OSI Group Is Growing And Adopting New Technology

While OSI Group is busy expanding across the world, they are also busy making the innovations that they are known for in the food business. When Otto Kolschowsky first decided to open a butcher shop in the Chicago area during the early 20th century, it was just a small business that didn’t resemble the current corporation today except in the fact that they produced and sold food to their customers. Business was booming among the community of German immigrants in Chicago and Otto was able to find success during that time. After only a few years, the business grew to start selling meats wholesale to their Chicago area customers. When this happened, Otto moved his business to a new facility.

Chicago is known for producing food and still is today. This is one of the reasons why OSI Group still is headquartered out of the area and has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in and around the city considerably. When the company heard that Tyson had plans to shutter the doors on one of their chicken processing facilities in the Chicago area, they jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. While the deal did come with some snags, it was recently completed and OSI Group has been able to ramp up their production of chicken for partners in the United States in a big way. On top of the benefits to their business and customers, they were also to help some of the workers from the Tyson plant keep their positions when it transitioned to produce their products instead.

One of the reasons why OSI Group has been able to become and remain such a big player in the world of food is the fact that they are always embracing new technology. For example, new ways to freeze and transport food allowed them to keep up with the demand that McDonald’s had for the beef patties that they were producing for the company. While the 2 companies may have made their handshake agreement decades ago, OSI Group is still meeting their changing demands and growing with them even to this day.

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