OSI Group Is Growing And Adopting New Technology

While OSI Group is busy expanding across the world, they are also busy making the innovations that they are known for in the food business. When Otto Kolschowsky first decided to open a butcher shop in the Chicago area during the early 20th century, it was just a small business that didn’t resemble the current corporation today except in the fact that they produced and sold food to their customers. Business was booming among the community of German immigrants in Chicago and Otto was able to find success during that time. After only a few years, the business grew to start selling meats wholesale to their Chicago area customers. When this happened, Otto moved his business to a new facility.

Chicago is known for producing food and still is today. This is one of the reasons why OSI Group still is headquartered out of the area and has expanded its manufacturing capabilities in and around the city considerably. When the company heard that Tyson had plans to shutter the doors on one of their chicken processing facilities in the Chicago area, they jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. While the deal did come with some snags, it was recently completed and OSI Group has been able to ramp up their production of chicken for partners in the United States in a big way. On top of the benefits to their business and customers, they were also to help some of the workers from the Tyson plant keep their positions when it transitioned to produce their products instead.

One of the reasons why OSI Group has been able to become and remain such a big player in the world of food is the fact that they are always embracing new technology. For example, new ways to freeze and transport food allowed them to keep up with the demand that McDonald’s had for the beef patties that they were producing for the company. While the 2 companies may have made their handshake agreement decades ago, OSI Group is still meeting their changing demands and growing with them even to this day.

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Talkspace Therapists Talks about the Importance of Open Communication between Couples

No matter the hardships you are going through in your relationship, rest assured it can be sorted with the help of professional therapy. Therapy helps you see things clearly and with more clarity because it allows you to see things from a different perspective. If you and your partner are constantly fighting over issues that are troubling your relationship and is unable to find a solution on your own, a therapist would be able to help you for sure. A couple’s therapist understands what couples go through such a phase and how things can escalate quickly.

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If you want to give therapy a try, but is hesitant to go for conventional in-office therapy, maybe Talkspace is what you are looking for. It would give you the liberty to consult with the therapist from your phone itself. Talkspace was founded in the year 2012 and so far has served more than a million people successfully. If you and your partner are willing to go an extra mile to sort out your differences, then rest assured the therapist at Talkspace would work with you both in a coordinated fashion to ensure that you are able to find a solution you came looking for. It often needs a change of perspective and a third-party view to see things differently, and the therapist can see things that you cannot. The therapist would help you realize the mistakes you and your partner have been continually making and how it can be rectified in a mutually beneficial way. Not only would it assist in sorting out the differences, but it would also strengthen your relationship as well, and empower you with the ability to sort out things in the future if such a situation so arise again.

Everyone knows that communication is the key to a healthy relationship, but it is not always easy. Talkspace helps couples understand its importance and realize how open communication can solve a lot of their issues. Just caring for one another do not make for a happy relationship, couples need to express it through words and their actions. Online therapists help open this gap and have helped hundreds of couples get back on track to a healthy relationship.

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Ashley Lightspeed – How She Built an Illustrious Career in a Short Span of Time

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed as she is more commonly referred to, is a name that is associated with unprecedented success acquired over a short span of time.

In fact, that is how one can easily describe the career of Ashley Lightspeed, who has only been in the investment space since a few years, and yet serves the role of Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners quite successfully so.

Ashley Lightspeed earned her bachelor’s degree in visual and media studies and markets and management from Duke University. Afterwards, she went on to step into the professional world with a job at Bain & Company. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Starting as a senior associate, Ashley not only served her role at this prominent management consultancy with ease, but also learnt a great deal due to its exceptional processes. From there, she went on to join Thumbtack as a category manager, but left soon after to complete her MBA from Stanford.

During this time, Ashley continued as a standalone business consultant to make sure that she was connected to her line of work while also supporting her own expenses. This gave her a firsthand idea of how effective multitasking could really be, and how it could be a great skill for new startups and budding businesses alike.

Having learnt these skills, Ashley joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in November 2018 as one of a few Partners that became part of the firm amidst much fervor. Since then, she has contributed to the firm’s growth by investing with companies that have shown great potential to scale with time, with some of them reaching great success already.

