It was here that Rebel read in an article that by the age of fifteen, a person’s character is completely set for the rest of their lives. She joined debate clubs to discover her real personality, and by the age of fourteen, Rebel had set her character. Rebel is appreciative of the efforts by her former high school to empower women.

She said during an interview that she feels glad to be in a generation where women are encouraged to make something out of their lives and not just sit at home. Rebel thinks that it is sad for a young woman with great potential to get tied down with kids before fulfilling her dreams and ambitions. During the break between completing high school and joining university, Rebel Wilson volunteered at the International Youth Ambassador Program for Australia. She worked with the organization for a year, and during that time, they visited different places trying to help as many people as possible.

One of the trips took them to South Africa, and Rebel Wilson contracted Malaria. In the course of her sickness, Rebel hallucinated of being awarded an Oscar due to acting. From then on Rebel Wilson became obsessed with acting. She was determined to turn her dream into reality and began working towards achieving that. Today, Rebel Wilson is a well-loved actress in Hollywood with a huge fan following.

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