Betterworks: HR Structure Is Vital For Company’s Growth

When it comes to managing the company’s resources, the hardest to handle is the human resource. Different people with different personalities are working together to bring value to the company. It is the HR Team’s job to manage the human resources of the company, and according to Betterworks in its “Betterworks State of Continuous Performance Management Survey”, the HR team composition is an important factor to the company’s growth.

The survey released three key findings, the first one being: people managers and HR Professionals believe that a human resource is a tool that can help in human capital management practices and in technology investments. The second key finding is that the composition of the HR Team itself is a critical factor in the company’s growth. C-level leaders should be present in the structure and should work directly with the CEO to be able to bring a change in the company if needed. The third is is the “culture of feedback” which should be integrated into the HR system and connects employees, managers, as well as the C-level executives.

Doug Dennerline, the CEO of Betterworks, believes that a forward-thinking CEO should be able to understand and continue to motivate its employees, as well as develop the workforce. When this happens, the company will have a competitive advantage to its competitors. He also mentioned the importance of hiring a chief human resource officer of CHRO.

The survey was made with Market Cube, with 800 people, HR professionals, and people managers, coming from different countries. 43% of HR specialists and 38% of people managers are at the director level or above. Betterworks is a software that helps to ignite and nurture the workforce through Continuous Performance program. The company aims to help managers improve goal alignment, as well as development conversations, coaching, and feedback.

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