Success Does Not Stop Serge Belamant Challenging Himself Everyday

The work of Serge Belamant has been focused on the latest developments open to the financial sector in terms of technology. In the 21st-century, the French-born South African citizen has been working towards developing a new range of products focused largely on the expansion of the welfare system and making payments accessible to all. The latest venture of the Belamant family has been that of Zilch Industries, a social media-based company with its eyes on providing marketing opportunities for financial institutions established by Serge and his software engineer son.

Challenging himself each day is a major part of the daily work of Serge Belamant as he works to create a powerful future for himself and his family. After achieving success in the technology sector of the financial industry for three decades, one would expect one of the top names in the industry to be resting on his laurels in retirement. However, the quiet life does not seem to be the aim of Serge Belamant as he searches for the latest technology options open to himself and his team at Zilch Industries.

Zilch od the latest in a series of industries created by Serge Belamant to have achieved success in their given field. For Example, the first company established by the Witwatersrand University graduate was Net1 UEPS Technologies, which sought to bring awareness to the then developing sector of Universal Electronic Payment Systems. By 1995, Belamant had achieved such success that he was approached by Visa to create the Chip-offline authorized payment card we are all used to using in the 21st-century.

The establishment of Zilch Industries is the first partnership between Serge Belamant and his son as they seek to bring affordable financial solutions to young people. The patent holder of technology associated with the Blockchain has been building the company to use social media platforms in a positive way. Despite his belief in technology, Belamant believes the word of mouth opportunities offered by social media companies makes this the most important part of the movements in marketing technologies.

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