Let Agera Energy Help Power Your World

Generally, Agera means to take action. Agera Energy is a company that aims at being your guide. They help people by educating and empowering them to make energy decisions. Energy happens to be a significant expense for many homeowners and also a top line item for many companies. The company, therefore, has to make the extra effort of becoming a better service provider than its competitors. Visit INC.com to know more about Agera Energy.

Agera Energy, LLC was formed in 2014. The company head offices are located in New York. The company gained its first customers after acquiring a national retail energy seller. Currently, the company has over 1.8 million contracted customers (RCEs). These are approximately 600,000 new customers who have put their trust in the company every year for the past three years. Agera’s customer base is growing at a faster rate than any other private merchandizing energy supplier. Agera turns any multifaceted energy decisions into simple financial decisions. Read more at Glassdoor.com about Agera Energy.

Agera Energy functions as a supplier of natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses for their use. Their service not only applies to the large industries but also the small apartments and everyone else in between. The product package is customized to suit every customer’s needs. Agera Energy is your one-stop-shop for the supply of energy and responsible audit services. The company is well respected among Americans as it serves a National footprint. The company makes customer decisions simpler by looking into the choices they have in place. It also provides them with simple contracts and a resourceful enrollment process that helps build on customer trust and dependency.

The company also provides competent services. Some of the solutions that these services have been able to provide include Agera LED Lighting. This service has led to the reduced cost of energy for most of the company’s clients. The company is on a mission to make energy purchasing easy for good. All that this has done in the end is to prove that customers can trust Agera Energy to put their needs first. To ease the burden, the company offers the greatest in-class energy solutions which are powerfully executed and tremendously supported.

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Contributions of Gino Pozzo as the Legal Owner of Watford

English Premier League is the most competitive league in the world of soccer. This season (2018/19), one of the consistent teams is Watford. With just 29 points away from leaders, it is correct to state that this season is one of their best in recent times. One of the most memorable games in EPL this season was their game with Cardiff, which ended five goals to one in favor of Watford. Apart from playing one of the most exciting games this season, they reached quarterfinals of the oldest soccer tournament in Europe, FA Cup. All these results indicated that Watford is one of the best teams in Europe (currently).

The competitiveness of English football is partially dependent on better financing of the teams. Gino Pozzo, who has a passion for soccer and more specifically this club has enabled this club to portray better results in all competitive games. As a legal owner, he has been instrumental in streamlining the clubs operations and more importantly in ensuring that all facilities are at par with the global standards. Gino Pozzo also understands that the soccer world is home to changes and giving the club the necessary infrastructure helps Watford to provide better results in all their games.

Finally, Gino Pozzo is also passionate about the welfare of the players. Remuneration, for example, remains the central influencer of better results and Watford is a leader in better remuneration. Pozzo is also instrumental in the signing of Italian players, who are the best defensive players in the world of soccer. Thanks to this brilliant approach to the signing of players, Watford is one of the best teams in terms of goal difference, with less conceded goals. Gino Pozzo believes that having balanced results is ideal for a team that has a vision of playing in international tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League.

Serge Belamant Franchise Owner of Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant is a Blockchain Technology expert who hails from France. He was raised by his parents in France up to the age of 14 when together with his father, who was a tiler moved to South Africa. Serge Belamant enrolled in Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg’s where he attained a degree in computer sciences and technology. It is his passion for technology and this zeal drove him to study this course.

During the course of his profession, Serge practiced under different companies in an in a wide spread of industries. His astounding capabilities and zeal for coding digital financial transaction software made him famous in the technology industry. He has continually been influential in designing several technological accomplishments which have had a vast impact in the banking industry across the world.

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Net1 UEPS Technologies is the first company that Serge Belamant established in 1989. This company focused on designing electronic payment systems that are used universally. Serge Belamant created these systems by his own hands and in 1995, VISA reached out to him to help in designing a chip that was to be used in their pre-authorized cards. In the present day, these are the popular credit and debit cards.

Serge in conjunction with Net1 UEPS Technologies at the turn of the millennium, built up a digital payment system that enabled the transferal of funds and grants across South Africa. In the present, this payment system is being used in other countries such as Russia and Iraq. The latest venture that Serge Belamant is undertaking is with an UK-based firm, Zilch Technologies. He is a member of the Board of Advisors in Prism Group Holdings.

