James Dondero & The Lipper Fund Award

James Dondero has over 30 years (THREE DECADES) of involvement in the high return credit advertise industry. Jim is a fellow benefactor and leader of Highland Capital Management, which has been included with the high return credit industry since 1993. Jim Dondero has overseen long-just high return credit intermixed assets and separate records since 2000. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Mr. James Dondero centers around a complete return approach that gives an introduction to the more extensive underneath venture grade corporate credit markets and targets restores that are proposed to surpass benchmarks. This system is accessible through mixed together assets, separate records, and retail reserves.

In addition to all of this, with isolated records, Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital Management can also make altered orders for different economic class groups. James Dondero uses a base up essential appraisal in a mix with a best down specialized examination that gives a profound understanding of hidden insurance, industry uniqueness, large scale viewpoints and portfolio situating.

Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Capital_Management

Good country Capital Management is one of the biggest bank advance directors on the planet with roughly an estimated $13 billion!

Lipper Award Disclosure Statement

The Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund (Class Z) granted the 2015 Lipper Fund Award in the Loan Participation Fund. This honor depends on the predictable return.

Lipper Leader evaluations for Consistent Return mirrors finances’ memorable returns, balanced for unpredictability, with respect to peers. Appraisals for Consistent Return are registered for all Lipper arrangements with at least five unmistakable portfolios.

The Lipper Fund Awards are a piece of the Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence, a worldwide group of honors that celebrate excellent execution all through the expert speculation network. The Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence perceive the world’s best assets, support the executive’s firms, sell-side firms, inquire about investigators, and financial specialist relations groups. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

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