My Personal Experience With The Talkspace App

Whether you have a big crisis in your life or just want to work through an issue that has been troubling you going to a therapist is a great option. However, that’s not really going to happen for a lot of people. It’s very expensive to see a therapist in the U.S. and it’s inconvenient. It can mean missing work and there’s a big chance you just won’t connect with the therapist you selected.

I decided to try out a therapy app, Talkspace. This app provides you with a way to access text-based therapy. You are linked to a licensed therapist who will help guide you through your troubles. If you decide you aren’t clicking with this therapist you can easily switch to another one. Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Before deciding to use this app I looked up reviews on Talkspace to see what others were saying about it. I found reviews on Bustle and Business Insider which were pretty informative. I decided to post my own review to help others decide if Talkspace would work for them.

Things started out well and I was quickly connected with a therapist. Like most people who start therapy, I was very motivated because I wanted to finally address my problems. I put in my life history including the family I grew up in and my relationships. The therapist would reply back putting what I texted into her own words which showed she really was listening to me. She followed up by asking more questions.

I was provided with actionable strategies to face my issues. I did some personality tests and she provided me with trauma and catharsis work.

I’m pleased with how my therapy has gone and really like that I have anonymity. I can also send and receive pictures and video so it’s not entirely text-based. All in all, I recommend the Talkspace app and think others should try it. Read more:

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