Serge Belamant’s business idea originated from a discussion that he had with his son. Together with his son Phillip who is an IT engineer, they were discussing how social media has become quite influential in the present day word hence it can be used as a leverage to provide financial products to the young generation. These financial products can be designed in a language and manner the young people can understand. They then can be used to offer financial guidance on how they can enhance their financial situation.

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Michael Nierenbergs New Residential Investment Corp. is in Constant Motion in the Residential Real Estate

Michael Nierenberg is the President, Chairman and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp., a successful real estate investment trust (REIT). But what is a REIT? A REIT is a firm that operates, owns, or finances income-generating real estate. If you’re an investor in REIT, you will get an opportunity to invest in various consolidated assets that would otherwise not be available to conventional investors.

Michael Nierenberg started the New York-based company which targets investments in residential mortgage backed securities, excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage loans as well as other related portfolios in 2011. It recognizes that when you invest in the real estate sector, you invest in a neighborhood and community. With many American homeowners not liking outright ownership anymore, real estate investment trusts such as New Residential Investment Corp. came in to help people and families to create a home or a business without the worry of ownership on their way.

While it is generally difficult to choose the right REIT for you, the decision is easier when it comes to the publicly traded New Residential Investment Corp., a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group. It focuses on managing investments mainly in residential real estate. It aims at leveraging its investment expertise as well as know-how to drive their investors’ dividends higher going into the future.

The company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as NRZ specialize on strong-risk adjusted returns like Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights, associated call rights, and non-agency residential mortgage backed securities. New Residential Investment Corp. also leverages a solid leadership team that understands the in’s and out’s of the residential housing market to meet its goals.

The company’s success can be partly attributed to the competent leadership team led by Michael Nierenberg. Prior to NRZ, Michael Nierenberg was a managing director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He served at JP Morgan as head of Global Securitized Products as well as a member of the management committee of the investment bank. He also held various prestigious executive positions at Bear Steams. The positions include co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading, co-head of structured products, and head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations. He later appointed to the Bear Steam’s board of directors.

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Dr. Saad Saad and his medical contributions

 Dr. Saad Saad has been a pediatric surgeon for the past 47 years. In this period he has made history as one of the pediatric surgeons who has served this industry with great dedication. He has done so much for the industry that even though he is now a retired practitioner, he continues to inspire other professionals. His mission in the industry has always been to see that people enjoy better treatment.

When he joined the medical industry as a US medical board certified surgeon, among the things he strived to accomplish was to see the pain in medical treatment reduced. He, therefore, participated in difference researches that came up with new methods of performing surgical operations.

Dr. Saad Saad has retired, but he leaves behind a great legacy of a man who contributed significantly to the growth of the medical industry in the country. He has made accomplishments that will steer the industry in the right direction.

He has two patents to his name. These are patents for instruments that are now used to improve medical treatment. Dr. Saad Saad has been using them for a very long time, and he is therefore certain that they will work with any medical professional.

The first invention is an electromagnetic device that can be used to locate the position of a catheter inserted inside the body. This device works like a security scanning gadget. Once it has identified the location of the catheter, it will light up. This device is a life saver for many medical practitioners since they do not have to use the tedious traditional methods such as x-ray and MRI machines. Read more:  Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When Child Swallows Foreign Object – Advice From Dr. Saad Saad

It also eliminates the need for guiding wires that have previously been used by professionals in this industry. With this new invention, Dr. Saad Saad is optimistic that physicians will have an easy time conducting medical examinations.

The second invention is an endoscope with a suction system. This system makes it possible for physicians to investigate the internal parts of the body. The endoscope is an optical device, but its functionality is hampered by the presence of body fluids that obscure the visibility.

Dr. Saad Saad added a suction system to the endoscope so that it could eliminate the body fluids. This device has found application in the removal of stuck objects at the esophagus or the windpipes.

Dr. Saad Saad has thoroughly tested these two inventions for many years. He is certain that they are suitable for application all over the world. Although they do not exist in mass production, there is hope that very soon it will start as companies have shown interest in the manufacturing work.