This business-driven strategy is what has led Ashley to lead such a successful career in such a short span of time. She makes certain to be about the benjamins in a holistic manner.  See more: https://medium.com/lightspeed-venture-partners/when-were-not-obsessing-about-investing-we-re-obsessing-about-hiring-266cf82a5905

Kevin Seawright, A Nonstop Business Man

Kevin Seawright is a financial expert who has uses his experience to make the communities on the East coast better for more than 13 years and is the founder of RPS Solutions, LLC. He is known for achieving his business goals and for his visions as an administrative and financial leader. At this point, Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Before his Executive rolls, his background ranges in; Managing Fiscal Officer, Budget Management, Finance Director, Payroll Director, Deputy Director, Chief of Financial and Construction Projects, Chief Operating Officer, and The Executive Director of Operations. View Kevin Seawright’s full profile at LinkedIn

Kevin stays busy with all the task and goals he has set to better his team and the community as he continues to manage, develop and lead some of the most aggressive and growing organizations. He accepts the challenges as a key point of opportunity and has integrity when facing them. Kevin has received the Met Life 2010 Bridges to the Future Award. This award is given to finance and operational professionals. Kevin has also built up a multitude of awards for all his talents in business and strategic thinking. He is also attending school at the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for Executive Leadership. For the community, he is a local coach to the sports teams for the youth and is a board member serving as an advisor for the Babe Ruth Museum. Kevin also takes part in the American Society for Public Administration, The National Association of Black Accountants, and for the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

Kevin Seawright has all his business and lifestyle posted on Social Media such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Linkedin. This way he keeps the public informed on the progress for the good of the community.

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James Dondero & The Lipper Fund Award

James Dondero has over 30 years (THREE DECADES) of involvement in the high return credit advertise industry. Jim is a fellow benefactor and leader of Highland Capital Management, which has been included with the high return credit industry since 1993. Jim Dondero has overseen long-just high return credit intermixed assets and separate records since 2000. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Mr. James Dondero centers around a complete return approach that gives an introduction to the more extensive underneath venture grade corporate credit markets and targets restores that are proposed to surpass benchmarks. This system is accessible through mixed together assets, separate records, and retail reserves.

In addition to all of this, with isolated records, Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital Management can also make altered orders for different economic class groups. James Dondero uses a base up essential appraisal in a mix with a best down specialized examination that gives a profound understanding of hidden insurance, industry uniqueness, large scale viewpoints and portfolio situating.

Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland_Capital_Management

Good country Capital Management is one of the biggest bank advance directors on the planet with roughly an estimated $13 billion!

Lipper Award Disclosure Statement

The Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund (Class Z) granted the 2015 Lipper Fund Award in the Loan Participation Fund. This honor depends on the predictable return.

Lipper Leader evaluations for Consistent Return mirrors finances’ memorable returns, balanced for unpredictability, with respect to peers. Appraisals for Consistent Return are registered for all Lipper arrangements with at least five unmistakable portfolios.

The Lipper Fund Awards are a piece of the Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence, a worldwide group of honors that celebrate excellent execution all through the expert speculation network. The Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence perceive the world’s best assets, support the executive’s firms, sell-side firms, inquire about investigators, and financial specialist relations groups. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Top Executive from L’Oreal Helping Smaller Businesses to Become Successful

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an influential executive working for L’Oreal Paris. He currently holds the position as the Global Brand President of the company’s Professional Products Division. He is regarded as the youngest DMI General Manager, being only at 40 years of age. Since joining the company back in the early 2000s, he already served L’Oreal Paris for more than 15 years. He claimed that the company trained him to become skilled when it comes to a business’s digital and marketing strategy. He is also active in promoting diversity inside the workplace, influencing the higher-ups to hire more people of color and different genders. He is also sharing his talent for people and business that wanted to grow.

The L’Oreal Paris executive was born in Venezuela, but he moved to the United States to experience a comfortable life. He moved to Paris, France when he was 16 to study and later took up International Business at the Sorbonne University and an MBA at the ESSEC Business School. By traveling around the world, Dan Bethelmy-Rada realized that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, and there is no single definition of what beauty really looks like.

To advance his position at work, he used his diligence to prove that he deserved to be promoted. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also revealed that working for L’Oreal Paris gives you a different day every day. There are so many clients and team members inside the company’s headquarters, and one should be friendly enough to welcome them. He would also advise his teammates to conduct a brainstorming activity so that they could gather additional information that could turn into the company’s next product.

For Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the existence of social media as an effective marketing tool has reshaped the world. Many people would rather use their social media account as a way to promote an item, and he is excited to see which kinds of development will soon be shared online to provide a wonderful to everyone. Dan Bethelmy-Rada also advised about not performing any mediocre work, becoming strict to a schedule, and pushing the limits while gaining additional inspiration.

Agera Energy: LED Lighting Solutions

From an energy point of view, the two least demanding activities for your business are likewise the two things that Agera Energy has practical experience in power supply and matching your record with the best lighting providers in the nation. What makes this surprisingly better? The arrangements are savvy and furthermore amazingly easy to execute! Allow Agera to make the energy of your friends and competitors envious!

Agera Energy gives organizations of all scopes and sizes the capacity to totally retrofit their current lighting and fixing LED Lighting Solutions that minimize the used energy to roughly 20% month to month energy consumption through decreasing the kWh used in powering your lights.