Dr. Saad Saad has a retired a happy man, who has made changes that will last for many years.

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Zeco Auriemo

Zeco Auriemo: Getting Reliable Real Estate Help

If you are researching real estate companies and professionals, it is crucial to check out their reputation in the industry. There are many firms and professionals that provide services and coaching to clients.

Zeco Auriemo is one of the leaders in the industry and he has many satisfied clients. Zeco Auriemo has great expertise in property development and has been with JHSF for many years. He has worked with many high-profile clients, including organizations and entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you want to get assistance with your real estate project. Maybe you are a beginner and need expert guidance or advice on how to get started in the industry. Although there are a wide variety of resources out there that offer to help you start in real estate, you need to be certain you select one that has a proven track record.

Getting coaching from an industry expert like Zeco Auriemo will definitely help to put you on the right path to success. This is because there are several steps to take before you can achieve the success you desire.

Zeco Auriemo is chairman and CEO of JHSF, is a highly reputable firm that handles property development projects. JHSF is based in Brazil and is one of the nation’s most prominent property development firms. JHSF focuses on building high-end commercial and residential properties and is well known around the world.

When planning a property development project, it is extremely important to consider the return on your investment. It is advisable to consult an experienced property development professional like Zeco Auriemo before embarking on such a project.

The research phase should not be ignored because it will enable you to see if the project has the potential to yield significant returns on investment. It will help you to find out what the opportunities are.

Paul Mampilly as a Senior Editor and a Businessman

With an MBA degree acquired from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly has made good use of his education in the sector of finance. Paul was once an assistant manager in Bankers Trust. While he was working here, he consistently gained a deeper understanding in investing. This made him get top position in big firms like the Deutsche Bank. He was recruited by big multi-billionaire companies after he proved to be an asset. For example, Paul was in charge of hedge funds in Kinetics Asset Management where he made the company’s assets grow to $25 billion.

Mr . Paul Mampilly started to get tired of working for the rich and decided spend some quality time with his family. He is currently an investment analyst in the finance sector. Since he spent most of his career helping the rich, Paul is now involved with helping the common people earn a living. He seeks to give them advice on how they can improve their living standards by getting the most out of their hard-earned money. He advises these people mostly through his newsletters and has been featured several times by the Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and others.

In 2016, Paul joined the Banyan Hill Publishing. He then published a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that has a total of more than 90 thousand people who have already signed up. The newsletter gives a monthly investment chance for its readers. It also has a portfolio where Paul has a list of the number of stocks that he urges his readers to buy. Apart from his newsletter, Paul Mampilly manages Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He also writes an article for Winning Investor Daily on a weekly basis.

He recently had an interview with Eric Dye in which they discussed in detail the impact of stock market today. They also talked about some of the mistakes people make when investing, some of the successful entrepreneurs and the latest IPOs that one can follow. In the interview, Paul explained what separates him from others. He said that what makes him stand out is the amount of work he does daily. According to Paul Mampilly, business is not an easy thing. It expects someone to do things in the right way so that they can gain profits. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019
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Wes Edens And His Philanthropic Works

Wes Edens is a businessman and a private equity investor. He is also known for his co-ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks, which represents Milwaukee in the National Basketball Association. He founded the Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and led the firm from a small private equity manager to a global alternative asset manager that manages over $42 billion worth of funds. He is also the one who created the New Fortress Energy, which focuses on generating cleaner and reliable energy through modern infrastructure solutions.

As a successful business leader and innovator, Wes Edens want to share his knowledge and resources to the rest of the world and help other people in their endeavors. Edens, alongside his wife, Lynn, is also known for their philanthropic efforts. One of their projects is establishing the Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College. This program aims to address the needs to develop a curriculum that infuses “traditional liberal arts” that focuses on addressing global needs. Edens and Macalester College had worked together in order for the school’s campaign to expand its global health and community-centered initiatives.

Wes Edens and his wife Lynn also support Partners in Health, which is a health care organization founded in 1987. Its focus is to bring benefits of modern medical science to provide health care in the poorest areas of developing countries. Help that is given by Partners in Health is food, free consultation, and infrastructures such as hospitals and medical facilities.