The best way; Agera Energy facilitates the establishment of your lights, on-schedule and on-spending plan, with no cash out for you! By directly changing LED lighting, your premise reduces carbon dioxide from being discharged into the environment. More so, Agera Energy facilitates the improvement of safety and health.

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Ashley Lightspeed: The Importance of Prototyping

For someone who is relatively new in their career, Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed is an individual who has already accomplished a lot and already has an impressive list of career achievements. Ashley Lightspeed has been a critical asset to Lightspeed Venture Partners and was an individual who trailblazed the company’s product development and service models.

Ashley Lightspeed’s day generally starts around 6:00 AM, and although she is not used to being a morning person, she has learned to become one. She enjoys the mornings because it serves as a quick window for serenity and re-centering, perfect for re-charging before she gets to her tasks for the day. To find more details on Ashley’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Ashley grew up with an Architect as a dad, and so she had built a young dream of wanting to become an architect as well. She vividly remembers playing around his dad’s works, and also sitting at a drafting table sketching ideas. This is a skill that would be very helpful in Ashley’s future career, and her knack for product development would also play a critical role in her success.

Through his dad’s architecture line, she was raised with a hand of technicality and creativity. And she has learned the importance of prototyping at a very young age, a value which she carried in her career now.

Ashley punctuates that building an effective prototype can save you valuable time and money – and it is very important for product development. A prototype allows you to quickly identify flaws on your product, and you can use the prototype to build solutions and further improve the product.

Ashley is very excited on the nearing retirement of the boomer generation, and is quite interested on how the next generation will take over. The demographic shift will be quite big and she is very excited on how businesses will adjust to this. Learn more: https://lsvp.com/team/ashley-brasier/

Michael Nierenberg Focuses on Mortgage Servicing Rights

Qualified mortgage protection was implemented last 2014 in January where it gives legal protections for the lenders who will be able to follow rules and regulations from the Consumer Protection Act as well as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. There are certain requirements to follow and it will be based on the income, assets, and debts of the borrower to know if he or she is eligible or qualified to pay the lender back. It also requires that the borrower has not accepted or received monthly debt payments that are more than necessary of the pre-tax income as well as not being charged with more than 3% in origination fees and points by the lender, and last but not least, if the loan that has been issued is not overpriced and considered risky. This rule was developed in order to enhance the quality of loans that are issued in the foremost market and are currently available for trading in subordinate markets. In addition to this, lenders should have specific protections regarding their qualified mortgages for only a few qualified mortgages will qualify for sale in a subordinate market.

According to Michael Nierenberg, his company knows how to incorporate securities and protection for non-qualified mortgages when it comes to investing or current business.

Benefits of Non-Qualified Mortgages

CEO Michael Nierenberg is happy to say that New Residential Investment Corp. specializes in meeting the standards that are built by the federal government agencies and understanding that the traditional process of mortgage loans might be unyielding. Michael Nierenberg focuses on increasing the number of mortgage choices for loans that are beyond traditional methods. He saw how qualified mortgages have been a rising problem within the country, and what makes his strategy for non-qualified mortgages effective is the various and flexible processes that they require and better underwriting guidelines.

After a recent interview with Michael Nierenberg, it can be seen on the recent data that has been published by a worldwide credit rating agency that the figures for loan performance on qualified mortgages and non-qualified mortgages are approximately equivalent. However, all of the late payments will have different rates due to delinquency.

Co-chair of the Firm hosts main event

Before Mr.Goldstein started out on his own, he was a partner at a large law firm in New York City. He possesses a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition, he has an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. cum laude. This has a distinction in all subjects from Cornell University.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of the partners of Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates. This law firm provides advice to CEOs management teams specifically on those issues arising in the transformative business events context and other sensitive matters as well. This is offered to business and compensation committees in corporate governance and executive compensation matters too.


Mr.Goldstein expounds deeply on the factors that contributed to the idea for Jeremy L.Goldstein &Associates in a very simple manner. The firm has humble beginnings and the architect gives a history that proves a long journey begins with just one step. He plunged into the deep after a short feasibility study and the returns have proven worthwhile.


Mr.Goldstein is also involved in acts of kindness. He supports Fountain House which assists people who suffer from serious mental illnesses. The event he hosts is meant to introduce prominent leaders to the programs offered by Fountain House.


Jeremy Goldstein believes that no one has found a substitute for caring and to make people understand the victims of mental illnesses and to provide hope for them. He supports Fountain House in giving hope and guidance to people in need. It runs workshops in local languages creating opportunities for fundraising and advocacy campaigns.


An annual symposium is given to educate the public. It is a way of conducting research in understanding the mind and the complications involved with it more. All of this reflects the great work of Fountain House and that of its sponsors.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.