Basketball is one of the hobbies of Wes Edens. But even though his love for the sport is just a hobby, it finds a way to help new development and stir growth. Since acquiring the Milwaukee Bucks, he worked together with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to create a new basketball stadium, which was completed last year. In addition to this, the stadium was a great help for hosting events such as concerts, sports events, and live events. In addition to this, the members of the Milwaukee Bucks are offered free advice in finances and investments in order to help them even after their careers in NBA was done.

As the creator of New Fortress Energy, he knows how important it is to give back to the community. To give back, last year, Wes Edens and the New Fortress Energy hosted events that gathered presents that will be given to the 3,000 children in the region of Jamaica. This is in addition to the other help that they gave to the country of Jamaica, including energy infrastructures and more affordable and cleaner energy access.

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Dr. Dov Rand’s Innovative Illnesses Treatments at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Health is the utmost crucial factor that influences how we live. Dr. Dov Rand‘s passion is in the field of health and how nutrition and aging affect it. The doctor is a physical medicine and rehabilitation field expert. Dr. Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers and has been running it as President for 15 years. The doctor uses specific therapies for each patient depending on their condition. Dr. Dov Rand specializes in three main treatments including bio-identical hormone therapy, anti-aging therapies, and weight loss assistance. These are the three key areas the doctor uses to tackle age-related problems. Before administering any if his treatments, the doctor ensures that other doctors back his therapies.

Dr. Dov Rand was born in Washington DC. He studied his undergraduate course at Rutgers University before progressing to Howard University for medical school. Dr. Rand was hooked for an internship at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center before completing his residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Centre in New York. Dr. Dov Rand enjoys a healthy life through his routine workouts in yoga, cardiovascular exercise as well as martial arts. Dr. Dov came up with the idea of the Healthy Aging Medical Centres from his interest in health and nutrition. His practice in medicine led him to develop interests in reading studies explaining how foods impact health. With the focus to continuing his education, Dr. Rand receives new medical trends through books and conferences which assist him in bringing his ideas to life.

According to the doctor, failure and success are nothing, but lessons learned. Using this experience the doctor has managed the success he currently holds. Dr. Dov Rand is fascinated by three current medical trends including; the potential of stem cells, Genetic markers, and regenerative medicine. The latter course to Dr. Dov will change the course of medication forever by allowing anti-aging. Progress in genetic markers is also essential to help doctors identify patients prone to certain illnesses and cure them. Dr. Rand maintains that he manages to keep his business growing due to the quality of his products. People will always share the message with friends and family when they are provided with proper care.

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Richard Liu, the Father of Online Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a highly prolific person in China and the founder of Jd.com. He was born in Jiangsu Province found in China and brought up in a humble background where his father was a coal shipper. The little cash he earned, his father used it to educate his son as he believed that knowledge is the key to success. Richard Liu attended the University of China and studied his bachelor’s degree in sociology as he was interested in social sciences.

While studying, Richard explored his new passion for computer programming. He started attending some classes of programming. The little knowledge he got from the classes, Richard used it to do some programmings for a local company within the vicinity of the university. Richard Liu used the little cash he earned from his side hustle to start a business hotel which unfortunately failed after some months.

Richard Liu continued with his studies, and after completion of his bachelor’s degree, he joined the postgraduate of information science in the international university of Europe and China where e studied his masters in computer programming. When he was through with his masters, Liu started working as a director of business and computers in a Japanese company based in Beijing. Richard worked for several years in the company and later left the job.

He ended up starting his shop together with his wife in 1998 and named the sop, 360Buy. The mall was launched in 1998, and it was the only retailing mall of magneto-optical products. By 2002, Liu’s business had grown into 20 more branches across the country. Later in 2003, the business was compromised by the SARS epidemic which forced residents of China to stay in their houses.

Being a computer Programmer, Richard Liu shifted business into an online platform where people could shop from there. He named the online company jd.com or JingDong Mall. Today the e-commerce platform is one of the leading online shopping websites in the world. Richard Liu is responsible for all its advancements in technology and development at large. Today he is known as the pioneer of online shopping.

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